instant gratification

I'm totally an instant gratification kind of girl.

For instance, I never schedule hair cuts in advance because that ties me down too much-- I need to be free and without appointments looming over my ragged head. I'm a hippie like that.

And then, one day I'll look in the mirror and decide I HAVE TO get my hair cut or I will just die. I desperately make the call to the salon and plead for the very first opening.....and pray that they have a slot for me within 24 hours. Or else my head explodes.

I need to work on my patience, okay?

Well, tonight I finally purchased my new obsession:

The Canon 50 mm f/1.8 lens will be mine but it cannot come soon enough. I want it now. Or yesterday. But mostly for this three day weekend I have coming at me [don't worry, I work next Saturday so it's not like an actual vacation day or anything....can you imagine?]

You see, I seriously considered paying an extra $40 for 1 day shipping. FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS just for shipping? It was inner turmoil between my impatient soul and my inner tight wad. The tight wad won and I paid $0 in shipping as I wait for 3-5 business days. And now my right eye is twitching at the thought of waiting until the end of next week for my new baby.

Nate promises it will probably come earlier. He tells me to calm down and be patient. You think he'd know me better than that after nearly 7 years together, silly boy.

Speaking of boys: I'm about half way through Twilight and yes, it's rather good. I'd even label it as 'addicting' but I still find myself chuckling at the ridiculous descriptions of Edward's beauty. I get it....he's a hottie. But saying things like, "his liquid topaz eyes were penetrating," or "I couldn't imagine how an angel could be any more glorious. There was nothing about him that could be improved upon," makes me want to be a sarcastic old hag. Come on, Bella. Play a little hard to get and quit being so 'dazzled' all the time. I don't know, she just bugs me a little.

Ah, high school love stories. Why are you so entertaining?


  1. Hi! I'm revealing myself after lurking for a while. I totally agree about, Bella! Maybe I'm jaded, but she gets annoying fast! I am almost done with the 3rd book, but am finding no desire to get thru the last 100 pages because I think Bella is bugging me too much with her "love is blindness". Cutesy, HS love I get, but that's why I like Jacob much more than Edward, they are more playful together. oh well. I need to finish the series though since I committed this far.

  2. That was my first lens'll love it. Can be a little soft at 1.8 and manually set it to focus on the center point...that way it won't search too hard. But for the $$, it's a great deal! :-)

  3. I'm uber impatient, and pay extra for shipping all the time. Matt hates it! I will admit though, Nate is probably right. It never takes as long as they say it will; they have to give themselves a cushion!

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you...I don't like Bella. Ha! She's even worse in the movie.

    But Edward...oh yeah...I love Edward. I really truly had a massive crush on him when I read those books. Just wait until he gets all superhero-y on her. You'll be crushing too!

    Dazzle - I'm so happy to see you using Twilight terminology! :)

    Yay for the 1.8! You'll be amazed. It's a little slow in dim light but you'll soon get the hang of it :)

  5. I'm the same way with hair cuts. I wait till the do or die moment.

    I SO agree about Bella. We get it. He's hot... (though I don't think the guy in the movie is that hot at all) move on!

  6. Same way with haircuts here, too. Wake up one day and it's like, oh my gosh, you HAVE to get me in, like, yesterday.

    Glad you're enjoying Twilight. :) I'm almost done with New Moon and I'll be moving onto Eclipse this weekend!

  7. your 50mm will be so much fun to play with! i got mine a couple of weeks ago and i've barely taken it off since. AND they make great bokeh! :)

  8. That's the lens I want next!! But I refuse to make any more photography purchases until I feel like I"m more proficient with the camera.

    As far as Twilight is concerned...I loved the books but I could not STAND Bella. Ugh, she annoyed the crap out of me. At the end of the last book, I liked her, but other than that, she thoroughly got on my nerves. Have you read Midnight Sun? It's online and it's Twilight from Edward's perspective. So much better. I really hope Meyer ends up re-writing the entire series from his point of view.

  9. Enjoy your fancy new lens! I'm drooling over a new Nikkor myself.

    I am so entertained by my own teenage drama, but I can't really handle seeing it happen now that I'm older. This is why I have avoided the Twilight series so far!

  10. I've been putting off buying this lens but I want it sooo bad! Where did you get it?

  11. You'll fall in love with your 50mm, they are fabulous for food photography!

    I read all the twilight books this past fall (so I could see the movie, kind of a waste of money in my opinion), and then my husband somehow was convinced to read them as well, and while I liked them for what they were, he thought they were rediculous, and now won't read the Sookie Stackhouse books, which are far better (in my humble opinion). Vampire books are so fun to read though!

  12. I am the same way about haircuts! I wait until my hair looks bad, and then I try to get in with my hairstylist real fast. But he always has a long waiting list! You'd think I would learn!

  13. Stephanie~Hi, thanks for delurking! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is anti-Bella.

    Ole Miss Mom~I hope I don't get too frustrated with the 1.8 being rather 'cheap' and slow but I couldn't fathom paying $300 for the 1.4. I'm just not there yet.

    Jennelle~I hope it's here sooner!

    Andrea~you like my terminology huh? If I hear one more time about his amber/topaz eyes I'll puke!

    Cortney~yes, the hair cuts can be a top priority in life, can't they?

    Erin~such a reader you are! I hope to get through the first this weekend. We'll see.

    mxq~I can't wait for the ridiculous amounts of bokeh!

    kristal~I waited a bit before getting this lens until I felt more confident with my skills, so I know what you mean about putting it on hold. I'll let you know what I think about the 1.8!

    Mrs. Hibit~keep holding out if you can, but then's a fun read.

    Lacey~compared prices and ended up with Amazon. The free shipping sealed the deal and was cheaper than the other sites. I cannot wait!

    picky~does that mean I have to cook more now that I have a great food lens? Uh-oh.

    Jennifer~I hear you, I cannot commit to an appointment 4 weeks out. It's against my nature.

    I haven't commented on each comment in a long time. It was kind of fun!

  14. Not gonna lie, I found out about your blog from Kelly C. and just love it! I am also a photo lover and am trying to work on moving from automatic to manual....slowly but surely. Any tips? Keep up the inspiring work! PS. your dog is adorable!

  15. It will absolutely come sooner. That dress I ordered? Its here. And that what, three days ago I ordered it?

    I read Twilight and wasn't thrilled about it until I saw the movie. Of course after that I had to run out and buy/read the rest of the series! I needed the visual, apparently :)


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