Miscellaneous Monday

It's been awhile, no? I suppose each of these items could be their own post but that is just boring.

  • I hesitated to post this but it's too powerful to ignore. Do you remember my post about Punk Rock Mommy's Andrea Collins-Smith? She had terminal inflammatory breast cancer and was a mother to six children. She passed away on July 5 and wrote this pre-written blog post for all to read. When I read it that Saturday, I couldn't let myself think about this too much. It was too much to bear. But then Andrea's husband, Kelly, posted this today. And I had to share, because it's something to put things into perspective. And who doesn't need a little bit of perspective at times? Please keep her family in your prayers, as I cannot imagine what they feel right now.

  • I'm sure some of you are wondering about MY breast issues. I have an appointment on Thursday at the 'reputable breast care center' in our area. I'm a little bit excited [just to put this all behind me!] and a little bit nervous. I don't even want to mention this, and jinx it, but I think the thickening MIGHT have shrunk a bit. Maybe it's just recoiling from the constant palpation but I really think it's smaller. Of course, I'm still going on Thursday to see what they say....so wish me luck!
  • Also, in more breast news, Keri is having a rough time with her 6th of 8 rounds of chemo. To use her verbiage, she feels like she got hit by a truck, and for Keri to admit that she feels less than 100% says a lot. Next Friday, July 25 , is her 27th birthday [and of course, it just so happens to be a chemo day]. So say a little prayer for our girl, especially on her birthday, that she can make it through the last rounds of chemo like a champ. If you haven't visited her journal in awhile you should [and maybe leave her a nice message, she loves that!] because she posted an adorable picture of her bald head! Tell me this isn't the cutest little head ever?!
  • In NON-breast care news: I went a little nuts on iTunes this weekend and it felt SO good! Purchases include: Katy Perry's album "One of the Boys," Paramore's album "Riot!", John Mayer's song "Free Fallin," and a whole bunch of new techno songs for my long runs. Not to mention that a few weeks ago we bought Coldplay's new album "Viva la Vida" and Death Cab for Cutie's "Narrow Stairs." So yeah, we are jamming out over here and I would recommend each and every album to you [sans the random techno songs, I know nobody else appreciates those.]
  • Speaking of random, I get tomorrow off! Completely unplanned and probably not something I SHOULD do [I don't have that much PTO you know] but my boss offered it to me and I pounced all over it. No real plans, except I should probably run the six miler tomorrow instead of Wednesday after work, but aren't those the best days?
  • This weekend we have to run 12 miles. From here on out this training is NO joke and I'm starting to get nervous. I wonder if I'm mentally tough enough sometimes. Such a head case!
  • Although I am anxiously awaiting proper visual documentation [ahem, I need pictures], one of my best friends Lindsey got engaged on Saturday!! She is the last one in the 'fab five' to get engaged and now we are officially old hags:) Obviously I'm losing my mind with excitement for her, and yet a twinge of sadness hits me, too. I wasn't there to see her bling in person that night and events like these make me miss my girlfriends badly.
Aren't we the epitome of beauty while sweating profusely? I agree.
  • Please guess where this lovely body of water lies:
Key West? The Bahamas? Somewhere tropical? NOPE. Try Milwaukee, suckers! I love it and I'm gloating about Lake Michigan right now. But isn't it pretty?


  1. OMG!! Lindsey?? My financial planner Lindsey?? I'll see the bling tomorrow! Do I need to take my camera so I can send you pictures?

  2. After you posted about Punk Rock Mommy I totally started reading and even read back quite a bit and when I read she died the other day it was so sad! I didn't even know the woman but I found myself so sad for her.

    I know what you mean about missing your girlfriends :(

  3. Wow, misc Monday packs a lot in!

    I will definately be reading the posts you linked as well as going to Keri's journal.

    Oh, and since I have been so blog deficient lately I haven't gotten to express how amazing it is to see how your training is going. You and Nate are truly inspiring. Keep it up, Julia!!!

  4. long time reader - first time poster... love your blog!

    i'd love it if you would post your fav techno songs - those are the one things that keep me going in the gym and am tired of my same old stuff.

  5. How sad and awful about Punk Rock Mom. :(

    Your blog looks good, I haven't ventured over from GR in awhile!

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow. :)

  6. I tried to go to Keri's page but I got an error through both links you posted. :(

    It's DH's bday on the 25th too. I'll make it a point to say an extra special prayer for Keri on that day.

  7. Yay for John Mayer and "Free Fallin"!!! You must have excellent taste in music...

    - Lindsay

  8. I'll be saying a prayer for Keri - and a special prayer for her on her b-day. And yeah for good music.

  9. Information overload.

    I have been following Punk Rock Mommy for awhile now and read about her passing. I was deeply saddened although not surprised. She seemed ready to go for awhile and yet seemed to portray a grace that was truly inspiring.

    I have kept her, Keri and you in my thoughts and prayers lately. I hope everything turns out ok at the Dr for you and Keri has lots of support with her for her last couple rounds of chemo.

    I understand you completely on the girlfriends issue. I have been away from mine for years now and majority of I don't even talk to anymore. It's something I will always regret. Make sure to put in the work to stay in touch and stay close. It's hard but worth it.

    Sorry for the long comment.

  10. you have the pictures! and as you can see, I am promoting Keri's t-shirt :)

  11. mrsam [and other techno lovers]: Here is a good list to get you started

    ~"Will I?" by Ian Van Dahl
    ~"Reason" by Ian Van Dahl
    ~"Able to Love" by Benny Benassi
    ~"Around the World" by Daft Punk
    ~"Sandstorm" by Darude
    ~"Tic Toc" by Klea
    ~"Burn for You" by Kreo
    ~"Damaged" by Plummet


  12. Ever since you posted about Punk Rock Mommy, I've been following her blog. She really was an amazing woman!!

    I just read Keri's journal this morning. I will definitely keep her in my prayers on her birthday and everyday.

  13. Good boobie/chemo vibes all around!

    Your runs ARE getting serious. I want to hear all about them [especially in this hot weather].

    I've been following Punk Rock Mommy's blog too and my mouth dropped on the 5th. So sad yet I'm convinced she's in a much better place right now.

  14. I just read Punk Rock Mom's blog. AMAZING! I will keep her family in my thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

    You guys must go to Door County! It is such a short trip from Milwaukee. YOU WILL LOVE IT! If you need any advice on where to stay or what to do let me know. The fall is wonderful up there as well.

    Good Luck on Thursday at your dr. appt. I will be thinkiing about you and sending positive vibes that all will be ok.

  15. What is this about going to the boobie doctor? What did I miss?! Fill me in!!!


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