Day in the Life: Heads Up for Summer 2015

It's that time again! Everyone get ready for a sneak peek into the lives of other bloggers and get ready to document the heck out of a random day in the name of memory preservation. MEMORIES! ;) (My Spring 2015 DiTL found here in case you have no idea what I'm encouraging with this post)

The details:

Any time from today until July 14th you should record your day in detail.

It can be as specific or as general as you want. I personally tend to record these days as a note in my phone, including specific times of day as I'm psychotic with details. Totally not necessary for you to do the same, as simple is probably better and means it's less overwhelming! I try to jot down quotes from the kids, to mention my thoughts as things are happening, and to keep track of the nitty gritty details in a day. I would probably remember enough if I just sat down and tried to type it all a day or two later but I don't trust my mommy brain *that* much. So a note on my phone is a must for me.

Snap pictures as you go along, the easiest method being with your phone but if you are feeling extra energetic, a 'fancy' camera also works for a post like this. Sometimes just taking a screen shot of your phone to remember the time of day, or an email you read, the weather forecast, et cetera is helpful as you write up the posts. I also like the seemingly random pictures of messy houses, meals, receipts, pets, the scenery from your parking lot spot, your house, and so on. Making collages for your pictures is helpful when it's difficult to choose which images to post (always a serious issue for me). Again, get as detailed or as general as you want with the pictures, but I think the mundane details are what makes these posts interesting. Don't forget to get pictures of YOU in this post, either. Get your friends and family involved. Maybe purchase a selfie stick (I just got one and you can bet your butt I'll use it this time!) but step in front of the camera for this post.

(Selfie sticks are hard. I wanted to include this picture as the only one in this post so that it pops up in your Feedly/Bloglovin and makes you chuckle. You're welcome. I actually snapped a 'burst' of approximately 500 like this when trying to learn my S.S. which makes it even better. Technology man.)
All Photos-600

My method is that I just email myself the iPhone 'note' from the day, and then I paste it into my blog post as a foundation. I'll go back and clean it up, elaborate on thoughts/events, and make sure it's written in English instead of just abbreviations from my note. Then I will add the pictures after that. Whatever method works for you though, as there are many ways to write about a single day in your life!

It's a lot of fun to read back on my own posts, and it's also quite entertaining to read everyone else's day. If you want to play along this quarter, here is what to do:

1. Record any day from now until July 14th. Type it up and turn it into a blog post. You can do it!

2. Email me the following to mylifeintransitionblog at gmail dot com by July 15th:

*your blog title,
*your location (state or country is fine),
*the link to your post,
*and please attach the file of the photo you want to be featured in the round up post.

3. I will post everyone's link and picture by July 20th here on my blog. Get the popcorn and clear your schedule for this one!

I love reading these posts from women all around the world, and encourage you to try it even if you aren't a blogger. And it's definitely not just for mommy bloggers, either! You could turn these posts into a photo book, you could let them live online if you have a blog, or you could just look back on them and reminisce about the glory days once life settles down a bit more (ha!). Laura, the original founder of this Day in the Life link up, also records an entire week during one of these quarterly sessions. That is something I've never tackled before, but maybe someday if I'm feeling particularly adventurous. I know she makes those posts into a photo album book and her family is going to greatly appreciate the time it took to record every day events.

I will do these quarterly: January, April, July, and October. You can expect to record your day and post about it in the first fourteen days, send it to me, and I will continue to post the round up by the twentieth of those months.

So pick your day (or week) and get to it!

Fist Bump to the Nukie Fairy

Oh hey, Julia of one (very easy) child? Guess what! Your second kid is going to be a different person, and therefore you are going to be a different mom to her. And you know how you got rid of Truman's pacifier at fifteen months and felt sort of bad that you didn't ditch it at one year like 'they' say you should? Well, Cecelia will need a pacifier for three entire years, so yeah. Go ahead and turn an eyebrow up at your present day self, but dude: every kid is so different!

Someday I will actually learn that concept.

