Henry's Hankerings

Hello ye humans. It is I, Henry, and I know it's been awhile since I last blogged. I apologize for my absence but my mother is fully to blame. She's been hogging our new computer like a crazy woman. And crazy she is, because I've heard her talking to herself a lot lately---especially when she's on the computer. And my dad? He's been studying his face off for his first big tests in PT school. They are quite the pair I tell you. But enough of them, let's move on to me, shall we?

My mom made me pose for an absurd amount of pictures in our backyard. Something about wanting to learn more about our camera and maybe get a few 'frame worthy' shots of my cute face.

She plopped me onto this aqua chair because it supposedly brings out my eyes, but alas, the chair was unbalanced. I freaked out right after this picture because I thought the chair might attack me on it's way down.
Oh, and did I mention that it's freaking HOT being a dog? I have this thick sweater of fur, I can't sweat, and my mom makes me sit outside in the 85 degree heat to snap pictures like this:
Now I'll admit, this weekend brought the first 80 degree temperatures since last October, so it's not like I have it that bad. Mom was practically skipping around the house all weekend, saying, "Henry! It's actually NICE outside for once. Can't you just smell summer?" Um, no, mom. All I can smell is people food an I want to lick it.
This is my, "What the heck do you want, lady?" face. You like?
So. Hot. Outside. Might. Die.
Now that's better, inside where I can escape the scorching temperatures.
I think I earned my nap today, don't you?
And then mom got up close and personal, trying to play with the macro settings. My nose is one of my defining features, you know.
But don't worry, the weather didn't stay nice for long. In fact we had tornado warnings [not just watches, people] every day from Friday until Sunday. It was quite frightening if you ask me. Mom says that working in a hospital is really fun when we have tornado warnings. She had to help get every patient out from their rooms and into the hallways and it was a nightmare. She doesn't want to talk about it, but here is a picture to prove our twister weather:
In between lightening bolts, thunder claps, and pouring rain there were moments of sunshine. When mom got tired of my drooling tongue as her subject, she turned to the pink peonies in our backyard. There is just something about pink and flowers that she loves, go figure.

Other happenings in my household include:

~mom successfully rescued all of their songs from the dying laptop. It took 11 CDs to backup their iTunes library but it worked and now she's jamming out to forgotten songs.

~mom and dad ran their 6 miles down at the lake front on Saturday. From what I hear it was awesome, not horrible, and very entertaining. They even saw a man dressed in a gorilla suit for some odd reason!

~one thing that mom forgot before training for this marathon: her appetite gets out of control. Insatiable, actually. Famished at all hours of the day. She sounds just like Chris Farley on SNL when he plays the Gap girl. You know the quote, don't you? "LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING."

So that's it. My take on life right now. Which of my pictures are your favorites? Do you think any made the 'frame worthy' category?


  1. Henry looks so cute! :-) Your picture of the sky is pretty scary looking. We've had some bad weather down here, but that looks worse. Glad to here it was just tornado warnings, and not an actual tornado for you guys!

  2. Henry, I don't envy your mom having to get all those patients into the hallway! And since you asked, I personally think your most frame-worthy picture is the one from naptime. You look the most cuddly there :)

  3. Awww, Henry is too cute! And, I also like his naptime picture the best.

    Love your peonies! Mine haven't bloomed yet. I figure any day now, right? Weird.

  4. Aww, Henry, you are adorable!! My favorite pictures are the two laying down on the stones outside. So cute! I'm glad you and your little family survived this insane Wisconsin weather!

  5. How cute! I love the third one down (his up close) and his nap time pic. Precious!

    BEAUTIFUL peonies! My favorite!

  6. Henry, you are such an eloquent writer! Your paws must hurt from all that typing. LOL! Your mom took some beautiful pictures.

  7. henry is the cutest- glad to see he is posting again! :0)

    the post you have been waiting for is up julia! :0)

  8. Naturally, ALL your photos are frame-worthy, Henry. But if I had to choose just one, I'd say the third one from the top.

    And I love all your mom's peonies. They remind me of her beautiful wedding last year.


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