Tag, Santa drama, and bitter cold.

Although I'm usually a party pooper when it comes to being tagged, I decided to follow through with this one. Lauren over at LiveLaughLove tagged me to talk about our Christmas Traditions.
This is our second married Christmas we've spent together and our seventh as a couple! Wow. Even though we've logged many holidays together we have yet to nail down actual traditions as a couple. After all, when one set of our parents live 8 hours away it always make the holidays a little more hectic. It's not like we get to stop by both parents' houses on Christmas day...we have some decisions to make, people!

This year we chose to stay in Milwaukee for Thanksgiving, Missouri for Christmas and then New Years back in Milwaukee for a belated Christmas celebration.

Also, we are continuing the 'yearly ornament' tradition that both of our mothers did for us as kids. They gave us one ornament per year of our lives and we now have an ornament for each year of marriage. Give us a few more years and our Christmas tree will look like ornaments puked all over the branches. But that puke will be full of memories so I'm all about it.

I'm bound and determined to send Christmas cards to our friends and family each year and so far so good. I freely admit to spending way too much time on the handmade ones from our first two years of marriage together and will definitely utilize some of the fabulous online stores in the future. At least I'm realistic, right?

In my family we ALWAYS opened all of our gifts on Christmas morning. This meant that my brother and I would wake up at the crack of dawn and bug my parents until they woke up. However, Nate's family opened most of their gifts on Christmas Eve which meant that he and his brother stayed up really late to enjoy the plethora of boyish toys they received as gifts. They also opened a few gifts specifically from 'Santa' on Christmas Day, so I guess they got the best of both worlds. Are you a Christmas Day or Christmas Eve gift opener? Such strong beliefs behind both choices, I know.

Which brings me to my question: did your parents let you believe in Santa?

Mine did not simply because they didn't want my brother and I to forget that Jesus is the reason for the season, not Santa. Also, my mom didn't want to lie to us about Santa only to see us get let down once we found out it was a hoax [I hope I'm not spoiling this for any of my readers out there:) ] You know, the whole honesty thing they teach kids these days.

Nate's parents did let the boys believe in Santa and sure enough, they turned out just fine. I realize it's harmless and most families let their kids dream of the big fat guy in red. But I'm just not sure I want to go that route with our future children. I certainly didn't miss it and still loved Christmas time with all my heart. Any thoughts on this one?

And finally, me and Mother Nature need to sit down and have a talk. This is just ridiculous. As if our foot of snow wasn't enough, it snowed AGAIN on Saturday night---another 2-4 inches or something. Whatever, no big deal. But then the crazy biyatch sent this our way:

Negative temperatures......not even counting the windchill? Seriously? I forgot that it could even be less than 0 degrees outside but thanks for the reminder M.N. [that's Mother Nature, in case you were wondering.] The wind is blowing so hard it's getting up to 40 mph at times and it's so freaking cold that it literally takes my breath away. The temperature gauge said -8 today when I drove to work and I actually had to chuckle at the sight. This was after I scraped both the outside and inside of my windows for almost 30 minutes. Did you know you might have to scrape the inside of your car when it gets this bad? It was news to me.

35 below zero is a horrible place to be--I know I mentioned that the 20s were rough but I retract that statement altogether. It was in the 20s on Friday, the day of our blizzard, and I was perfectly content to hang around outside and take pictures all day long. I yearn for the 20s again and if the weather is over 32 degrees in Missouri I vow to enjoy the warmth with outside runs. True story. I might even bring shorts and sunscreen:)

Did I mention that I'm excited to go home for the holidays? Tuesday night, baby. I cannot wait.


  1. My parents let me believe in Santa Claus. I turned out fine. :)

    I'll definitely do Santa with my kids. While I have no qualms about not doing Santa, I think a big part of being a kid is being imaginative. I feel like believing in Santa is an important part in nurturing that side of kids that is innocent and fun. Like fairy tales and believing in fairies and giants and goblins. I like the idea of my kids believing that there is someone out there who is so generous that they would go around the world and make sure every child has a gift on Christmas. I would definitely use it as a tool to teach them about giving and the spirit of Christmas. I think I'll have Santa gifts and mom and dad gifts though, too.