(Thanks for helping me learn, Cecelia!)
All Photos-459

I honestly don't feel too guilty for letting the pacifier stick around this long, because Cecelia needed her self-soothing technique until now. For the past six months or so, we've talked about how the 'Nukie Fairy' was going to come once CC turned three. One night she tried to inform me that, 'maybe she will come when I turn four,' but SORRY, sister. Now is the time. We even had a false start one night a few months ago when Cecelia thought she wanted the fairy to come, but then changed her mind at the end of the bedtime routine when her two remaining pacifiers were sitting in a bowl outside of her bedroom door. She wasn't ready then, but last week she was.

CC has kept her white nukie and her random red 'lips' nukie in a blue bowl, on top of her bed's bookshelf for about a year now. Pacifiers have only been allowed when sleeping (naps and night) OR if she needed a rest (aka recharging and resetting her attitude during a particularly emotional meltdown or twelve each day). Nate and I both knew that removing the pacifier would mean that CC has to deal with her emotions head on and she can't use it to help her fall to sleep, which honestly scared us a little. She was my fantastic nurser who went strong until I weaned her at sixteen months. Sister has always loved her pacifier and must have a very strong suck-to-soothe connection. Or something.

RIP, White Nukie. You were seriously so disgustingly-worn out but I know she loved you.
All Photos-244

RIP, Red Lips Nukie. Picture from April 2014 and sweet baby CC still has baby fat cheeks!! Pacifier is still a joke, not sure why it persisted as one of the two that were not lost over the years.

We just kept telling her that she is a big girl, and babies need pacifiers, so the Nukie Fairy would come and take them to the babies that need them. I'm not really sure how this concept of a magical fairy became our ticket out of pacifier days, but I'm certain that Cecelia is the one who added the notion of candy being given in exchange for her personal sacrifice. Yes, always with the candy bribes over here. No shame in this game, either.

Friday night (6/19/15 for my psychotic self who needs to remember these things), I simply said to CC at dinner: "Hey! Maybe the Nukie Fairy should come tonight!!! I think you are totally ready to be a big girl and let the babies have your nuks, don't you?" And the fates smiled down upon us when Cecelia excitedly said, 'Yeah!!! And the Nukie Fairy brings me candy!!!!!' Yes, child, she does. Now let's do the dang thing already.

Seriously, so pretty and so stinking BIG. This pictures is 100% Cecelia, in all of her glory.

So that night we kept talking it up and acted all excited, and I told CC as we got ready for bed that I would call the Nukie Fairy as soon as Cecelia was asleep. And she put her two (well-loved, really ridiculous) pacifiers in her blue bowl and set them outside of her door. She climbed into her bed and held her froggy lovey a little tighter, but was super brave and I was nutso-proud of my big girl already. We reviewed the fact that *if* the Nukie Fairy did bring candy, it would not be allowed until her clock turned yellow....because I could totally see CC waking up at 3 am and checking the bowl, chowing on some Smarties in celebration while we all slept.

That night she fell asleep without a peep. When I went to bed I took the two pacifiers, put them in our buffet (so glad CC cannot read right now!!!), and placed a few random Skittles, one sucker, and one Smartie in the bowl. I also wrote a little note to CC from the NF (Nukie Fairy, so much easier to abbreviate, bear with me) just to make things more official. Nate didn't think I should put the bowl back on the floor outside of Cecelia's room, because Henry would totally rain on the NF's parade as he loves to be the candy thief around here. So I had Nate put the bowl next to CC's clock instead.

All Photos-343

All Photos-344

The next morning, I heard CC get up and go to the bathroom around 6:15 and I perked up to hear what she would say. I heard her say, 'she didn't bring me anything' and I jumped up because my heart kind of broke thinking about Cecelia feeling so let down. I told her that the Fairy DID come, but she wanted to put the bowl out of Henry's way, and I showed sister where to look.

As soon as she saw the bowl, her eyes literally started to sparkle. I said, 'Oh my goodness, she even left you a note, CC!' and I read it to her and Truman, since he was also awake and excited about this visit from the magical character land. I gave CC a big hug and said I was so proud of her...and then encouraged her to go back to bed until 6:55 am when her clock turned yellow. Ha, I am not THAT easily swayed from our rigid morning and bedtime routines, lady!

