welcome, creep shows!

It's long overdue my friends. Keyword search terms, that lead some lovely readers to my blog. Let's all wave hello to the crazies! Especially the ones who use 10+ words as search terms:

1. Creepy, but good looking makeup {I can only assume we are referring to one Edward Cullen on this one? Very creepy yet good looking, indeed}

2. Comparison my life before and after i came to usa {I can't help you there, buddy, but you're still working on your English a bit, huh?}

3. Find the pale Wisconsinite pictures {LOVE this one. LOVE. Could be my new blog title all together}

4. How to loosen up and love life {really? You came here to read about this? Pretty sure I'm fairly uptight myself. Hmmm.}

5. I chopped off my hair may 2009 {Good for you? I didn't.}

6. Is a cockapoo asexual {He's a little metrosexual, actually, but definitely a male. A wussy male, but none the less}

7. Julia who is transitioning into female {again, with the sexuality. Am I undergoing a sex change now? I wasn't aware}

8. Slutty tinkerbell costume {Never have I talked about sluts, Tinkerbells, or many costumes for that matter. No clue but I think I love it.}

9. What's the name of the song that goes...shes sold three thousand and eight, you sold {are you serious with the 17 word search phrase? Really? And I can tell you right now, Fergie does not say "You sold 3008" it's "You so 3008". Duh. Even I know that}

10. I never have a dog in my life {okay. And your grammar is awful. }

And I also have a few Nate quotes for you, just for added entertainment:

1. "You need to start using your fork more like a shovel, like I do. You are such a pansy when you eat all slow and stuff." {yes, he called me a pansy and told me to use my silverware like an outdoor tool. Do you see why it's hard to control my portion sizes around here?}

2. "How is it possible that there are four Twilight books? What can they even write about for that many books? Are they still glistening?" {why, yes, they are. And when I told him that Bella and Edward might finally get to do it in the last book, he was not as excited as I'd hoped. His loss, right? Sigh.}

3. "Symbolism is for stoners. That's why I always hated English." {referring to the fact that deep, thought-provoking movies/books were made for stoners. I personally love symbolism but he thinks it's for people sitting around in a circle and contemplating imaginary undertones to complicated plots. I could not disagree more, but I love that he attributes symbolism to stoners.}

4. "Our marriage is basically like one big bachelor party, you know." {I wasn't aware of this fact.}


  1. ummm...pretty sure you made me laugh my butt off! love reading your blog :)

  2. oh my gosh.. i love it! how do you find this out?? i know so many bloggers do this and i have never taken the time to find out how? :)

  3. Please please tell me how you find this out! This was hilarious.

  4. I agree, Pale Wisconsinite is such a fabulous blog name. Someoen Puh-Leeze snatch that one up!

  5. Haha...those search terms are hilarious. How do you find those? I looked at my Google Analytics but the only search terms was my name. Hummm....

  6. I wish mine were that funny! PS...I really would like the explanation about the marriage / bachelor party comparison ;)

  7. Hilarious. Your husband is quite funny. I think I need to come to Wisconsin and hang out with the Julia and Nate.

  8. ahahaha hilarious! the weirdness out there in the anonymous depths of the internet can be so entertaining.

  9. Love it! just what I needed to read this morning!

  10. These are pretty awesome! Not sure if I love the search terms more, or the "deep thoughts" from Nate!

  11. It IS through Google Analytics. Here's how you set it up, if you haven't already:


    Then go to 'traffic sources' and 'keywords'. On the left will be the top ten search phrases, all of which will be pretty boring. But then you'll have to scroll down [ask it to show you more than 10 at a time] to see the funnies.


  12. This is really funny. Love it.

  13. #7 is the best. Too funny!

  14. LOL...husbands are funny. We took our son to the park to feed the birds, and straight-faced as possible, with all seriousness, he said, "You know birds are dinosaurs, right?" LOL He's my little Discovery Channel nerd!

    And I did not know you were into Twilight! I just started th 4th book last night, and couldnt go to sleep until "they did it"...l-o-v-e!

  15. I love those creepy searchers and Nate. He needs his own blog. He's too funny.

  16. Slutty tinkerbell costumes?? I don't recall reading anything about that on here! haha.

    I agree with Nate on the symbolism stuff. Give it to me, straight up!

  17. Holy crap that was funny. You seriously have too much time on your hands Julia.

    I can't believe Nate called you a pansy?

  18. You are hilarious!! Have you seen this video yet? I laughed SO hard!


  19. I HAVE seen that dog video on Dooce and nearly died laughing myself. Silly doggies.


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