Baby #3: 27 weeks

4.8.14: Twenty-Seven weeks. Woah. This was the first week I actually had to look up and see how far along I am, because I couldn't remember. Time is seriously flying and I feel like I just wrote my last weekly post yesterday.

Camera Roll-381

Camera Roll-367

Oh, belly button.

Is this the third trimester? Or is that next week? I'll say next week to be sure, but either way I am sort of in shock to be this far along right now. I have a feeling the onset of spring weather (!!) with temps above 30 degrees might make the rest of this pregnancy fly by even more, if that is possible. Have I ever mentioned this winter was the longest, most brutal EVER? And that sunshine and lack of winter coats is the BEST?

I'm still feeling really good overall. I feel pregnant for sure and can tell I'm slowing down a little bit with my energy levels. I had to nap not once but twice last week in the middle of the day because I was so exhausted by 2 pm--can't remember the last time I took a nap! It's also partly my own fault since I've been staying up too late at night, dorking around on the internet or being too lazy to get off the couch and go upstairs. Also I have exercised zero times in the past few weeks, I think. I'm blaming my love for nursery projects on this lack of true exercise because any spare energy or free time I have, I end up spending on a nursery project. Fine by me!

Big progress this week: Mom sent the finished Roman Shades for the nursery, I re-finished the wooden bench for the nursery, and logged a ton of hours on the crib. I guess I've only been working on the crib for a week now but it seems like an eternity. I'm definitely determined to knock out any and all nursery projects at lightning speed and get annoyed when things take me longer than expected. And this crib is a total PITA right now. But it's coming along, I suppose. 

Shades! Obsessed with this fabric
Camera Roll-190

Bench: before and after
Camera Roll-330

So glad I didn't just paint over the old paint on this one. Thankful that Tony could sand it down for me, we already had a nice dark stain so I used that, and then using the 'fancy' polyurethane we had left over from our back stairs made this look even nicer. It took 2 full coats of poly with a third on just the top (blech). It will be a perfect 'bookshelf' and lamp holder.
Camera Roll-323

Oh, Saffron Thread colored paint. How I love you/hate the work you are taking to complete this crib for baby #3. I just want it to be done already!! Another full coat of yellow awaits and I'm still deciding about poly on top of that. Which means 2 coats of primer (long story, will be in the 'crib' post someday) and now 2-3 coats of yellow. Sigh. Also note all of the freaking curves on this baby--not the easiest to paint. But it's pretty and coming together how I hoped. Sloooowly.

Camera Roll-303

Camera Roll-307

I've also had a few days with true back pain, most likely due to said nursery projects, and feel like I really need to watch it. I'm very lucky to get through my pregnancies without serious pain and don't want to push the envelope now. I've had a few noticeable Braxton Hicks contractions already too, and cannot use my abs to sit up from a laying down position anymore. Yep, my body is changing! Still enjoying the changes for the most part and am embracing the new curves. I don't seem as fixated on food this week so maybe baby boy is showing me mercy and letting my appetite settle down a bit before another huge spurt.

My favorite belly picture from this pregnancy so far: an outtake. Un-staged hugs from big brother as I was trying to get a decent 'real camera' shot from Nate. This child is already so loved, and Truman is the sweetest. Cecelia is in the background whining to be held, btw. Real life!

Camera Roll-396

I say that I feel 'good' because I am still really loving this phase of pregnancy. Little man is still incredibly active, I find myself worrying about the worst case scenarios MUCH less than pregnancies before, and truly soaking it all in (more on this shortly). Daydreaming about what our baby boy will look like, how his birthday will happen, and how our family will adjust to a newborn again are some of my favorite pass times. I'm still in awe with pregnancy as a whole. What a freaking miracle. What a privilege. What a ride. (note: I get really emotional in pregnancy).

I pulled out some of Truman's newborn and 0-3 month baby clothes this week, just to see if we have anything we can re-use. Oh my goodness, nostalgia-central and pure excitement followed the discovery of these babies. There were so many great things stored in those tiny glad I saved it all and can't wait to see baby 3 in his big brother's clothes. I also found a few really adorable 'summer weather' purchases for this babe at a big consignment sale, which makes it seem a lot more real, too. I set up the Mamaroo with the kids one night--it was super easy and they LOVE giving baby dolls and stuffed animals rides. Even just setting up a new/modern swing for this baby makes me feel a little emotional. This is really happening and we are getting ready!

