Quotes by Nate

"I don't care about freaking Oprah. She has, like, 8 trillion dollars and probably paid for the best trainer ever. We use the free training program on the internet." [valid point.]

"This just isn't fun anymore." [when I informed Nate that we are no longer running 4 miles during our max weekday runs, but have bumped up to 6 miles instead.]

"I need to find something to eat that doesn't make me feel like total dog hole. Maybe a peanut butter and honey sandwich about 30 minutes prior to the run. And a butt load of water. And possibly steroids." [yes, he did use the term 'dog hole' folks.]

"The morning of the marathon I'm going to wake up at 4 a.m. and just start eating. Then have non-stop poo all day long." [definitely TMI, but thanks for that info, Nate.]

"Do you realize that we are going to run for 26.2 miles?" [It's just hitting him now?]

"Look at those little pimpers just BRINGING it over there!" [referring to fireworks off to the side of the main exhibit. He gets really into fireworks.]

"I am perfect. I'm like that one stone statue, the guy with the discus. What's his name? Nike or something? Yeah, that's me--the statue that's perfect." [Losing his mind! Just call him 'Nike']
[as a side note, I did my monthly blog lift about a month behind schedule. Come out from Google Reader and inspect!]


  1. I had to show my fiance this post and he can completely relate! Our training programme is definitely not as difficult as yours (we're training for a half-marathon in late September), but Lee is constantly struggling with eating (and poo) issues before the long weekend runs! ;)

  2. I love the new headers!! Looks great!

  3. very nice page layout my dear! i feel like i have been slacking on commenting, as we speak i am commenting from my brand new laptop! :0) yea for bday gifts!

    glad you did more quotes from note-they are soooo hilarious!

  4. Julia - I have to have you thank Nate for these quotes! I stole away to the comp for a few minutes during our fence party yesterday . . . let me just say I NEEDED the giggle.

    These are hilarious! Especially that Oprah is still being spoken about! :)

  5. LOVE the look! Nice work!


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