Favorite Shows for Binge Watching

This is completely random, yet again, and has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving or Christmas. Let's begin!

Nate and I have been watching a decent amount of TV in the past year, sticking to Netflix after the kids go down. We go in streaks, truly binging on a show until it's completed and then we take a break for awhile because we feel very unproductive when vegging out in front of the TV each night. BUT STILL. It's fun to binge watch in streaks.

1. Weeds: I am currently watching Weeds by myself, it's been my go-to 'treadmill' show and I'm really into it. I'm in the middle of season three and have decided that Nancy is hilarious but her wardrobe is somewhat 'off', Andy is the best and the most cringe-worthy, and Celia is amazing and also awful. And Doug? Best character ever. See how this show is full of characters that are both great and horrible? My cliff notes for those who haven't seen it: Nancy is a suburban mom/widow who sells pot, and she is just the right mix of totally crazy but relatable. She also loves to drink from a straw. It's weird, it's funny, it's intriguing. I dig it.

2. Narcos: Nate and I just started this series, so we are on season one. Another show about drugs, but this time no suburban mom and much less humor involved compared to Weeds. I mean, the drug is cocaine and not weed so it's obviously a little more intense. Lots of subtitle reading, for those of us not fluent in Spanish, and it's pretty gruesome/gory. I can't wait to see how Pablo turns out. He's apparently the Robin Hood of Colombia, and is a bajillionaire drug trafficker. Intense and a little depressing but somehow we are hooked.

3. Walking Dead: no drugs, just zombies here! This was one show that Nate began last year at this time and I absolutely REFUSED to watch with him. I could hear the nasty gurgling of the zombies from the other room and really hated the way the 'walkers' walked. I mean, what a horrible premise for a show, right? Well, gradually the nasty audio effects started to become less repulsive and the characters started to grow on me. Seriously, these characters are so lovable, so relatable---for the end-of-the-world, must-kill-zombies type of thing. We binged on all of the old seasons and then caught up to real time seasons. And now the current season is back on AMC, so we bought the season pass on iTunes because we don't have cable. The start of this season gave me actual nightmares and it sort of stole our mojo with the entire show. So depressing. Really want the hope to come back, ASAP.

4. Nurse Jackie: this was the last 'treadmill show' I watched without Nate. Huh, another show about drugs---what is my problem?! I LOVED this show though, it was a little dark but still had the right mix of humor and awesome characters. Jackie is the main character, she is an ER nurse, pretty hard core, and addicted to pills. You want her to kick the habit for the entire series and root for her to move on with her life. On the very last episode of the series, I had no idea it was the last. When it ended, I was so confused and kept flipping through Netflix looking for the next season. Then I read a bunch of stuff online feeling panicked and like I didn't pay enough attention to the last show ever! I have come to terms with it, though.

5. Stranger Things: Nate and I whipped through this show in about three days. Only one season so far, and you cannot go wrong with 80's nostalgia! It seemed super creepy at first, like I didn't want to watch it alone and didn't really get the hype. By the end we were all in, Eleven is the best and the Christmas light scene still kind of haunts me.

6. Dexter: we finished this series about a year ago, I think. I might have mentioned it here but we just really liked it a lot. A likable serial killer? I know, sounds ridiculous. Really dark and intense but still so good. Probably the most gruesome one of the bunch, besides Breaking Bad which also gave me nightmares.

Series that we couldn't finish/didn't care enough:
1. Orange is the New Black: we watched the first two seasons and then just didn't want to watch anymore. Very meh after season one.

2. House of Cards: obsessed for the first few seasons, and after the subway incident I think it went downhill. That was a heart-stopper, though!

3. Mad Men: people love this show but it was so SLOW for us. We did finish the first season but fizzled out sometime in the second. Perhaps we should re-watch it sometime?

Personal favorite 'binge' show of all times: (drum roll, please)...

Friday Night Lights: a far cry from the above 'drug and murder' shows, this one still gets me right in the ticker. Just hearing the theme song is enough to make me weak in the knees. I am one million percent on Team Saracen, just so you know. I'm sorry, Riggins fans. His hair is too oily and needs a headband to keep it out of his face. Matt Saracen is perfection. DO NOT ARGUE, it's true. I am not a fan of Julie Taylor though. And the whole story line with Lyla and...the other quarterback who was paralyzed (help me on his name, can't remember!) got a little drawn out for me. I think this show kind of reminds me of my high school for the small town, football obsessed feel of things. But the characters are amped up, beautified versions of my high school, of course. Anyway, my parents have watched this show several times and it makes me want to start from the very beginning and get at it. This show will always remind me of Porter's pregnancy, so tender feelings abound.

