Running with Scissors

[Yay for an unexpected Monday off, after working all day Sunday!]

My hair and I have gone through many transitions in the last year. Right before our wedding in May 2007 my hair was LOOOOONG [at least for me]:

Then after the wedding [and the honeymoon that bleached out my hair] I chopped it like this:
And a few months later went even shorter:
Well now I have an awful confession to make, my readers. I have not had my haircut since.......MARCH! Four months, people, which is utterly disgusting, especially since my hair is still pretty short. But I've just been wearing it back in a little ponytail everyday and kind of forgot about it. Until now. Now I want to get a real haircut and I'm toying with the idea of bangs. Not just the wispy side bangs but full on real bangs. This is me now [one time in the last month that I didn't don a pony]:

I stumbled upon the Makeover Solutions website and went a little crazy, so I need your help. Let's take these in sections, shall we?

I. Hair that is way longer than mine, but potential inspirational bangs:

1. Ignore the nasty stringiness here:

2. Oooh, now here are some real bangs!

3. Definitely not meant to be blonde but I like the bangs!
4. Hello layers!
5. Not even real bangs but I like this one.

6. Why does my hair have to be short again? Love this.

7. And this. I wish my hair could grow fast!

8. I just threw this one in because it's Sarah Jessica Parker's hair and I'm kind of digging the color on me?

II. Length that is more realistic for me right now:

1. But no bangs. Jenny McCarthy here:

2. If I wanted lots of layers I bet this would be pretty realistic:

3. I couldn't stand the bangs this messy but I kind of like the overall shape for my face?

4. This one borders on a mullet, not sure if I like it:

5. Again, lots of layers and very doable for my hair now:
6. And then there are the blunt cuts. Very severe and kind of look like wigs but I rather like them? Not sure, what do you think?

Any suggestions? Bangs or no bangs? How real should I make them? And what about the layers? Help! Haircut is tonight!

***Side note: Nate just saw this post and laughed at me. He says these pictures don't look like me at all and attributes me to Jessie Spano. He says I look creepy. What? I don't get it. He also says my nose looks weird. I guess it's because I'm not wearing any makeup and my head is tilted down a little bit. ***


  1. I think #2 from the short pictuers would be really cute! You can always start out with long layers and bangs, then go shorter later. I personally am not a fan of the blunt cut that Katie Holmes is sporting right now. I prefer softer layers.

  2. I have to agree with Nate - you're usually very photogenic but these pictures are kind of freaky! However, I can look past the freakiness and say I like the last one - it's a bit Pulp Fiction-y but I like its edginess.

  3. Yay for Mondays off [or calling in sick after a fabulously long getaway weekend..whoops]!

    I know you didn't ask this but I think you look quite good in strawberry blonde or blonde [photos 6 and 7 in the first category]!

    I've been contemplating bangs too lately but I have two weddings this fall and am thinking about those up-dos.

  4. Ooh, enjoy your day off! I love the bangs of #3 but as a runner you might want to make sure the bangs don't drive you crazy or that you could at least pin them up/back.

  5. In section II, I love number two. It's very Meg Ryan - a style I've always loved and failed miserably at in college. Live my dreams, Julia! ;)

    Also - I am behind on this - but so happy the boob situation turned out well!

  6. I was doing this same thing most of yesterday afternoon!!

    I really like the short, choppy layers on you, ala II.2 and II.3. Very cute.

  7. OMG, they are kinda scary, LOL. But a couple of them are super cute. Of the long, unrealistic hair, I love #6.

    On the realistic side, love #1 and #2. I've been considering #1 for myself. Love that look, and I think it's pretty easy maintenance. I love #2 as well - it looks like your kinda style, if that makes sense.

    I've got bangs (that I'm currently growing out, but I've had them for about 3 years and always liked them), but I'll say if you are always pulling your hair back and are into low maintenance, you might not love them...

  8. I had to lol and scroll fast at work! I didn't want people to start questioning what crazy stuff I was looking at! :)

    I looove #6 of the long unrealistic and think you couldl work #5 of the short really well!

  9. LOL at some of these pictures! A few of them are pretty funny. I love either the blunt bangs or the side swept version. That Jenny McCarthy cut is adorable and you could definitely incorporate more of a bang if you wanted.

  10. Oh, I love #2 from the short hair the best! Those pics do make you look a little freaky, but I think they would to anyone, so don't worry.

  11. So as I just got bangs last week, I feel I have some insight on the situation. I myself, LOVE THEM! You saw the pictures but they're pretty much wispy and straight across. I think they look great with a pony tail and just give my face some definition, for lack of a better word.

    I just asked for face framing layers and voila! Cuteness.

  12. I'm gonna be honest here. I can't say I love the bangs on you. The "real bangs" I mean. Granted those pictures aren't an actual depiction of what you would look like with those haircuts, I totally favor the side-swept, long bangs on you than the short straight across look.

    Just my opinion, though! Either way, you will look beautiful!

  13. I like the bangs on #4 from the long hair section, and I like #2 in the short hair section.

  14. #4 from the long section is totally "the Rachel". I totally rocked that hair cut back in the day and have contemplated going back to it because it was so fun.

    I like #2 from the short section. I like #3 too. You could push the bangs over to the side a bit.

  15. II. #5 is my fave, by far!
    I like the longer short hair, you know? And that's some bang, but not too much, bc as already mentioned, bangs can be annoying if you're not used to them.
    Can't wait to see the cut!

  16. why do you have eyeliner on in some pics and not in others?
    i agree with sprinter--totally creepy!

  17. I LOVE that website!!! So much fun :) You can get Nate back by making him over. I did it once with Mike's picture and it was HILARIOUS!!! Seriously, you have to check it out!

  18. #2 from the short pics is sooo cute! keep it a little longer and if you want shorter hair later you can go shorter- but you can't go longer :0)

  19. Lindsey you are so observant. Eyeliner in some b/c halfway through I realized I could add makeup to decrease my hideousness. But I think the eyeliner actually made it worse.

    Love all the suggestions!

  20. I actually really like #5- It is doable, and gives you the best idea of what your hair will actually look like with the style! Good luck and enjoy your day off!

  21. I like #5 of the shorter do's. And you think 4 months is bad?? I haven't had my hair cut since January! :Hangs head in shame: In my defense, I'm afraid to get my hair cut by someone new, I liked my girl in CA. I'm going to suck it up though, because I have an appointment this Saturday.

    Have fun!

  22. first of all, these comments seem to never end. You are getting so popular! I love the meg ryan shag haircut too though. However, I think that hairstyle looks a lot easier to style than it really is. I attempted it when I was in college and failed miserably. I also have very thick wavy hair, so it probably wasn't the best idea for me.


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