All Photos-369

Once we all went downstairs, we all really played up the occasion for Cecelia. I had to take pictures so I could show GoGo that the NF visited, we talked about how great it was for little babies to have CC's pacifiers, and sister got to partake in some very early morning candy. Her first nap was fair, just a little whimper here and there when I was tucking her in for her snooze---but I reminded her that she is a big girl and doesn't need the nuks anymore. Lots of encouragement and positive talk, and yes--more bribes for the first two times or so;) Promises of getting one Smartie upon waking from a 'big girl sleep' really seemed to help transition things along the nuk-free path.

All Photos-346

We've had a few bedtimes full of minor tears and whining, asking for the Nuks, and general discontent. Any and all tantrums (we prefer 'emotional moments' as a descriptor, really) have to be managed without comfort sucking. IT SORT OF SUCKS, yes, pun intended but also it's really great to know that CC can deal with emotions and sleeping without the nuk. She's proud of herself and we are, too. Now we just have to continue working on coping mechanisms for crazy intense emotions. But the sleeping part hasn't really changed since she's still going to bed around 7:30-8 and waking around 6 (but stays in bed until that beloved clock is yellow at 6:55). She's still napping 2-3 hours easily. I sort of can't believe the bottom didn't drop out with sleep sans nuk, but hey---what do you know? Sometimes my kids surprise me.

Mostly I feel this big milestone of ditching the pacifier was much much worse in anticipation than reality. I'm sure it helped that we waited until Cecelia really did seem ready and mostly alright with the idea. She was skeptical but very motivated by the candy and also motivated by the concept of babies NEEDING her nuks. She originally wanted to give Porter her white pacifier and a baby at daycare was going to get her red lip pacifier, but alas---Porter hasn't taking a pacifier since he was maybe four months old, and I'm sure that other baby at Lori's is over it now, too!

This isn't to say it was supremely easy and everything is perfect in Cecelia-ville, there is definitely still plenty of whining and stalling at bedtime, and requests for the nuks. But it just hasn't been as bad as I expected as the world did not stop turning without the pacifier and Cecelia didn't crumble into a million pieces without it.

Kind of strange to have zero children with pacifiers anymore. Wah, my babies are so big now!! This is a common theme in my head lately, fiercely holding onto Porter's babyhood while it lasts. Because Cecelia is practically ready for college now that the pacifier is gone.

This doesn't really belong here except both little ones are entirely too adorable in this shot.

So that is the story about how we ditched Cecelia's pacifier. I know a few of you requested a post about this and I have no idea if our method would work for anyone else. And I'm sure the candy reward is probably not a great idea but it sure did help us. She hasn't even finished the entire bowl of candy yet, five days later, which is surprising but appreciated. And now she is officially Nukie-free!

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

I have always said that Summer is my ultimate favorite season and that feeling is heightened by having a school-aged kid somehow. I mean, my own work schedule isn't changing for the summer but having Truman home each day (with me or with Tony on work days), all sorts of summer activities on the calendar, SUNSHINE and warm weather, long days with late/beautiful sunsets, Nate's summer work's all the best right now.

Also, I am sitting outside in perfect weather, drinking an iced coffee, while both CC and Porter nail dual naps for going on three hours. So yeah, I might be especially high on life (and caffeine and sunshine) at the moment, but summer is the best.

(sleepy baby made it all morning without a nap, then this!)
All Photos-302

But the pool was so much fun today! (pictures actually from last week, but imagine it was from today--no time to take pictures this time, I guess)
All Photos-57

All Photos-66

All Photos-69

I feel like it's been awhile since I did a random update on life, nothing really big to report but I'm sure I can still make this a nice, ramble-y post anyway.

After Porter's eleven month post, I had a blog reader send me a link to this blog post written by a pediatric OT. It has lots of ideas to help babies learn to crawl, so Porter has been getting a few focused workouts with mommy each day now. Even though he doesn't love to be on his stomach (since he can't freaking move other than pivot in circles on his belly) I'm putting him in that position much more lately, avoiding just placing him in sitting despite that being his favorite. We also got out the exercise ball (oh, the memories of trying to induce labor on this bad boy!!), have him practicing kneeling with his hands on a couch cushion, and trying to initiate the four point position. Basically we are having fun with it and I could die from the cuteness of him trying to learn how to crawl. I'm not a pediatric PT but I do think his core is a little weak, at least when he is on his stomach, since he won't pull his legs under him to get moving. Still planning to ask for that 'Birth to Three' evaluation next month at his year appointment if he isn't moving by then, but in the meantime I'm glad to have some specific ideas to work on at home. Maybe he will be a child, like many of you suggested, that will just sort of take off one day and never look back. Hard to imagine, but I'm sure he'll get his fat booty in gear soon.

