Go Shorty...

....it's your burf-day. Gonna party like it's your burf-day:) 

[ie your 21st birthday]

[partying for no reason at all]

[walking for a cause, our new mature version of 'partying']

[Celebrating our similar hairstyles. Welcome to the dark side, my friend.]
[being there for each other for the past six birthdays]
Happy 27th birthday, Keri. I know going to chemo isn't your idea of a birthday celebration, but we love you. Hang in there! 

Show the birthday girl some love on her guestbook. Round seven of eight is today!


  1. What wonderful over the years pictures! She's still gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday Keri! Kick butt on 7/8!

  2. Aw, how cute are you guys. Happy Birthday Keri!!


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