Porter at Nineteen months

Another somewhat arbitrary monthly 'birthday' for my baby boy, and another excuse to blog all about him.

Two big things happened in the past month, both probably warranted their own posts but here we are playing catch up: 1. Porter is no longer at Lori's on my work days, and he is staying home with Cecelia and Tony instead. 2. First hair cut. Exclamation points for both!

So yeah, pretty big deal to leave Lori's house after being there for nearly six years. It was a pretty emotional decision for us and my biggest concern was hurting Lori's feelings during a vulnerable time. Moving on from our daycare years and onto a chapter that includes grandparent-to-grandkids time is a bittersweet change. Tony retired at the end of last year, started watching Cecelia two weeks before Kellan got sick, and mentioned the idea of also keeping Porter at home just a few days into his gig as the childcare provider for his granddaughter. I sort of scoffed at the idea thinking he was completely crazy, that having both Cecelia and Porter at home would be too stressful and difficult for him. But I also knew that Tony is not your average grandpa by any means, as he truly enjoys watching the kids. He thinks it keeps him young and the man has more energy than many forty year olds I know, let alone someone in their upper sixties!

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Anyway, we just wanted Tony to focus on Cecelia time since they never really got to bond as closely as Truman and Papa have done. Then Kellan passed away and everything changed for so many of us. Priorities fell into place, life seems painfully short and unfair, and I just kept thinking about the fact that we have been blessed beyond measure in this ordinary/extraordinary life of ours. If Tony really wanted to watch Porter along with Cecelia, why was I stopping him? They won't be at home forever, Tony won't be capable forever, and is there anything more amazing than making memories with family?

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Oh, and not paying for childcare is also a gigantic bonus, believe you me. Definitely don't want to make light of that! And the logistics of not having to drive back and forth to Lori's each work day, as the sole drop off/pick up person is also amazing for my work schedule. Not having to wake sleepy head Porter and rush him out the door makes me kind of giddy inside. If I get off early from work I can just come home and hang out here, instead of waiting for Porter to wake from his nap at Lori's before I settle us all in for the evening. It's seriously amazing logistically, financially, and personally to know that Tony loves spending time with the kids. And three days per week (or really two-and-a-half days, since I've adjusted my schedule with this new set up) is not burn-out material for Tony. I keep asking him just to be sure and he keeps assuring me that the kids are fun and well-behaved and it's not difficult work for him.

But back to Lori....the decision to finally tell her that we'd like to keep Porter at home was highly stressful for me. It kept me up at night as I worried about how she'd take the news, knowing Lori will miss Porter and it would be the end of an era. It took me about a month to actually discuss this with her and it was hard, and sad, and all that I expected. But also as expected, I knew Lori would understand Tony's desire to have more time with the kids. She of anyone would understand that, actually.

Lori and I had many discussions, many hugs, several rounds of tears, and a few pep talks before Porter's final day there. She knows how much we love her, how grateful we are for the excellent care she's given to all three kids over the years, and we decided this isn't goodbye because there's always Facebook and the excuse of stopping by to drop off baby gear for her new kids that start there.

On Porter's last day, Lori and I exchanged gifts, I came and brought lunch for everyone (highly entertaining to be there for mealtime!), and then at pick up we gave each other big hugs and tried not to cry. She has been an integral part of our lives for so long, a part of the parenting team, and it's strange to be finished with this stage. So many memories, I could go on forever about Lori but will leave it at this picture of her with the kiddos.


This was the first week with Porter home and it was not at all normal, since Truman has been home sick from school for FOUR days in a row now. Shuffling from Nate, myself, and of course our beloved Tony has made this work but so much for a new normal routine!

Bottom line: Porter loves his grandpa so much and immediately asks for 'Papa' upon waking from naps. When he sees Tony walk into our house he goes running for a book and demands that the man read to him on the couch. It's so sweet to watch them together and Cecelia totally directs the whole show, and is happy to have Porter home with her. Tony and CC get their 1:1 time when Porter naps and everyone is pretty freaking happy with our new set up.

The haircut came with much less emotions (from me) and therefore less rambling (from me). But on January 30th, I decided it was time for Porter's baby mullet to say goodbye. His hair is fine and fairly thin but it was super long over his ears and in the back. I was tempted to just trim it up myself but mom guilt got the best of me, so the fancy (not Great Clips) haircut place was a must for the first cut at least. Nate had Truman and Cecelia skiing this day so it was just myself and the big man of the hour and my real camera. Watch out!