All Photos-263

All Photos-267

All Photos-269

So many summer activities, so little time! This week Truman has 'Safety Town', which is a daily, 1.5 hour class mostly held outside. It emphasizes traffic, fire, and personal safety and is two weeks long, with small groups of three 4 and 5 year old kids paired up with 5th-7th graders who are volunteering to help out. They get to ride tiny tricycles around a miniature city with stop signs and houses (wearing a helmet of course!), they will go visit the local Fire Department tomorrow, a police officer will come to talk to them one day, and they learn all about poisonous chemicals that might be found in homes. So basically, this is all RIGHT up my first born's alley and he will probably be on our case about following each and every safety rule even more now! He totally loves Safety Town and I'm looking forward to their 'graduation' next Friday morning---have rearranged my work schedule so I can see the cuteness! He also has Tball every Monday night from now until the beginning of August, he liked his first practice so I hope that continues for the many, many more weeks we have with the sport. Then he has swimming lessons every Thursday night for five weeks. Whew, busy boy for his first 'real' summer break.

All Photos-294

Cecelia is also embarking on a few 'without the parent' activities this summer. Mixed results so far, but today was a very big day for my girl. She did soccer in the spring at the same time Truman had his class, but she truly hated it and flat out refused after the second session. This week I started her in gymnastics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the next five weeks, and the first two of those weeks will be during Truman's Safety Town. So in theory, I could drop Truman off at Safety Town, walk the double BOB with CC and Porter to gymnastics, then walk back after it and get Truman. We'd be done with two activities by 9:30 am----with the rest of the day in front of us.

Tuesday was Cecelia's first gymnastics class and we had discussed it at length ahead of time, to prepare her for the procedure. At this class, the kids walk into the gym all together and the parents stay out in the hall for the 30 minutes the class lasts. Cecelia simply would not have it and started freaking out as soon as the teacher appeared, ready to walk the class in. I tried to encourage sis but nothing worked, so I did walk into the class with her and kept reassuring her that THIS IS FUN, LALALALA, all while she was screaming, 'No, I want you to stay with me!' Horrible, guys, just horrible. I gave her a big kiss and walked out into the hall, where I could hear her hysterically crying. Eventually the teacher brought CC out to me saying that she was having 'a bit of separation anxiety, and this seems very jarring to her.' So she suggested that I sit on the side with Cecelia for the first class to warm her up to the idea. Luckily Dizzy was there and could watch Porter for me, and CC wouldn't participate at all even with me sitting with her. So that was fun.

All Photos-314

But today? Again, we pumped her up telling her how fun it would be. And I flat out bribed her saying she would get a sucker if she did the class, because come on! I know she is only (just) three years old but this is something I think she will LOVE and will be really good at doing, too. I want her to get through this phase of being afraid to do new things without me by her side, and I know she will---Truman went through this, too. So anyway, today she was a little fearful when we arrived to gymnastics and she needed me to lead her into the class (tsk, tsk, breaking the rules!). I asked the teacher if I could just sit off to the side for a few minutes and she said I could, so Cecelia did sit on the mat with the other kids. I could tell she was being very brave and she'd look over to me and smile, waving occasionally, but she was really looking around and taking in her surroundings. She participated (making pretend pizzas on their legs to stretch) and you could actually see her perking up by the minute, looking excited and so big. After a few minutes I snuck out and she didn't even notice. I snuck a few peeks through a side door and saw her doing somersaults, walking like a giraffe, and jumping on the trampoline. She was SO stinking proud of herself when class was over. And you better believe she earned that sucker she hand selected from our stash before class!

