Making a list, checking it twice...

So, remember how I'm ridiculously tight with money? As in, I convulse just thinking about making a purchase? Well, that hasn't really helped my wardrobe much in the past year. Every night I throw on the same old pair of flannel pajama pants and crusty old sweatshirt....both acquired in approximately 2003. 

And I have to draw the line somewhere [and apparently holey lounge pants dating back to Henry's puppy days are my bottom line. I just love them so much!] I decided it's time for me to take the plunge and spend some dinero on myself for once. What else is my little J.Lorene fund for if it's not for fun? 

I now present to you the mother load:

Apparently Old Navy carries talls! In pants AND in shirts! It's like I've died and gone to wardrobe heaven....especially since O.N. doesn't exactly boast couture prices. New comfy clothes, with long enough arms and legs for my freakish self, with a decent price tag? I'm sold.

As you can see, I went a bit overboard with four pairs of pants and five tops. Yet, I only spent $140. All is well in my world, dear readers.

But all of this online shopping got me thinking about my Christmas wish list. Would you like a glimpse into my ultimate list?

#1 New makeup. Old stuff is shattered all over my pathetic bag and is generally gross. So I wandered over to for a little day dreaming...

I heart eye shadows, and I also heart Kat Von D. So did you know she has a line of makeup out now? This one would suit me just fine:

Any of the Bliss products:And any type of fun shower gels/scrubs/etc. These are the Sephora brand:
Um, literally anything by Philosophy but I'm loving this cookie theme!
#2 Automatic car starter: did I ever mention that I hate being cold? Driving to work in the mornings while my teeth are chattering, hands shivering, and breath creating a fog within my own car = misery. Now that we have a private driveway instead of a public lot I think it's time I get one of these babies.
Can you just imagine? A car that is already warm and toasty, like a chariot waiting to whisk me away to my destination [ahem,'s not that glamorous, is it?]. Seriously though, what a fab idea. 

#3 A cute, short coat. Preferably warm [functional] and yet adorable [I'm digging the belted styles]. Hello,!

#4 Sporty/comfy flats. A girl can only wear a pair of beat up ballet flats for so long. is my new best friend. Are these too hideous?

#4.5: More flats. Maybe I could just get the pair of driving mocs from J.Crew that I've lusted over for so long?

Or I could settle on this inexpensive version from
#5 Boots. Every girl should own a pair of nice boots, right? Well this girl has a pair of Uggs that are multi-dimensional [hurling myself through feet of snow, running around after Henry while it's raining, etc]. But I would like a pair of 'dressy' boots for the days I'm not a total slob. 

Ah, J.Crew. Why must you taunt me with these beauts? The Long Glenbrae Leather flat boots are my dream. But for $325? That makes me throw up a little in my mouth.
I suppose these would be just as nice, and almost $200 less than JC's version. Again, from

But even Endless has some pricey are a pair that caught my eye for $347.95. Hmmmm, I think I like the J.Crew style better anyway.

#6 Winter defense attire. I need as much of this crap as I can get.  You can't own too many fleeces, right?

For instance, Patagonia's R2 vest for $100. 

For North Face's version for $60. So furry. So warm. Sigh.

I might own a couple fleeces just like this one from North Face but something about the pink just gets me:) It's called the Denali Thermal jacket and I heart it. It's $179 in case you were wondering.

And I realize these are probably the most unflattering pair of pants known to woman but I need me some long running tights, for the days I brave the cold. These are from Athleta [seriously my mecca] and are $69. Doesn't that seem like a lot for a pair of skin tight spandex drawers?

Ah, Athleta. Why are you the best store invented? I could easily spend thousands here because I want to BE these girls. All sporty, happy, and warm. Not to mention cute. Maybe if I bought these outfits then I wouldn't be such a miserable hag in the winter time? [Their marketing strategies TOTALLY work on me]. 
[that's me, with a trendy little dress and a pimp hat...just warming myself before being all outdoorsy again.]

[oh, and here I am snow shoeing. It sounds like my own personal hell, but if I looked this cute doing it I just might try].

[um, another furry fleece? Sold. Does anyone else think this model looks like Lindsay Lohan?]

