Toot Toot

I'm tooting my own horn here, don't mind me. 

The girls over at Elizabeth Anne Designs named this the blog of the week! I got a little shout out on a post and I'm even on their left hand column....and I'm not even a wedding blog [maybe I blur the line a bit, but I'm conquering my wedding addiction quite well lately.]

The only other virtual award I ever received was when Wedding Bee named my two bios as Knottie Bios of the Week. Which reminds me....anyone want to fix my bios for me? I don't even remember how to log on over on The Knot to do that, nor do I want to remember. I seriously think they expired. 


  1. So cool, Julia! Congrats, you deserve it. I love reading your blog!!

  2. yeah Mrs.Julia.Goolia! Toot toot all you want! Your bio was where I first saw you!

    I saw you on EAD the other day too! I left a comment about how I thought you were the bomb also. don't worry about it.

    re: your bio. I've seen a lot of messed up bios lately. I'm not sure what happened over there. I do however know that making a google page is super easy and since you have everything written already, you could probably just copy and paste everything over there. You'd still have to upload the pics though probably. boo.

  3. You should be blowing that horn instead of just tooting it! :)

  4. I'm in agreement...toot away!!! I do love reading your blog and you definitely deserve it! Toot on sister!

  5. Couldn't have gone to a more deserving blogger!

  6. Congratulations! A well-deserved honor.


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