She tells me she isn't going to be afraid anymore and even said, 'I love gymnastics, it's fun,' tonight. YES. Good job, girl! We also had swimming lessons tonight which is Cecelia's other main activity this summer, and possibly her first official lesson (? I can't remember if we did these before at the YMCA or if I'm just remembering Truman).  Again, I pumped her up and agreed that we could do the swings at the playground after class if she tried her best. And then the pool water was 'contaminated' and nobody could get in during our class so it was sort of a bust, but whatever! There is always next week. And Cecelia did get scared and cried a little bit during this 'safety talk' session but she pulled through and wasn't crying when the group came back to the parents' area. I really think it's good for her to start going activities without Truman and without me---she's always done well at Lori's and hasn't shown true separation anxiety there, but she hasn't done many other activities until now. My big girl. I'm seriously so proud of her for being brave at gymnastics and hope she continues to love it.

I just sent out Porter's first birthday party invitations and am starting to feel all of the feelings about this milestone. I always had a bit of The Fever for another baby around the time of weaning, which for Truman was at a year and Cecelia at sixteen months. This time when Porter weaned at six months I didn't really experience that hormonal shift/NEED ANOTHER BABY feeling, but I'm sort of feeling it now. Something about my last baby turning a year old makes me equally sad and excited. This is nothing new and I'm not trying to spark any 'you should have another!' comments, just putting it out there that Porter turning one next month is sort of confusing my brain a bit. Like, HOW is this possible?? The invites are very cute, though, and we'll be sure to celebrate with appropriate levels of excitement over the occasion. But still. A year old? Sigh.

Sneak peek:
All Photos-274

On a completely unrelated and random note: I think I *finally* achieved my quest for properly fitting underwear. I know I've talked about this before but am way too lazy to link to another post, but my underwear situation is way sad. Lots of granny panties/post-partum/pregnancy size stuff going on and very little that actually fits me well. I seem to get wedgies from nearly EVERY pair of underwear these days and have decided that my butt must be abnormally flat or something for this to happen with everything, even the boy shorts I've tried. And truly, a constant wedgie is enough to grate on your nerves while creating a subtle level of irritation all day long.

I was going to splurge on these Patagonia ones, but ended up trying these C9 performance hipsters. Really love them!! I mean, two for $14 with the Target brand versus one for $22 with Patagonia? Yes, please. So far they really don't give me a wedgie unless I'm bending over a ton or squatting. I'll take it! Next up: a properly fitting bra. This is going to be even more challenging, I think ;(

Also, I bought a pair of Birkenstocks. I believe they are actually trendy again and not too hippie/wool sock + sandal, which makes me happy because I really do love them. Can't beat them for walking around town with the kids and I hope they make me a 'cool' mom and not just a tree hugger;) Since I informed Nate that Birkenstocks are popular again, he has since dug his original pair from high school out of the attic to revive them. Yikes. My new ones are in my better shape and are less scary for sure. (no picture here but a side by side shot of Nate and I in our Birks would be pretty awesome, I shall put it on my mental list of photos to get!)

How do you feel about pants like these? Joggers, or fluid pants or whatever?

Those are from Old Navy and I feel like this is probably a trend that's on it's way out already, especially since I'm just now considering them and I'm always very behind on trends. but they look so comfy! And I like the ones that are tight at the bottom I think, not sure about the drawstring waist and not sure if I'd have to tuck my shirt in to make this work. Also assuming maybe my Birkenstocks combined with these pants might be a little too much, hoping I wouldn't have to wear heels with the pants to dress them up because I don't do heels. Also really into these from Gap---they look like pajama pants and I dig it! Besides considering these jogger pants I also want to find a new pair of denim shorts for the summer which is apparently no small task because I am picky about length in my shorts (shocker). ANYWAY, having fun shopping online lately and still considering Stitch Fix but I can't quite pull the trigger.

Other things:
-Porter now has a few separates for pajamas and I cannot take it.

All Photos-240

All Photos-249

-I love picnic dinners outside with the kids, especially when our dinner is served in a muffin tin.

All Photos-317

All Photos-323

-The next baby boom is hitting our neighborhood, so I can get my newborn fix quite easily without actually having to give birth (or raise an additional child). Baby Joe is the cuuuuuuutest and I've made his mom promise to text me when he is awake at night and super crabby, just so I can snap out of it.

