So who does he look like?

The favorite question to ask new parents is getting old, my friends.

Because seriously, every single person in the world informs me that Truman looks just like Nate as if I had nothing to do with this adorable being. My DNA is all over that tiny face but nobody gives me credit. In fact, they usually ask the infamous question of 'Who does he look like?' but then before I can even respond they say, 'I think he looks just like Nate, don't you?'. Don't get me wrong...Nate is a handsome dude and was a cute baby but I really do see myself in Truman these days.

So I took it upon myself to investigate. It's really sad to me to see that the 80's were a time before boat-loads of pictures were possible (thank you digital images!). Both my parents and Nate's parents only have a SINGLE PAGE of about 4 photos from months number 5 and 6 in our lives. Ummm, one page to cover a whole month of life? Please. Try about 1000 pictures to cover one month of life (ahem, will thank me someday).

Observe Nate and I at 6 months compared to our baby boy at the same stage in life.

Ladies first...

1. The most badass photo prop in the history of posed pictures, combined with a gentle grin:

2. Wide mouthed and yelling, probably.

3. Looking totally aloof. I think this is the strongest resemblance to me of all the pictures.

4. See, I knew how to raise my eyebrows just like T does now! And the little half smile is all me, apparently.

Then comes Nate. And yes, I do think Truman looks like his daddy in these photos so the whole world is right on this one.

1. Open mouthed, staring in wonder, and sitting up briefly:

2. Still staring in wonder (same mouth!!)

3. Loving the left-sided gaze. Also, I love that Nate had fuzzy reddish hair!

4. Their moms both had blackmail in mind. Nate was a HUGE child, even bigger than Truman. I love it so much.

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's super Truman!

The verdict is in: flying with a 6 month old was much easier than anticipated. If you care to know all of the gritty details about what to pack or how to manage a baby in security lines/on the plane let me know in the comments. Otherwise I'll keep it to myself:)

So our trip to my parents house was nothing short of amazing. Actually, I could use a lot of adverbs here (ie phenomenal, awesome, fun, great, etc etc etc) but I won't. Let's just say it was the bomb and I love my family and our time spent with the whole crew was absolutely perfect. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking on this one since I did manage to take almost 300 in our 4 days there.

My boys maxing relaxing after making it through security the first time, celebrating with coffees, the iPod touch, and a paci. :)

the new desktop photo on my computer:

Flying baby in the air among the clouds, totally chill and downing a bottle. Love this one, too.

And then we arrive and mommy never gets to hold Truman again (aside from feeding him, of course). To say that my mom and the rest of my family love Truman is a gross understatement. I think he likes his Missouri folks, too.

Don't you love this shot, if not for Nate's awesome mug or Truman's adorable face, but for the pimped out pose I'm flashing in my 6 year old photo in the back?

Pepaw made my brother and I this wooden high chair and we couldn't find the straps, so we improvised. And thus, the most adorable thing ever was created.

man boobs and all...


Sweet potatoes still a hit. And do you see the fleck of brown in his inner iris? The rest of it is still that gorge greenish gray but I do see some brown in there.

Sheer happiness with her first grandchild.


And then Memaw took on the challenge of an iPod touch. So hip, this one is.

Oh, but Truman has his own tricks including pushing up on his hands.

Pepaw observing our family.

Lucie doing the same.

And Truman showing off his new vibrating strawberry teether that is basically the bomb for this teething baby. And by the way, I totally see two small white lines faintly in his lower gum line. Those phantom teeth are starting to show, alleluia!

Memaw and her first great-grandchild.



Let the feeding begin!

My dad was totally enthralling to Truman. He'd flash his smile at his grandpa from across the room and pretty much melt all of our hearts. I can just see the golf games these two will have in the future:)

My cousin Kelsey came to see her second cousin and Sophie came out to play.



Melting my heart as we speak.

Blurry but a fave, to show off Truman's new high-top Nike shoes.

And at the airport, ready to go home in his new umbrella stroller. Note the chaotic 'mommy bag' in front for special effect.

That summarizes the trip fairly well, I suppose. Sigh. It was glorious. And now I won't be so afraid to fly with Truman by myself in just two weeks when we make the trek to Keri's wedding!

This week I start my new job on Wednesday and Truman starts his new daycare. I plan to relish every second of these next two days at home with my baby boy and then suck it up and plunge head-first into our new journey in life. Wish us luck!

classifieds: single white male

Name: Truman Anthony

Nicknames: T-man, T-dogg, True Man, True, T.T., Sherman*, Thurman*, Poo Poo Platter, Bubby, Mister Man, Bowling Ball Head, Chunkster, Biggie Boy, Boo Boo**, Boss Man.


Age: 6 months old, baby.

Height and Weight: a whopping 2'4" and 19.2 pounds of pure lovin.


Dating history: one delicious rubber giraffe named Sophie, the beautiful lady who was my first true love.

Favorite hobbies: Slamming milk at record speeds, staring at trees move in the breeze, eating bodily appendages such as hands and feet, long walks in the stroller, puking on mommy, and exploring the world with my mouth.

Dislikes: mommy's homemade pureed peas. My own version of hell.

(epic fail)

(sweet potatoes were a total success, by the way)

Special talents: rolling to the right only, screaming at the top of my lungs, partying in the middle of the night, smiling at people and thus making them my slaves for life, and melting the hearts of anyone who comes into contact with me.

Life goals: keepin it real while staying fly.

*these names are reluctantly admitted today and come with a story. When Nate tells people the name of our baby, apparently he does not enunciate. One of his teachers thought Truman's name was Thurman, which I find hilarious. But even better, one of Nate's patients thought his name was Sherman. Maybe for son #2!

**this one is forbidden to be used in our house, but I cannot help it. Nate thinks if this nicknames sticks into grade school Truman will be ridiculed relentlessly. I think my Boo Boo can handle it:)

The blackmail photoshoot

I made a decision the other day: my baby boy's butt is too freaking adorable and hilarious to keep in a diaper at all times. I don't ever want to forget the multiple rolls on top of rolls on top of cellulite on this kid. And someday, when he has his first girlfriend (after age 21, of course, since mommy will be his number one gal until then), I can totally whip out these photos and embarrass the heck out of him. Black mail at it's finest.

I tried to keep them G-rated, with strategic blanket placement, because let's get real: nobody needs to see Truman's junk. Just his lovely baby lumps. :)

His rolls have rolls, you guys. I think he has about six of them from his butt to his knee.

And the cellulite? Why can't mine be this cute?

Baby man boobs are basically the most adorable thing ever, no?

I just want to eat him right up.


He wants to gobble himself up, too

Baby boy, don't you grow up too fast now, okay?

Oh, he has a face, too. :)

My little man. Sigh.

I love you, Truman. All nineteen pounds of you, rolls and all.
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