I think we are set for long sleeved/footed sleepers and onesies from the Truman-baby-days;) First borns have a lot of clothes from multiple baby showers, I guess!
Camera Roll-294

My favorite 0-3 month sleeper of his. How??? Time! Slow down!
Camera Roll-297

Third babies deserve new things, too!
Camera Roll-234

Camera Roll-280

Superficially: My belly is still crazy-round, belly button is long gone, and no stretch marks have yet to grace my bump. I really hope I don't get my first stretchies on this third pregnancy--haven't thought too much about it this time, actually, figuring maybe I just don't get them despite rapid growth? Again, THANKS MOM! I love my bump and just realized I can no longer see my feet when I look down. That seems like a milestone in itself, somehow. I was feeling like my belly looked small until we took a few 'real camera' shots last night. Now I feel bigger than ever;) Baby is now two pounds, which also seems impossible but it makes sense since he is packing it on right now.

A belly shot that isn't a selfie! Nate tells me 'don't stick your belly out like that.' Hahahahaha. As if I could even attempt to stick it out or suck it in at this point! He said the positioning of my arms made it more pronounced and then said, 'I forgot how bossy you are with these pictures.' Work with me on finding a flattering angle for all appendages, Nathan. Geesh.

Camera Roll-392

Best quote from Nate this week: 'That's insane (referring to my visible belly punches happening in the evenings). There is a human being inside of you right now.' Ha, yep! So freaking weird. 

Comparing pregnancies: With Truman's pregnancy I was *finally* starting to show and was all overwhelmed with crossing into the third trimester. I deemed myself in the third trimester at the 27 week mark both times before, actually, but I just can't claim it yet! Apparently I was still running on the treadmill three days per week at this time with Truman, too. Good for you, Julia of yesteryear. Yawn. The Julia of four years later is way too tired to think about running. Then there was Cecelia's pregnancy, when I was still a bit anxious and using the doppler every now and then (haven't in months this time), just got the worst comment about having a fat face from a stranger, and was having light bulb moments about nearing the end of pregnancy. I've definitely had a few of those 'holy crap, I'm going to have a baby in a few months' moments this week, too! Something about this point in pregnancy always gets me.

Let's observe a classic belly shot comparison, shall we? At 27 weeks each time: Holy carrying differently. And BIGGER/pointier this time around for sure. Nate thinks I look the same with Cecelia as right now and I totally disagree.
Camera Roll-394

As I've been writing this post, I realized something important: I just feel so much more relaxed this time around. My third baby hasn't caused any extra stress or deviated from a text book pregnancy so far. YES, this could change, but it's worth noting for now so don't jinx me, blogging gods!

Truman's pregnancy=fear of the unknown, no clue what to expect as a first time pregnant lady. Then a scary 3rd trimester with bed rest, Pre-E, and a marathon induction.

Cecelia's pregnancy=fear of miscarriage after experiencing one just prior, a scary 1st trimester with bleeding and an OB that said 'I've never seen a bleed this big turn out okay in the end'. Then general anxiety about having Pre-E again, another bleeding scare, another loss, etc. I really struggled to keep my mindset positive with Cecelia's pregnancy after having a lot of 'complications' before.

This pregnancy? Not sure what my 'thing' is going to be this time around to keep it from being a text book pregnancy. Maybe just having this baby as a 'surprise' without any trying, no two week wait, no anticipation for a positive test can be enough? Seeing that positive test at 5 weeks and not knowing how far along I was until 3 weeks later, at the 8 week mark gets my vote for 'crazy thing about my third pregnancy'. No other weird stuff needed, okay baby? Please?

I feel like I can enjoy this time around a little bit more than the others. I'm soaking it in, especially since this is very VERY likely my final pregnancy. I'm incredibly thankful for that peace of mind and hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt with some abnormal happening with this pregnancy. But one thing that I've learned through these pregnancy journeys? It's out of my control anyway. We will handle whatever comes to us the best we possibly can, so we might as well enjoy the present moment to the fullest!