All Photos-278

-A wet French Braid in Cecelia's hair is our preferred way to keep her bangs out of her face the next day. This one was especially fantastic.

All Photos-252

All Photos-251

-Playing outside in our backyard is the best
All Photos-290

All Photos-160

-So is Beer Garden season, some are happier about this than others
All Photos-215

-The boys finally have matching outfits. Why did I wait this long to force this issue????
(oops, Truman accidentally put on Porter's 18 month tank top this morning and it's even backwards, hahahahaha)
All Photos-296

Ta Da!
All Photos-300

That's enough randomness for now, super fun day and season around here!

Half-Marathon #6

Despite our very sub-par training, Nate and I managed to complete our sixth half marathon together. It was rough, it was awesome, and we still really love the 13.1 mile distance for races. Kind of want to do another one this fall but we will have to regain the ability of walking down stairs without crying in pain first.

In the twelve week training program that we always (loosely) follow, this time we were the loosest ever and even skipped three long runs during training. Not okay, and I know I've never missed a long run before (maybe Nate was a rebel and missed one here and there) but apparently May was a very busy month for us. Traveling, having visitors, and gearing up for summer meant we just didn't fit in training like we should have. Three weeks ago I sort of panicked thinking there was just no way we could actually run in this race, then Nate hurt his Achilles tendon in our nine mile training run and proclaimed himself OUT. He sucked it up and we each did our ten mile training run separately last weekend, feeling pretty good about things again so we forged ahead. I told myself that even if we had to walk a bit we would be running this race, dang it.

We always say this, but we really meant it this time: who cares about time, let's just have fun with it! So last week I did two shorter runs on weekday mornings, Nate did one, and we confirmed that Nate's parents could watch the children while we subjected ourselves to the thirteen point one.

One reason we picked the Hartfest Half was that it's local, and by 'local' I mean that we could literally walk to the start line from our house. Can't beat that! It was an 8:30 start time which meant we didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn and drive somewhere a few hours away for a race, like we've done in the past. We woke up around 6:30, ate breakfast, drank coffee, and tended to our daughter who was the only one of the crew awake before we left at 7:45. Tony and Lois came over and played with CC, and eventually the boys did awake at a whopping 8:30 (but don't worry, Porter was up at 5:00 for a bottle, too). So we left at 7:45 but not before I made Nate take a selfie with me, of course.

All Photos-169

This was the smallest race we've done with just 275 runners, and we got our bibs and shirts right before the race started. We went to the bathroom, remarked that it was a LOT colder than expected (upper 40s to start) plus it was drizzling and foggy. At least it wasn't 80 and sunny, I suppose! I struggled to decide between running in a tank top versus my long sleeves and was practically shivering at the time, so I went long sleeves. Really wanted to ditch them by mile nine of the race since I always underestimate how hot I get while running.

All Photos-172

We met Laura a few minutes before we all lined up at the start line. I had messaged Laura earlier asking if she was back to her lightning-fast pace, just in case Nate couldn't run with me. And sure enough, she is faster than I could ever dream to be so I knew we would not actually be running together. But it was good to catch up and snap a picture before we took off. I decided to carry a water bottle with me for this race since I've been using one throughout my training runs. I just cannot get enough water and I didn't want to freak out about not getting enough at the water stops, so lugging it throughout the race wasn't really too awful. I also brought my phone in my arm case without headphones specifically to use for pictures. Because I'm that lame, duh;)

Why is my pinkie finger up like this??
All Photos-173

We took off and since it was a small race, the runners all spaced out really quickly instead of taking a few miles to distance elbows from bumping into each other. The course was scenic, as it began with a paved path that is all too familiar to Nate and I, since we run on it for nearly every training run by our house. After that paved path, it turned into gravel and some packed dirt, as the course took us through a ton of loops and turns and HILLS. Seriously, so many turns and although the part near a reservoir was quite beautiful with the fog and grass, I also don't love running on gravel or dirt so it seemed rather difficult.

