April 10: With the big kids

Porter was extra tired tonight, so I took him upstairs and got him all ready for bed around 6:45pm. I sang him a few songs as he guzzled his bottle and we had a peaceful bedtime, just the two of us.

Then Truman and Cecelia barged in right before I was going to lay Porter in his crib, and they wanted to give the baby one final kiss goodnight. Porter immediately perked up when he saw his siblings, but I knew he was tired, so I turned off the light and laid him in his crib, ushering the bigs out of the room with me.

We started to get Truman and Cecelia ready for bed but Porter was crying in his nursery. I told Nate that Porter probably wanted to get in on book reading, since he was a part of the crew last night for bedtime.

I went and picked Porter up from his crib and he gave me a huge grin, as if to say, 'Yay, thanks, mom!' I set him up in Truman's bunk so Porter could be front and center during the book portion of bedtime.

Pretty sure he was a huge fan.

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And a video, too.

This little boy just wants to be a part of the scene. Anything his big brother and big sister do is alright by him and he's definitely alright by us. Not sure what we did before he completed our family.

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