[taking a break from the incessant running posts, I'm sure you won't mind]

Sometimes I like to stare at drool-worthy interior design, even though I'm finished decorating our duplex----and we aren't moving again any time soon. It's just fun to look at beautiful homes and there's no better blog than Desire to Inspire for pretty design pictures. Let's take a look, shall we?

1. How about a crisp, bold bedroom?
[From Erinn Valencich at Omniarte]

2. This would be my dream kitchen. I would become a cook in an instant!

3. White-washed ceilings paired with hardwood floors always get me.
[from Julie at Remodelista]

4. Wouldn't you love to soak in this tub? Love the tile.
[from Jonathan Clark Architects]

5. Something about the cleanliness of stark white in this one appeals to me.
[by ZK]

6. If ever there were curtains with my name all over them, it would be these:
[from Elle Decor South Africa]
7. Here's an ultra contemporary white-on-white dining room that I adore:
[from Landstrom Arkitekter]
8. Oooooh, rustic rooms are the best:
[from S.Russell Groves]

9. This one is clean, contemporary but funky and I dig it.
[From Bolig]

10. I'm obsessed with this paint color combined with white.
[by Jim Bastardo]

11. Talk about some outdoor living spaces!
[random real estate pictures]

12. And who wouldn't want to shower here?

13. Love the eclectic style of these.
[by Fuse ID]

14. And we've always wanted to live in a loft like the one on the left. The right picture seems so homey and bright.
[by david baker + partners]

If you don't already read Desire to Inspire you should probably start. There's not much text to read so it's one of those blogs that you can mindlessly stare at for hours. Do you like to save inspirational pictures for your 'someday dream home,' too?


  1. I have a huge folder of 'dream home' inspiration pictures, and they are all categorized! :)
    Several from Desire to Inspire...

  2. Oh! And I'm eating my words about the skort... you rock it!
    It even gets my vote for the big day!

  3. I too have a "home inspiration" folder on our computer. Unfortunately it usually sparks the desire to re-decorate a room in our house -- which is NOT a good thing. I'm getting better at holding off but I feel like my rooms look like junk compared to the pictures.

  4. Holy crap, that shower is the size of my kitchen.

  5. I love the bedding in that first photo! I have a "Cute Cute Cute" folder on my computer where I save all my eye candy.


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