So what's new with me, you ask? Not much. But I have pictures to share like always. I had a day off on Thursday [yay!] because I work Saturday [boo!]. [And yes, I'm at work right now---the beauty of scheduled posts never ceases to amaze me.] Besides working diligently on a fabulous album design [super fabulous, actually] I also picked more peonies. A lot, actually. Take a look:

They make our entire place smell like a flower garden. No joke. Even this little bugger can't overcome the scent. His stank breath is gloriously trumped by our flowers. He's so pleased, isn't he?
I know I just took a bunch of pictures like these but I swear he's just too cute to ignore.
It's like he's running in mid air, except he's not. He's lounging in true Henry style.
And this would be his signature pose: legs spread wide open, in case we get the urge to rub his inner thigh. Apparently Henry's nether regions are quite sensitive if not a little overexposed. So provocative, that one!
Also, Wednesday night I took the plunge and met internet bloggers. They are actually people, real life girls my age, in my city, who aren't just imaginary characters typing up a storm behind their computers. I knew absolutely nobody before this shindig so I was just a wee bit nervous. It's always a successful night when internet strangers turn out to be normal---no Single White Females in this bunch:) I wasn't murdered or anything, which is fabulous. In fact, it was such a fun night we lost track of time and stayed out way past our bedtimes. 
From left to right: yours truly, Erin, Julia #2, Sierra, Kelly, Andrea, Natasha, Harmony, and Katherine. You know what is awesome? The fact that if you visit each of these blogs you'll see the same group picture! Now go run off and check them out. They are hilarious and entertaining and I think I can finally say I have friends in Milwaukee [I'm such a loser!]. I hope we do this again soon:)

But honestly, the highlight of my evening was this lovely gentleman:
What a looker! Creepy, mask-like features. Sunglasses in a dark bar. He had the hots for a few of the ladies at my table [can you blame him?] but luckily, he did not murder us either. In fact, I waved to him when we left.....what? He was waving to us, too! And I felt kind of bad for him. I got a little carried away with the friend-making that night.

Oh, and I take it back: the creep ball was not the highlight of my night. Getting lost in downtown Milwaukee for 20 minutes at 10:30 pm was the best. So much fun, I tell you. Why do all of the streets have to be so confusing, or under construction, or poorly marked? I ended up next to Potawatomi Casino. For those of you not in Milwaukee, that is not good. As tempting as it was to hop out and pull a few slots I stayed focused and found the freaking highway.

And the sad part? This wasn't the first time I got lost and ended up at the casino. And it probably won't be the last. I can be a little absent minded when I drive sometimes, big deal. I wonder when I have to stop using the excuse "I'm new to this area" when I get lost. Hopefully not soon:)


  1. So, some of us are a little "absent minded" when we're driving, big deal, huh?!

    Yeah, I know the feeling, for sure! I call Ric sometimes and say "Guess what I'm doing?" R: "What?" T: "I'm being Dora the Explorer. R: "You're not Dora the Explorer, you're Trisha. . . LOST." ha

    I always seem to find my way though, even if I do take "the scenic route." ha

    I'm glad that you made it home alive, that is always a good thing!

  2. After three years I still use the excuse I am new to the area so don't worry I think you still have plenty of time.

    Gorgeous flowers by the way and I love the close up of Henry on the blanket.

  3. Well, I sometimes still tell people I'm new to Milwaukee too, so don't worry about it.

    It was great meeting you! I had such a great time. Thanks again for organizing it!

    I'm sorry you got lost though! Bummer. I finally got my coveted GPS unit and it's a lifesaver. Truly. I call her Lola and she never fails me. Before that, I learned that if I just head east, eventually I'll hit the lake and then I know how to find my way home from there.

  4. Can I say that I absolutely love your Henry pictures. I have about a million and one Bailey photos and I just keep snapping away. That's the beauty of the digital age, right?!

    Wednesday night was a blast. Would I be completely whiney if I asked again when we are going to do this? I have lived in Milwaukee my entire life and I'm still itching for new friends!

    Sorry about your lovely jaunt in downtown Milwaukee. It sucks, doesn't it? Yesterday I was getting frustrated with these one way streets after picking up my carpooling buddy. I hate to say it, but there's no getting used to this madness!

  5. I love Henry pictures! He's got the best expressions. Makes me want to pinch his cheeks. :-)

    I'm so glad everything went so well with the GNO! Sounds like a great group of gals.

  6. Love the flowers and Henry is just too damn cute! Congrats on a fabulous night out with the girls. We miss you at our parties down here.

  7. Haha...glad that you could meet more internet friends! I was so so nervous when I went to that brunch when you were in St. Louis. But it was so much fun and I am going to another one soon! YAY for internet friends...haha!

  8. What beautiful flowers! I'm so jealous! My mom gave me some kind of a lily plant for Mother's Day, and it made the whole house smell so delish!

    That lil' Henry almost makes me want a dog! But we've got an 11-month-old baby girl instead! :)

    Just Another Day...

  9. So jealous of the blogger get-together!

    Update for you Milwaukeeans- Johnny Depp is in town! He'a apparently filming some sort of movie. Keep your eyes peeled :)

  10. Beautiful flowers!

    Glad you enjoyed your night out with the girls. It is scary going to a get together when you don't know anyone!

    How did you find your Milwaukee blogs? I tried searching for other St. Louis blogs, but had some trouble...

  11. It was so great meeting you! I wish we could have talked more time :)

    I still tell people I am new to Madison too...and still think of myself as a Milwaukeean (after 2 1/2 years). Probably because I am in Milwaukee almost as much as I am in Madison. It is ridiculous actually. Can't wait to do it again soon!

  12. Aimee~I spend too much time on the internet. I started with one Milwaukee blog, then blog hopped, and gradually gained a list of local blogs. No searching, just jumping from blog rolls. I would think most of the STL girls were on STL Wed at one time. Good luck!

    Henry sends everyone his love! And I'm glad I'm not the only lost soul on the roads:)

  13. I'm still bummed I couldn't come. I'm enjoying my time in Florida, but really would have liked to meet you. We definitely need to follow-up and find a time that works for both of us.

    The flowers are gorgeous!

  14. Hooray for internet friends! Hey, it's hard to meet people as adults and I think we can all say we're grateful for meeting our cyberspace buddies.


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