April 8: Selfies Save the Day

Tonight was one of those nights when we all started running out of steam, patience, and energy well before bedtime. It's both my greatest joy to feel so needed by three children and also my biggest challenge. So many needs when it's physically impossible to do everything for everyone at the same time.

A hungry baby that wants to be held and cannot consume food fast enough for his liking. An emotional daughter that wants to be held/doesn't want to talk/is in a mood. A particular oldest who wants to keep a bandaid on his finger for a microscopic cut. Which would be feasible if I didn't make him take a bath, potentially loosening the beloved bandaid from his wound. It's really a tough life sometimes.

I took some deep breaths. We took some selfies. Saying, 'Don't ANYONE smile, don't you dare!' worked like a charm.

All Photos-206

All Photos-208

All Photos-209

Wednesdays, man. They are no joke. Having three kids is no joke. But it's still the best and I love it even when I want to poke my eyes with a dull spoon. Which is only sometimes, don't worry.


  1. Haha! Love and we lived that same Wednesday?!

  2. Um, can I just say that I could have written this word for word with my three! Oldest - yes, always with a band-aid for some microscopic injury.. and then the dramatics that follow when, gasp, she has to bathe with the band-aid that might fall off. The middle - SO whiny and really just emotionally instable at times and YES, the baby that always wants to be held! Seriously, my three kids right there!

  3. The "Don't smile" always works wonders over here too! What is with kids and their bandaids?

  4. That's exactly how I get my kids to smile in pictures. Never fails!

  5. Oh my gosh, I've only had to do a double bedtime a handful of times and it is no joke. I bow down to a solo bedtime for three!
    ~ Andrea

  6. I personally use a lot of booger and bums and poop talk for smiles - I think I like your way better!


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