Quotes by Nate

[Conversation #1: Late at night, after a long day]

J: I have a great memory you know. I can remember your quotes word-for-word and then blog about it the next day.

N: You don't have a great memory, you have a great imagination. You should work for the National Inquirer.

J: What?

N: You patch together my life to make me sound like a dipstick.

J: Not true.

N: It's like The Newlyweds, with Jessica Simpson. Except she is a real life dipstick

J: You just compared yourself to Jessica Simpson, you know.

N: I must have blacked out just now. I'm so freaking tired I'm not making sense anymore.

J: [[chuckling]]

N: Stop vibrating the bed with your laughter, I can't sleep when you do that.

J: That's what she said.

N: I'm still blacked out.

[Conversation #2: Same night]

N: Do people think I'm funny on your blog?

J: Yes

N: Awesome. I am such an all-star.

J: No you aren't, Nate. I only blog about three people: me, you and Henry. [apparently Henry is a person now].

N: Well I'm #2 with those people, right behind Henry.

J: No, I'm #1, Henry is #2, and you are last.

N: That's BS. I'm way funnier than Henry.

And I leave you with pictures of the most ridiculous Bloody Mary ever created, from Trocadero

Nate planned on drinking this Bloody Mary at our Father's Day Brunch a long time ago. Which is why he made us run our 7 miles before the meal, so he could enjoy this beast. Not exactly what I crave after a long run, but whatever:)


  1. Too funny!

    I LOVE the Bloodies at Trocadero. Really, it's a meal--what more could you possibly want?

  2. Nate - for what it's worth, you and Henry are totally a tie for second place!

  3. haha we always try to one-up each other with the "that's what she said" too.

  4. That is one interesting looking bloody mary!

    I enjoy reading your Nate quotes. :-)

  5. Excellent convos with Nate! We thank you for sharing! Unfortunately, I think I'm "the Nate" in my relationship with hubs. I have a crappy memory and always say the dumbest things!

    Just Another Day...

  6. Newlywed banter is the best :-D

  7. Me: That was a pretty funny quote that you said last night that I put on my blog today.

    My wife: I'm confused. Can we live in the present?


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