Found me!

Do you want to know which terms are used to find my blog? Sometimes people search for the most hilarious topics and I hope they weren't TOO disappointed when they stumbled upon my little blog:

We have the standard "julia transition to married life blog" types of searches, which leads me to believe that many of my readers don't bookmark me or use google reader. Shame on you guys! :)

But then we get really random with these:

"bald girl" [hmmmm, Keri?]

"browers photography julia and nate" [why would they come here and not to the Browers site?]

"real people wearing raquel welch wigs" [maybe from my hairy situation post?]

"broken wrists" [no clue]

"j crew model" "real world" [yep, it is her!]

gaslamp restaurant "we ate at" [interesting usage of quotes here]

"heart disease blog"

"how to wear nike running shorts inner liner under or over underwear" [woah, don't wear the liner UNDER underwear!]

"julia+blog+keri" [aw, I like this one]

"lacy underwear, chafing" [I guess a lot of people have these issues?]

"martha stewart polyurethaning techniques" [I am the MS of polyurethane:)]

"motown tress katie wig" [huh?]

"natural hair in transition" [not quite my blog's title, but close]

"photoshop wet pants" [best ever!]

"st. louis botb" [totally not me, go somewhere else!]

"sunburn foot st. louis" [luckily my feet have been saved]

"techno song be in my life my life" [don't know that one, sorry.]

"vajayjay lime twist" [I hope this is a drink?]

"do lacy underwear chafe?" [yes, if you run 10 miles in them]

"what is the coolest beach in san diego california" [I'm no expert here but I hope you enjoyed my pictures!]

" I peed my pants mom" [hello to you, my friend!]

"henry says it's vinyl that looks just like ceramic tile" [you mean our kitchen floors? henry said that?]

"style of the 80's leotard" [I hope I don't have anything that applies to this!]

It's interesting because I never used to have traffic sources from search engines leading to my blog, just direct traffic and referrals from other sites. And now it's like the search engines have gone wild! I love Google Analytics:)


  1. I think "vajayjay lime twist" is my favorite. Good lord! I don't think I want to know what that is...

  2. ha, ditto lisa! I look at mine all the time. they are funny sometimes! I thought for a while that some porn sight had my blog link on there but it turned out to be someone from hs's blog. kinda wierded me out at first! :)

  3. OK i totally just giggled through that whole post!

  4. That was hilarious! ha

    So, how do you find this information out? Through google or blogger? Hmmmmmmm . . .

  5. These are hilarious...thanks :)

  6. Those are ridiculous!

    I keep looking at my stats for funnies . . . but I don't even have one mildly "different" one. :(

  7. Trisha~Google Analytics all the way!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves these, especially the 'vajayjay lime twist'. :)

  8. Eekk! Those are good! I've got some pretty good ones too that might be worthy of a post in the near future.

    My favorite is the vajajay lime twist. I really don't think that's a drink.... :-o

  9. Those are great. It's crazy what people will google.

    My favorite on mine is "find new wife" yikes! :)

  10. Those are hilarious! I love the Henry one. :-)

  11. Ha! I need to figure out how to look that up!

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