Right guys?
Camera Roll-346

Right girl?
Camera Roll-362

Yep. Life is pretty good at 27 weeks over here.


  1. 27 weeks! Geez!

    Can't believe how *different* your bump has been each time. Crazy. Mine was pretty similar with both I and M...just grew a lot quicker with M.

    And yes, hopefully everything stays text book this time around...a nice, normal pregnancy for your last go 'round!

  2. Wow, that comparison is awesome! So crazy how different it is now! Love your baby bump.

    You are definitely in the third tri now! First tri is done at 13 weeks, 3 days so second tri is done at 26 weeks, 6 days!

    Glad you are at peace and not worrying as much - that's a great feeling. LOLed at Nate's comments about taking the pictures.

    Happy third tri!!!! That baby boy is going to be here before we know it. :)

  3. You are going to be (awesomely) huge when I see you, and I can't wait :) haha! I definitely think the rest of this pregnancy will fly with the nicer weather.

  4. I want a nap after reading about all you've done this week! Wow! Spontaneous Truman belly hugs - heart in puddle.

  5. Girl you must have the patience of a saint to paint that crib again! It would end up looking so sloppy if I tackled something like that, ha!
    Love the comparison shot - it looks to me like you have carried totally different each time. Pretty crazy!
    I also love how you say it is "very likely" your last pregnancy…just can't definitely say no to a 4th, huh?! I'm the same way. I know that we probably won't have another baby, but it's a tough part of life to say goodbye to. Although, I will say that the farther away we are getting from the infancy stage with the kids, the easier it is for me to come to terms with being done. Which is a relief, I thought I'd be one of those people who would never feel "done," but I kind of do now :)

    1. Yes, just really hard to say 100% for sure that this is it! But according to Nate, he is 200% sure we are done, so there is that;)

  6. Totally agree with you- you've carried so differently each time! Hoping this pregnancy continues to be relaxing!!!

  7. 27 weeks already! How did that happen? I agree, it's flying by this time and bound to go even faster now that we're getting some warm weather. I can't believe you're painting that crib - what a labor of love. I'm currently painting a dresser for Mim's room and stopped after one coat of primer (that was 5 days ago). Eventually I'll get back to it...right? Ugh. I'm so glad to hear that you're more relaxed this time around. Maybe that means our #3 (our hypothetical ooops baby that my husband says we are absolutely NOT having) will be easy too. Oh, I hope so. :)

    1. This mythical baby #3 keeps coming up in our comments---I feel like it might have to happen now!! ;)

  8. You look adorable! Those comparison shots are crazy, can't believe how different you look each time. I agree with the very "zen" feeling about this pregnancy. It's not like I forget I'm pregnant by any means, but for some reason it's just not the first thought every single minute of the day which I think helps with the lack of worrying. Some times I have freak out moments where I feel like something must be wrong since I'm not worrying about something, but overall, it's much more relaxing this time around.

  9. 1- You look fantastic girl. Truly.
    2- I am loving so much about the nursery, but especially the crib
    3- I am seeing these MamaRoo contraptions everywhere and I am totally fascinated.
    4- I am so excited for you and also have 0% baby fever for myself--hooray!!!!!

  10. Looking great! I think your boy baby bumps have the same shape, but your CC bump looks so different! How cool is that? Love all the sibling love that baby is getting. Hopefully Truman still loves him this much when he is mobile and stealing his trains (something we are currently dealing with)

    1. Oh yes, we deal with that constantly right now, too. Truman is usually very patient with CC...will see how he feels with two little siblings bothering him.

  11. I came back to read this just now since I'm 27 weeks today and realized I haven't done any comparisons with you as far as how you were feeling at each stage... this post brings me comfort! For many reasons ... your belly now at 35 weeks doesn't look *THAT* much bigger than your belly here. I mean, obviously it is, but it's not like it doubles in size or anything! I'm feeling large right now and it's freaky to think I have 13 weeks to go. And you were starting to 'feel it' pregnancy-wise with tiredness and some back pain - me too!! Gah. That third trimester hits and watch out. And dude, I feel like I read this post for the first time like a minute ago, and now here you are 35 weeks. Time is a-flyin indeed!!!


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