Porter was quite interested in the hair salon, and he took this event very seriously. The stylist put in an Elmo video for him, jacked him up on a million cushions in her chair, and went to town. He didn't make a peep and only displayed his skeptical eyebrows (it's a genetic thing) until the very end, when he started reaching and asking for me. I pulled out a sucker because, again, I know the other two kids got one during their first haircuts and that sealed the deal. He sat nicely and looks incredibly handsome, says his non-biased mother.


See? Skeptical eyebrows come out during first hair cuts.
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What else to talk about for this little boy??

Oh, we have a brand new Pediatrician for the kids since we are keeping with the theme of change and moving forward and entering a new phase of life, blah blah blah. And plus we changed insurances and therefore had to find new docs. But the new Pediatrician seems great and loved Porter at his 18 month appointment. She noted that he is only waiting on two more teeth aside from his molars, and then those final two teeth started cutting his gums the next day. The canines look super painful and might be one reason P-man has been a little grumpy lately, but oh his smile is just adorable, too.

Tooth buds!
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Happiest boy.


Porter went through the most GLORIOUS phase for about 2-3 weeks this month: he was sleeping in past 8:00 am nearly every day. His latest was even 8:45am which is basically nighttime compared to how early my children usually rise in the mornings. But alas, I think he was just hitting a major growth spurt and now he is finished with that nonsense. He still goes down at night around 7-7:30 and sleeps until 6:30-7 so I truly cannot complain. He loves to nap and anything less than two hours is pretty short for him, usually clocking a solid snooze from about 12:30-3:00 or longer if I let him. Pesky kindergarten pick up usually means I have to wake him from his nap which often causes great angst from my precious boy. Currently I am writing this during an epic triple nap, which is great but also sort of sad since Truman is still sick and at home, sleeping instead of being at school. But Porter has been asleep for over three hours and one day this week he made it for four hours. These long naps somehow don't mess with bedtime either. Please do not murder me, dear readers, for I have done my time with the sleep deprivation gods, I swear! But this new phase of sleepy children is not taken for granted and is one 'moving onto the next phase' thing that is freaking badass.

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This guy is still highly verbal and he's definitely pairing two and sometimes three words together. Basically he won't stop talking ever, and my favorite addition to his word arsenal is 'Wuv You'. He will also say 'Tru Tru sick,' and 'bye bye wa-wa' when the bathtub drains. Otherwise he can repeat words like a boss and comes up with new commands every day.

Porter fits comfortably into size 24 month clothes, as his 18 monthers are extremely snug. I even pulled down a bunch of 2T tops and footed pajamas and am shocked those fit well, too. He measured at 66th% for his weight (25lbs 6oz) and 75% for his height (33.25") as his last appointment, and he seems pretty average for his size overall. Size 5 diapers, probably a size 7ish shoe. Fair complexion and big blue eyes like his sissy, still can't believe Nate and I produced two children with blue eyes!

This 18 month outfit needs to be retired, for sure:

This is a very common gesture from Porter:

He looks like Truman and yet DOESN'T, you know?
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Random things to mention:
He is a big mama's boy and doesn't really approve when I go upstairs or leave his sight. I wonder when this will change, seems like this phase has lasted quite a long time. He loves Daniel Tiger to pieces and the way he says 'Daniel' is seriously indescribably cute. He seems to like trains and any ball he can find, and will sometimes play with actual toys for about 2 minutes before coming to me for his entertainment. Ports is a decent eater but prefers Greek yogurt and all starchy carbs to anything else. He also likes to throw his food and isn't a big fan of his highchair or booster seat, so meal times can be less than wonderful...but what else is new? He is an excellent dancer and I cannot take enough videos to commemorate those Porter moves. He hates the cold weather and yet will NOT keep gloves on his little hands, I swear it will be the death of me fighting Porter on this issue. He's had a cold for awhile now and I swore he had pink eye earlier this month, but he did not. He dove head first into the bath one night, right after I had dried him off and gotten him all dressed for bed. Kid really loves his bath time that much, I guess.

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Our little caboose is such a character; mostly happy, a little mischievous, opinionated, and such a sweetheart. We just love him to pieces and it's still hard to put Porter into words, even nineteen months later.

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Love you so much, Porter-P.
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