[Gasp! A skort AND capris? Brilliant for my days spent jump-roping and being generally athletic.]

[if I had this jacket I would totally run outside more often. If nothing else but to be cute.]

#7 Normal [non-athletic/lounge] clothing. I own no cashmere. Isn't that sad? I think I deserve a nice cashmere turtleneck like this one from The Crew. 

And that's all I can think of right now. What? That's not too much to ask for, is it? 

Oh, and I'm still dreaming of a dSLR camera but I'm not even going to bother listing it here. If and when I ever purchase one of those babies it's going to be a VERY big deal. And I need to have control over that buy. Basically, I need to marinade the thought of it in my brain a little while longer. Perhaps someday...


  1. i have flats that kind of look like the ones you posted - they are called privo clarks? They are super comfy and I do not think they are hideous one bit. mine are shoe style though

    I love getting the Athleta catalog! It is expensive though.

    You DO deserve cashmere! it is so luxurious (obvi

    you also deserved all those great clothes from ON. Proud of you ;-)

  2. I'm the same way with PJs and lounge-y clothes. My rationale is "Well, no one is REALLY going to see them so why bother?"

    But definitely go for the car-starter. I know that feeling of sitting there waiting in sub-freezing temps. Yeesh.

    I say splurge on the J.Crew drivers. I've bought many a pair and have always been happy with them. Same goes for the Cashmere. Last I heard, J.Crew uses the same source as Loro Piana at a significantly reduced cost.

  3. Julia,
    Have you ever tried Lucy workout wear? My friend's husband is a trainer and she introduced me to Lucy. It is awesome...comfy and stays where you put it if you know what I mean. Check them out and if you like them, let me know. THey send coupons weekly...I'd be happy to share! :)

  4. Oh my gosh! I love that hat that the girl that is snow shoeing has on! Any idea where it came from?

  5. 1. I have that Patagonia vest and the North Face one. The Patagonia one is wayyyy warmer. I can't wear the North Face one past the end of November really.

    2. I buy my running tights at Target. I think they are like $22.00. I have a few pair of Under Armor ones that my parents bought me over the years for Christmas or cross country, but that is it. The ones at Target are just as nice.

  6. I love ON talls! I'm actually awaiting a package from them today :) Like you - definitely love to buy in bulk and spend very little $$!

  7. Ah, I need to put every Athleta and Boden catalog right into the recycling bin because it's just too tempting. I feel like it's okay to invest in a good pair of running tights though b/c they will last longer and hopefully keep you warmer/drier.

  8. Way to go spending money on yourself! I keep telling myself that when I get married I'm going to have to throw out all of my "well-loved" lounge clothing. I could pretty much stel your entire wish list, by the way. Get cashmere-- I have two pieces that were given to me. They are so soft.

  9. When you wear those vests, do you wear a coat too? The reason I ask is if you don't wear a coat, don't your arms get cold? Yes, these are the silly things I ponder in my brain. :-)

  10. Is it awful that I tried to come up with a Christmas list for myself and couldn't think of anything?! What is wrong with me, LOL?

    Oh, and I have an automatic starter on my's divine!

  11. My lounge pants always shrink up to be too short! What a great find!!!

  12. Please sign me up for the eyeshadow, auto car starter and all that lovely workout gear!

  13. I would love to have an automatic car starter. It is oh so hellish getting into a cold car at 5 am.

    Please buy it so I can live vicariously through you!

  14. Aliana~the whole outfit is from Athleta. I say look it up!

    Maria~No, you most certainly do not wear a vest plus a coat. The vests are only for mildly cold days, and my arms never really get cold when I wear them. It keeps your core warm which is what matters:)

    Amber~Now I'll have to stalk Lucy clothing, too!

    Thanks for the advice, ladies!

  15. I'm so glad I read your post about ON talls! I've always wanted casual comfy clothes to wear around the house that were actually long enough! I'm excited to head over to their site and start shopping!

  16. I love everything you posted on here! I too am super envious of the Athleta ladies. When I get my catalog in the mail I just page through it while letting out huge sighs. Ah well.

    And thank you for pointing out that Old Navy has TALLS!! I'm 5'11", so I definitely share in your excitement about that!

    (PS - just found your blog by the way, love it!)


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