Nate and I chatted most of the way and I'm SO glad he was able to run with me, since running alone always means I go much slower and get very bored. I noted that by mile 8-9 I was struggling and my legs were kind of on fire. Then Nate sort of wanted to die at mile 10, but both of us pushed through after that because we were out of the woodsy turns and back at the local pool in familiar surroundings. Near mile eleven I asked Nate what our total time was, since I didn't have my Garmin set to show that (only pace and mileage show up for me right away). He said 1:38 and I quickly calculated that we would surely come in under two hours unless something bad happened in the next two miles. I also noted our pace was right at the 9:00/mile mark which is significantly faster than all of our training runs. Actually, in the past four halves we've done, we have always come in with times ranging from 1:57-2:00 so that speed seems to be our race pace. Our very first half was in 2005 and we finished with 2:10 as our time, and in my head I just wanted to beat that 'slowest' time in this current half marathon. Then at mile eleven I realized we were surprising ourselves yet again.

We hit mile twelve and the prayed that a train would not block us from the finish line, which was a good possibility as we ran over the tracks and past the Farmer's Market. We cheesed it up for the professional photographer at this point and I bought the image, first time ever but it's hilarious! We saw Tony with Truman and Porter, holding an adorable sign and our energy was renewed by those sweet faces. Then Lois and CC were right at the finish line with another sign, as we somewhat sprinted through the end. Sweet, sweet sight of the finish line, how I love you.

Also love hitting 'stop' on my garmin to see this.
All Photos-174

Nate and I got our medals and gave each other high-fives, then met up with our crew. The kids were all a little stunned by the crowd or the noise or something but eventually they perked up and were happy to see our (sweaty) faces. We talked to Tony and Lois, talked to Laura, and then had her take a few pictures for us.

All Photos-175

Couldn't have done it without those two bigger cheerleaders!
All Photos-177

The kids had some awesome snack baggies made by Lois (fruit loops, Oat Squares cereal, with jelly beans added in for fun) and they were eager to tell us that they saw a duck in the water on the walk over to the finish line. Both CC and Truman also loved our medals and we noticed that they had beer bottle openers on the back. Nice!! There was a full breakfast spread for a post-race meal, so Nate and I loaded up. I had to share all of my bacon with Cecelia but it was still yummy and it felt good to sit down (horrible to stand up).

All Photos-178

All Photos-179

All Photos-180

All Photos-182

All Photos-185

All Photos-186

Porter was getting fussy around 11:30 since he hadn't had a morning nap this date, so I walked back with the double bob and the single bob and my in-laws (so many BOBS!) while Nate drove back to drop off another friend at his house.

The rest of the day was spent by taking the most amazing shower ever, wearing compression socks for our aching calves, and laying on the couch. Nate also had major 'potty problems' for the remainder of the day and was basically out of commission. Each of us got short naps while the two little children took stupendously long ones (Truman on the iPad for his quiet time). I walked the kids down to a neighbor's house later for a short playdate, then Tony and Lois came over for dinner. Grilled prime rib burgers, baked beans, french fries, and fruit with a half of a beer (split with Lois)? DIVINE.

Pre-shower, you can't really see how sweaty and d-e-a-d I am here but trust.
All Photos-188

These babies feel great.
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Nate and I are old now and we both decided to go to bed at 8pm when the children were asleep for the night. Except I did technically stay up until almost 10pm on my laptop online shopping in bed while Nate sawed logs;) Today we each feel pretty good but we're obviously quite sore----training part way will do that to you! But we are proud that we finished the race and we even PR'd with a time of 1:57:20! Since it was a small race, both Nate and I somehow placed 11th in our division, too. Our closest time to that would have been the St. Louis half way back in 2009 right before I got pregnant with Truman, when we finished in 1:57:43. Whoo hoo! Like I said, our other times have been within four minutes of that but it's still a great feeling to PR when we are feeling older and less trained. We still have it, baby! And we are feeling it today, but worth it.

Now to decide about the next race. Maybe something this fall? We shall see, but half marathons are our favorites. No desire to do another full marathon again and I like having a goal, especially to prove to myself that I can still run with three children and increasingly limited 'free time'. I've said it before but I'll say it again: running is more for my mental state than anything else. I dig it.

