April 19: Updated Walls

I have a serious obsession with decorating our walls, usually relying on printed photographs and frames for my go-to standard but sometimes getting wild and using non-children pictures, too. I haven't done a post about about our wall hangings since August of 2013 with this post. It's high time I show our new additions!

Above the computer, these three images of Nate and I holding each newborn baby make me smile. I printed off the name tags with their birthdays because my frames were abnormally long and skinny (11x17 or something) and like how it turned out. I also made the state prints in Photoshop after seeing this idea on Pinterest and Etsy. These four states are where we have our immediate family: Nate's brother is in Oregon, my brother and parents are in Colorado, Memaw and Papaw are in Missouri, and the rest of the crew is here in Wisconsin.  But the main reason I'm showing you these now is because I just painted all of those frames white, but all seven were originally black. I can sleep easier at night with white frames, as black isn't my thing but brown wood is totally fine. I don't get my issues with frame color either, it's okay.
All Photos-277

Then one of my favorite new prints is our 'family wheel' from Etsy seller mycirclefamily. Literally obsessed with this one and it was fun to have both Tony and Lois and my parents dig through their papers to search back five generations. (Really just want to show you our last name here since it really takes away from the print with the name blurred, but oh well. I am starting to not care as much about keeping it a secret anyway)
All Photos-286

Reading some of the names of our ancestors is highly entertaining. Appalonia Greenbaum might be my favorite. Or Sam Blizzard. So many Marys and Johns and even two Caspers! Family trees are awesome and I love how modern this one feels. I printed it in 11x14" and it's a good topic of conversation when we have guests in our home.
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In the sunroom, I did a few more canvases with Kid Memory Preservation stuff (aka handprints and footprints). The three footprints make it seem like I'm slamming that door on a fourth child, right? ;)
All Photos-289

I've shown our black and white gallery wall in the dining room before, but I did add a few new prints post-Porter. These are all 11x14" and I get the urge to switch out photos quite often. I think once a year will be plenty *if* that often.
All Photos-288

And finally, my favorite new area on our walls: silhouettes! I sent iPhone pictures of my precious offspring and their little profiles to Etsy seller iillume.  She was amazing to work with and the charcoal gray background with white foreground feels classy enough but also a little different. The prints are 5x7 and I had to trim them to fit in the oval frames I (finally) found online at Hobby Lobby. Oval frames are hard to find, but I like the silver color--matches the curtain rod perfectly;)
All Photos-280

Little corner with the silhouettes = my fave. Also note the actual baby in the jumperoo. Also, this was within the 2 second time frame when my house was actually clean, so of course I had to snap pictures that very morning before the kid tornados hit.
All Photos-294

I think silhouettes would be a great gift for the grandparents---stuff like this makes me kind of weepy and nostalgic for these days even has they are currently happening. But those sweet little noses and CC's pony tail give me all of the feelings.

I think that's it for wall updates.


  1. I love all of this! I also live in the Milwaukee area and was wondering if you have any recommendations on where to print high resolution photos?

    1. I actually order mine online from MPix and love their quality the best!

  2. i swear i've seen a print you have with everyone's birth dates on it? did you order it on etsy or make it? thanks!

    1. Yes, I have one that I made. Has the date we first started dating, got engaged, wedding, and then the three kids' birthdays. All over Etsy, I'm sure, but I did mine in Photoshop.

  3. I am all sorts of inspired by this! Love so much of it - the silhouettes, the modern family tree, and really, just the fact that you follow through with decorating and changing out pics. So fabulous!

    1. It is inspiring, isn't it?? I admire from afar and will continue to stare at blank walls :)

  4. That family circle wheel is neat! I also want silhouettes of my kids. I gave my husband one of our dog several years ago.


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