    That said, I don't ever want Santa to diminish Christmas as being a season of celebrating the birth of Jesus and all that entails. That is more important to me than Santa ever will be. I'd ditch Santa for Jesus any day! :)

    Sorry that was so long! It's a tough choice and good luck! I'm all about kids being kids though. They only get to do it once!

  2. We already decided we won't do Santa with our kids. I don't want to lie to them. Santa is a pretty cool guy and all, but I don't think it will ruin anything if they know the truth from the get go. I will make sure to tell them about the real St. Nick, though, so they know where the legend came from.

  3. Neither Ton or myself grew up believing in Santa Claus, so I guess it's no surprise that it was barely a point of conversation now that we're expecting. It's Jesus' birthday to us. :) With presents.

  4. I get us an ornament each year at Christmas, too.

    I'm pretty surprised that you (and Leah and Tony) grew up not believing in Santa ... I just thought that ALL kids believed in Santa! We grew up believing and we turned out alright. I think Christmas can be about Jesus AND Santa. We'll definitely do Santa for our kids, I'm so excited about it.

    Wasn't it weird in school when other kids got presents from "Santa" when you knew the truth? Did you let them in on the secret or keep it to yourself til they found out on their own?

  5. First of all, I did NOT know there was a possibility of having to scrape the INSIDE of your windows, and second of all, when it says it's -1, but feels like -23, why don't they just go ahead and say it's -23 degrees out. I mean, they wouldn't really be lying if it actually feels that way.

    Have fun in Missouri!!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi Julia!

    Just writing a quick comment to have FUN in St. Louis! I am driving there tomorrow to visit family. Happy holidays!


  7. I also can't believe that you all didn't believe in Santa. I thought that everyone automatically let their kids believe in Santa...like, you pooty train your kids and you tell them that Santa brings them presents on Christmas.

  8. Well, I was going to post a big long comment, but then I read Stephanie's and realized I was thinking the exact same things. So ditto to Stephanie's comment!

    And have fun in MO--bring back some warmth!

  9. I believed in Santa Clause, but not for much of my like. I'd rather not have my children believe in Santa Clause but Ryan is fairly adamant on the issue.

  10. Check out the link below, and get excited for your trip this weekend!


    Keri said you'll be in town for the wedding shower, have so much fun!

  11. We did what Nate did for Christmas -- open gifts on Christmas Eve (although, we used to go to my aunt and uncle's house, then church and then over to my godparents house and then more church on christmas eve, so I got open one before we left) and then Santa came for Christmas Day and left stuff by the stockings.

    I still remember the sinking feeling I had at 8 years old (yes 8! I believed for a long time) when I realized that Santa (well, St. Nick) had the same handwriting as my Dad. oops! :) But, I turned out a-ok. I think it's okay to have Santa, as long as you're still remembering why Christmas is Christmas. :)

    Have a safe drive down to STL! Enjoy the 'warmth'! :)

  12. Merry Christmas, Julia! Have a safe trip to StL!

  13. We did believe in Santa, but there was also a strong focus on Christ. I went to a private Lutheran school growing up, so the real meaning of Christmas was definitely prominent in mine and my sister's lives. Funny, I have absolutely no recollection of being told that there really was no Santa.
    That snow is crazy. The -1 is even crazier! It was 30 in TN and I felt as though I would die!

  14. Honestly, I can't imagine Christmas without Santa. Even when my brother and I figured it out, we still had fun with it. Heck, I STILL got presents from 'Santa' this year and I'm 26. My half-Jewish husband loves him some Santa too. I can't wait to do it with our kids!

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday in Missouri! I know how hard it is to celebrate holidays when your family is so far away--you just have to make it work.

    And, I am SO glad I missed the freakishly cold weather. Seriously, I would have DIED.

  15. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    I'm making my blog private after the 1st of the year so I hope you'll stop by and leave me your email address so I can send you an invitation.


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