April 22: Life Lately

So many drafted posts with potentially cohesive topics and yet, tonight it shall be a photo dump/hodge podge/anti-cohesive.

I mean, the outtakes here are worth their own post anyway:

Gah, these children. Note the youngest two have to be eating for any shot at a happy picture.

Oh my, very happy CC.

Same eyes. Henry is totally stalking the ground for pretzel crumbs, FYI.

If Porter wasn't shoving his face full of food here it would be a complete winner.

But then there's this winner right here...

Henry and Porter are not amused, Truman and Cecelia are very into kissy faces.

HOLY CRAP he is a dream baby and I cannot believe he is mine. Note the fact ankles and feet. Gaaaahhhhhhhhhhh Porter.


Um, Cecelia is pretty special, too.
All Photos-353

And this gigantic first born is also looking entirely too big lately. He slept until 9:20am one day last weekend which is notable as his personal best times one hundred. #teenager
All Photos-375

Now back to Porter: he does not want to crawl but he can pull him self up with my support and it's the cutest. And yet, I doubt he will be doing it without me anytime soon, my little lugamuffin.

All three children in the same pajamas means this mom is feeling rather nostalgic. Fat Truman at 10 months, peanut (skeptical) Cecelia at 17 months, and happy Porter at 9 months. My babes.

All Photos-373

Sometimes we have dance parties and it's my favorite thing ever. Never mind that Spotify forgets to play the edited versions of songs like 'Get Low' by Lil' John. Reliving my college days is rather difficult in the presence of three angel ears, Spotify!

Also, I fully admit to being a stickler for the rules. Especially nap times and bed times--I do not like to break from routine (shocker!) and weeknight events are really not my favorite. So when our neighbor gave us six tickets to the Brewers game for Tuesday night, I automatically told Nate that he and Truman should go. He should ask around for the other 4 tickets because there was no way Porter, Cecelia, or myself could go to a 7pm game on a weeknight.

And then randomly, that morning, I changed my mind. I don't know what came over me but I decided that Cecelia needed to go to her first game and TO HELL with it being a weeknight with work/school/Lori's the next morning.

I asked Tony if he would come over after I put Porter to bed. He said yes (!) and I made Truman nap for an hour that day, and CC napped for over three hours. They were so stinking excited all day long and I cannot with this picture of us four right before we left.
Family Brewers game 4/21/15

Cecelia and the peanuts we brought, that Truman refused and CC spit out into my hand in a sopping mess.

It was a cold night but beautiful.
Family Brewers game 4/21/15

Nate was thrilled with my decision to stop a stranger for this picture.
Family Brewers game 4/21/15

My big girl had a lot of fun at her first baseball game. So many questions about 'Ernie' Brewer, lemonade and popcorn were had, and we braved the kids' slide on the lower level. Cecelia cried twice at the top of the slide because 'there are too many kids' and it *was* a little rowdy up there. She seems fifteen years old so frequently but then again, she is still only two. Ah, this girl.

Family Brewers game 4/21/15 Cecelia's first game

Truman had a freaking ball and was in his element with the game itself and all of the kid friendly activities.

Brewers Game Truman

Brewers game Truman

We had a lot of fun and lasted until 9:30 shockingly! Both children nearly passed out on the five minute ride home and of course, I had to wake them up the next morning to start our day. But all in all a success and a lesson for me to loosen up and break the bedtime rules occasionally.

Also the Brewers really suck this year but #experience.

The End.


  1. So fun! I haven't been to a Brewer game in forever. I love that you're so close though; that makes it easier. I too am very adamant about routines, but sometimes it's nice to relax once in a while and do something past bedtime :)

  2. It's fun to break the rules once in awhile! :)

    Also cannot believe T slept til 9:30 one morning. Whoa. Henry will sleep til 7 sometimes these days and I rejoice - he's finally learning to enjoy sleep!!! There is hope!

  3. Love Miller Park! We're taking E to the Brewers/Cards game on Sunday and I can't wait! Looking forward to the special date with our oldest and hoping for a Cards victory :)

  4. It's so hard to do stuff during the week! But yay for breaking the norm and having a fun experience.


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