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  1. Okay - took a quick documentation review break to check out your super amazing blog. You truly are a rock star. I am unabashedly (hope I spelled that right) impressed. Happy to be working with you. Eager to pick your blogging mom brain. I am a closet writer with a couple of facebook pages that I post to as I haven't quite known how to make the transition to an actual blog nor what to put my focus on with so many things stirring through my mind. When you are back up and running and we are not busy locking and rocking, I would love to learn more about this aspect of your life and your other creative pursuits. Its always fun to pry to lid open a little on the people we surround ourselves with to learn a little more why we enjoy their company so much. Best wishes to you on these next 3 months. You really got off to a quick start to maximize your time with this little one. Be well my friend. Glad to be knowing you!


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