So what should be our next show? I promise we don't only like dark, drug, murder-y ones.

Tap, Tap, Tap...Is This Thing On?

I miss blogging and am craving an outlet for my rambling, you guys. Life updates, stream of consciousness, a way to get all of the thoughts out of my head and into semi-cohesive sentences....I miss it all. So please oblige me as I type away without a real topic.

I've been blogging at this domain since 2007. For nine years this corner of the internet has been mine, and it began as a place for a newlywed in a new state to update friends and family on life happenings. In those nine years I've changed as have my posts. There have been new jobs, three children, a new house, thoughts on motherhood, finding a balance with all of the roles I hold, and a million other stories that I enjoy over-sharing with strangers. I love the feedback I get from my readers. I feel a strong sense of 'I totally get it, I'm going through that, too,' with you guys. Blogging is certainly not for everyone and yes, it's sort of 'out' compared to all of the other social media outlets these days. Probably 90% of my blog friends are no longer blogging at this point. There are plenty of big wigs out there, with beautifully groomed photos and helpful posts, still utilizing their blogs for a specific business purpose. But the average 'let me tell you about my life' blogs seem to be dwindling if not extinct. I am basically a geriatric blogger at this point, but I'm owning it and moving forward in my archaic state.

I am not tapping out from my blog days just yet. I certainly don't feel the pressure to post every day or even every week, which is freeing and fits in much better with my other responsibilities. But I want to mention the fact that I still value this space and hope to write more often.

Life is good lately. It's wild and hectic and ear-piercingly loud, but it's good. I've been feeling antsy at my job, after being there for five years. I'm not sure what the next step is with my career but I feel like I can offer more than what I'm doing currently. I just don't want to lose my flexibility and I don't want to work full time....so there's that. ;)

We are talking a lot about building an addition onto our house, so much of my days at home are spent calling and emailing contractors, architects, banks, loan officers, etc. It's super exciting and also terrifying.

Nate is on track to launch his own business, finding his passion in his career. He's already dropped his hours at his primary job to make room for his side gig that will hopefully become the main gig. His focus will be on golf, and specifically Physical Therapy for golfers (but also non-golfers, can't be too exclusive). He really wants to make golf for kids a huge thing in our area, so Juniors development will be a main goal. I am so stinking excited for him and of course a little nervous because starting a business is a total leap of faith. I have faith in Nate though, he is truly one of the best Physical Therapists in our area and his patients are obsessed with him----a really great start. Shameless plug: if you are local and know anyone who loves to play golf, is injured, or wants to improve their game you should absolutely check out Pure Golf Performance. The website is a work in progress and I'm attempting to be their social media manager, so any support would be much appreciated. (End of plug).

The kids are getting so freaking big it's just disgusting. And awesome. But it still makes me a little panicky when they keep growing out of their pants in a single season. Truman is literally up to my chest. Cecelia is 95% legs. Porter is 0% baby and 100% two year old boy. See, this would be a nice topic to divide up into separate blog posts, but for now I'm just going to show you some of the DIY photoshoot I did for our Christmas cards. I'm pretty stinking proud of how the images turned out. Top secret tip: bribing them with Halloween candy still works. Capitalizing on nice sunshine at 11am in our backyard, along with some new semi-dressy outfits (thank you, Hanna Andersson), I asked them to take a few pictures with me and they totally knew there would be a sugary reward to follow. We didn't do professional family pictures this year but I'm confident one of these will be just fine for Christmas cards. To show that Nate and I still exist, I'll probably slap a family selfie on the back and call it a win. But these three kids? Showstoppers. I'm throwing it back to 2013 and asking for votes on the best photo for our cards, please!











Tough call, right?

There are more words to share on the subject of life, but a certain Junior Kindergartener is getting out of school soon. And a certain two year old is stripping down in the corner and might need a diaper change before we go. It's currently 39 degrees and windy outside, which means multiple layers of winter gear and an extra 10 minutes with every excursion. Better be on my way, but it was nice to chat with you again.
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