The first Last Day of school

I just stumbled upon this blog post from last summer, when I was anticipating Truman starting Junior Kindergarten. And then his first day of school post. It doesn't seem like that long ago when I wrote those two posts and now all of a sudden, I'm writing the 'last day of school' post. Not to be all emo and melodramatic but seriously, why is this child growing up in warp speeds? Make it stop, but keep it coming because these milestones are way too enjoyable to wish away.

Today was Truman's last day of Junior Kindergarten and somehow it's just as bittersweet as his first day. And honestly, it was a spectacular year for Truman and the best possible introduction to the years of schooling we have ahead of us. I only worry that Truman's teacher was so mind-blowing-amazing that next year's teacher will surely fall short---she has very big shoes to fill with Mrs. K as our initiation to teachers at this school.

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Yesterday was the 'end of year' picnic for the Junior Kindergarteners and Nate got to attend for the first time this year. They played 'drip, drip, splash' on the playground where Mrs. K dumped water on Nate's head as a demo (hahaha), they painted a pet rock, ate hot dogs and popsicles and various other foods at 10 am, and had an amazing second-to-last day. He brought home the sweetest book ever and it made me swallow a lump in my throat pretty quickly.

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Today Truman woke up excited but visibly a little torn. Nate noted that Tru really doesn't have that mindset of YES SUMMER VACATION THANK GOODNESS yet. At all. And we know he is going to miss his teacher and his 26 other friends in the class this summer. Good thing we won an auction to have Mrs. K babysit our kids for two hours next Saturday. Truman is going to flip out when she shows up, I hope I can keep it a secret!

So this morning was a usual morning, and unlike the first day of school Nate was around with his adjusted later mornings for my work days. Truman knew that I wanted to get a few pictures on the porch before he and Nate (and Cecelia this day) walked across to the school. He didn't even put up a fight and our workday mornings have definitely entered a nice groove...just in time for everything to change with Truman's summer break!

I snapped pictures with the little sign I had printed and CC wanted to be in them badly. I got a selfie, then had Nate try to take a picture of me and the kids with the nice camera. And that is when Truman accidentally sat on CC's arm somehow and the photoshoot was instantly over.




Comparisons abound! So so so tall now.
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He's too handsome, guys.

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Love being his mama.
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I gave Truman a big kiss and told him to have an awesome last day, and felt a little choked up by the pride. I mean, life is blurring by and my baby boy is finished with a year of school and it sort of feels like a 'happy' kick in the gut, if that makes sense. Nate walked our buddy to school with Cecelia tagging along like she used to do all last fall/winter, before she was over it and would stay home with Porter and I during school drop offs.

I went through pictures with Porter at my side, then Nate and CC came home and then they all went to Lori's. I went to work, and came home with the littles to hear that Truman had an excellent last day of school (complete with a McDonalds lunch with Tony).

We had a pizza + movie night in the basement as a celebration---one of Truman's ultimate favorite treats. When I did my part of their bedtime routine Truman's bottom lip was a little bit quivery. I asked what was wrong and he told me that he was going to miss Mrs. K. I assured him he would still see her around school in the fall (and next weekend at our house!) but I get it. Change is hard and the end of something is sometimes sad.

Truman had an exceptional year as a Junior Kindergartener. He learned how to write, to sound out words, and to read sounds. He is really into math and his love for numbers perplexes me because I am awful at math;) But more important than the academic achievements is the fact that Truman is excited to learn. He is an excellent listener, as per his teacher in our conference yesterday, and she can trust that he will follow the rules and won't act up when she turns her back. The kids in his class really do love Truman, and maybe they look up to my little people-pleaser. He is a mediator and an observer and just such a kind soul. Mrs. K told me that Truman has progressed significantly in all of the areas they test, and that he is just a 'joy to have' in class. I know he is a great kid but when someone else affirms that, my mama proud comes out extra hard.

I mean, 'I can fly a kite' is something he wrote all by himself by sounding out words in his head. WHAT? I know. Big kid.
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I won't go on and on about Truman as a school kid but basically he had an awesome experience this year. Summer will surely fly with various activities (Safety Town, T-ball, and swimming lessons) and a vacation to Colorado for our whole family. I know Truman and Tony will have a lot of fun with their additional few hours together on my work days.

One year down, lots more to go;) Love this big boy so much it kind of hurts sometimes.
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