Dog in Training (part 2)

As I mentioned in my last post, Henry is officially a dog in training. His in-home trainer from Bark Busters is named 'Nikki' and she is the kindest, gentlest dog lover around. But she doesn't put up with crap, does she, Henry?
So our first appointment on Tuesday lasted for 2.5 hours, which is the longest session he will need. Every other 'follow up' session is only about an hour and we can have as many follow ups as needed. You see, this training program is valid for a dog's lifetime so if in 2 more years Henry starts acting like Kujo, we simply call Nikki and schedule a follow up appointment. Pretty sweet, huh? And no, it's not cheap. I won't even go into it on this blog but after a lot of soul-searching Nate and I decided this would be a great investment for Henry's future. After all, can you put a price on a happy, well-adjusted, and well-trained dog? We don't think so.

Back to the actual appointment: it began with a lot of questions from Nikki about Henry's behavior. One that sticks out to me is this: "Does he ever get destructive or tear things up?" To which we both replied, 'No, not since his puppy days and sometimes he'll shred a toy or two. But nothing bad.'

Right then and there the heavens laughed at us. You shall see why in a minute.

After the Q and A we had a little informational lecture about the goals of Bark Busters. The big take home points? Dogs look to humans as a part of their pack and someone always has to be a leader. They do not think like humans and their lives are much simpler than ours. They need shelter: which BB recommends to be a small confined 'safe' place during the day when you are away, so that they can remain calm and protected. They need food: that should be mostly protein and not so much corn and wheat. They need entertainment: which should be focused on mental stimulation, especially when owners are gone for long periods of time because mental stim always wins over physical exercise. She had some really cool puzzle Kong-like toys that I think we will purchase next time because our little guy is way too slick for a plain old Kong stuffed with frozen goodies.

We practiced lots of exercises and have a homework log to do each night for 15-20 minutes. Things like waiting for us to walk through doors, walking right beside us on a leash instead of in front or to the side, sitting/staying, and of course preventing any barking or negative behavior. The big thing here is to break their focus when you see them start to go into that behavior. Then when they DON'T do something wrong you verbally praise the hell out of them. So lots of positive reinforcement that doesn't have anything to do with shoving tons of treats down their throat. I really like the concept a lot and you can apply it to every situation---barking, jumping up, pulling, pretending to be the leader, etc.

So that is the basic groundwork. After our session we went and bought Henry a doggy bed and then spent the evening getting him very pumped up about it through verbal praise and a few treats. That night he slept on his bed instead of ours for the first time since he was a puppy and although he jumped up a few times, we quickly corrected him and he got the idea. When we woke up the next day he was snuggled up on his bed like a good boy. Score one for the trainer!

But then, we had to join the real world and leave Henry for a solid 9 hours the next day. We decided to keep him in our little hallway in between all of our rooms with the doors shut, allowing him his bed, food, water, and the frozen Kong. Well needless to say Henry did NOT appreciate being away from beds, couches, and most of all windows to watch the neighbor dogs all day long. He had a freak out. A mental break down. And then we came home to this:



Three of the five doors in this area were torn to shreds. There was actual sawdust in a pile you guys. At first I checked his paws to make sure he wasn't bleeding to death and when I saw he wasn't I was so ticked off I could barely contain myself. So much for not having the destructive flaw in him, huh?

The scene of the crime, doesn't he look so proud of himself?
This is what he thought of the whole thing:
So I dug out our old wire crate praying that it still fit him okay. And now the doggy bed goes inside the crate and this is Henry's new safe home. At night we have him lay in the crate by our bed with the door open. And during the day he is in the crate with the bed and a Kong with the door shut. He did very well today and I think he actually likes his own little space. You know, less pressure to be super dog and bark all day long or shred the hell out of wooden doors.
So lesson learned with that one. Crates aren't just for potty training and they shouldn't be seen as a punishment. I had to get over those mental obstacles and now we are moving right along towards the path of a well-trained puppy.

During our daily 'homework' walks he has been working hard like a good dog and the barking has seriously almost stopped all together with our guidance and strict verbal communication with him. I was so proud of the little bugger tonight after a walk I almost cried. He let two strange humans and one strange dog come up to him, sniff him, and even take a freaking picture. No growls, no pulling away, and no barking. He's like a new dog, I swear.

It's hard work, don't get me wrong, because the most important key is consistency. We aren't used to watching Hank's every move since we've always trusted him not to have an accident or tear stuff to shreds. But now it's all about watching his behavior before it turns sour which totally flipped our world upside down. I miss having the little bugger in bed with me and I sort of miss him jumping up on me and showering me with kisses after a long day of work. But now I just request his attention on my own terms instead of letting him rule us instead.

It's working, you guys. And we are all pooped from the training. But it's worth it:)


  1. OMG! He was certainly on a mission. That sucks about your doors but I must say... it was just the laugh I needed today. Glad to hear he did better the next day!

  2. OH NO!!! Oh my goodness! Your poor doors! I would have been pretty livid too.

    Glad that the training seems to be going well otherwise. Good luck to Henry! :)

  3. I love hearing about Henry! Good luck with the doggie training. It'll be good practice for baby human training!

    My [60 lb.] dog sleeps in the bed between my husband and me, and we love having him there. We even bought a king-sized bed so that we would all have space to spread out. It's both hilarious and revolting, too, because the dog buries his bones in the blankets on our bed. Amazing what we'll do for love and snuggles, huh?

    I admire what you're doing. I don't think we'd have the strength to do it. Best of luck!

  4. We struggled with exact same issues with one our dogs and like you finally decided to spend a large amount of money (and time) on training. But 6 months later he is still doing great and not acting like Cujo on walks or nipping people as they walk through the front door. Now instead of the pups hopping on the couch, we just sit on the floor we want to (but of course on our terms:)). Good luck!!

  5. I feel you on the crate "as punishment" hangup. I've never let the dog sleep in bed (simply not enough room), but I've been very guilty of letting him run the house. Seems like you guys are seeing some results moving in the right direction. It'll all be worth it!

  6. Crates really are an amazing tool for dogs. So many people see them as confinement, but in a dogs eyes, it keeps them safe and protected. Alvin's safe place is his kennel, and we find him in it all the time. He loves to cuddle in there. The kennel is especially great for timid dogs, so I think Henry will do awesome with it!

  7. omg! your doors! I would be soooo mad! glad to hear everything is going well though.

    (and I just read the rest of the comments and they are exactly the same as this one. ha!)

  8. oh, it's such a process! when i got pregnant i banished the dogs to doggie beds on the floor, too. i didn't need my big ass self surrounded by two dogs and a hubby during the night, so the dogs had to go.

    sorry about the door! i love these updates-- i think we need someone to come to our house from bark busters and i've considered it for a while. i'm just not sure i can convince todd to spend the money-- since i don't get paid to be a SAHM.

    and i always tell todd that crates are safe places and are their happy place-- it's not punishment. he still doesn't believe me. :)

    and oh my goodness-- henry is SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!

  9. aw - this is great to hear! believe me, henry will be a much happier dog once this is your guys' routine with him! my 1-and-a-half-year-old black lab, loki, crawls under the dining room table with all the chairs pushed in when her crate is closed on accident. she loves it in her "den"!

    good luck with the rest of training!


  10. We call Sherman's crate his "house" and he loves it in there. He'll go in there by himself sometimes just to chill. We are strong supporters of the "house" in our house ;-)

  11. Hmmm, my dog doesn't see the crate as his "happy place" by any means, even when he was just a puppy. But by all means people, keep your dog in jail. ;)

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  13. SO sorry about your doors. That stinks!! Glad he did ok in his crate! My dog is totally obsessed with her crate. She is in there all day while my husband and I are at work, and sometimes, on the weekends, she'll go in there without being asked, just to take a nap. Henry will be just fine. :-)

  14. You are a strong, strong woman. I think kicking Bailey out of bed would more of a punishment for me than for him! But like you said, you're already reaping the rewards.

    Sorry about the doors :-/ Hope your in-laws aren't peeved!

  15. You should visit the pets board! Those ladies are so knowledgeable and what you posted is exactly what they would have told you.

    Positive reinforcement, crate training, and nothing in life is free (NILIF) will do wonders. Google NILIF it will make your life so much easier especially when your little one comes.

    Check out and pick a food 4 stars or better. It will reduce shedding, reduce the amount of poo you have to pick up, get your dog to an ideal weight, and improve your dogs health (reducing medical bills). It will cost more per bag but because your dog is able to digest more of it (dogs can't digest corn and most of what is in crappy food) you'll feed less and the bag will last you much longer. A lot of times you'll even save money. Our dogs anal gland issues completely disappeared (yay for no more vet trips to express those!) and her coat is so much shinier and healthier.

    Oh and for great baby and dog advice check out this blog:

    There are a lot of other girls on the pets board that a new moms so don't be afraid to ask for advice.

    Good luck!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Oh and kicking Henry off the bed isn't punishment like others may think. You are the leader and doing so only reinforces that you are. Leaders of the pack always get the best spots (usually higher spots like beds or couches). Dogs don't think like humans even though many people project their feeling onto them. Hierarchy is king in the dog world and enforcing that is not mean in the slightest. In your case it will actually help build Henry's confidence making him less scared of things because he will know you're in charge and will protect him.

  18. Random note: I've started watching "Dexter" on Showtime & have officially decided that you resemble his sister, Deb. :)

  19. Ouch. Tom never chewed up anything either until we moved to the new place. I wish he would have chosen a door to scratch, but alas, his discerning taste decided to sink it's teeth into my Pottery Barn ottoman. (Sigh.)
    p.s.~ we used Bark Busters too and thought they were great.


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