We attended wedding #2 of the year yesterday and it was a success, of course. Kansas City is enjoying Milwaukee-like temps, the bride was gorge, and the company was hilarious as always.

For instance, one of our friends introduced us to a man neither of us had ever met before. This guy was probably 40s-50 years old, the proud owner of an intense country twang, and highly entertaining. Please observe our interaction with him:

Country Twang guy: "So where are y'all from?"

Nate and Julia: "We live in Milwaukee right now."

CT guy: "Y'all have any kids?"

N and J: "No, not yet." (brief awkward pause, wherein Julia overanalyzes this question fully and cringes at yet another question about when we'll have kids.) "But we have a dog who is basically like our son." (I threw that one in there for good measure and also because it's true)

CT guy: (eyebrow raised, staring directly at Julia for this one) "Y'all are gonna get rid of that dog when you start dropping calves."

{let that sink in, you guys. 'Dropping calves' can only be assumed to be a reference towards having children?? Am I a cow now? Will I be expelling cattle from my nether regions anytime soon? Hooves?!?! Tails?? GAH.

And as an aside, how DARE he suggest we'll ever get rid of Henry. Our baby, our first-born. NEVER, I say. Never.}

N and J: "Oh my, I'm not sure we'll drop a calf anytime soon...."

CT guy: (on a roll now) "But y'all are gonna have purdy lookin kids, whatcha waitin for? "

And this was the moment that I couldn't contain my laughter any more. I'm fairly certain he was trying to be funny and not being serious, but who knows. When I told my parents about this interesting encounter, my dad---who raised cattle on our farm nearly all of his life---said, "Well, I've certainly heard that term before but never in reference to humans. " They found it hilarious, too, once they got the image of me dropping a cow out of their minds.

And now, my Missouri vacation continues. Ahhhhhhh. We don't leave until Tuesday and I cannot tell you how fabulous it feels to be back home just lounging around with my parents. Nate has successfully golfed himself into a coma, Mom has cooked an obscene amount of food already, and Henry is more spoiled than any dog should be. It's a rough life, I tell you.

So with that, I'm back to my vaycay. Just hold onto that phrase of 'dropping calves' for future use, okay? Has anyone experienced such an odd encounter with a stranger about having kids? Geesh.


  1. I won't forget it! That guy was a little "up-in-your-business" for someone he just met. hmmm....

    Glad you're having a good time at home! When I was away, it was always nice to come home again.

  2. All the fricken time. We were at a wedding too where this guy went on and on and on and on.....and on about how we should have a kid RIGHT NOW because it's so awesome. I got so sick of it I just wanted to tell him if it was so great than HE should have ANOTHER one and leave OUR reproductive parts alone.

    Glad you're having fun! Take it easy and relax your brains out! :)

  3. People are unbelievable, aren't they? I probably would have laughed off the calves comment but wouldn't have been so pleasant when he mentioned getting rid of your baby! The nerve!!!

  4. Kind of unrelated, but not really:

    When I was pregnant with our first child, the son of one of my co-workers visited the office. Said co-worker introduced her 3-year-old to me and the baby "growing in my belly," and the 3-year-old became confused.

    "Why did you eat the baby?" He asked me.

    I laughed my butt off. And I think of this moment every time someone talks about babies.

  5. "dropping calves?" SERIOUSLY?

    I would have died. On the spot. Just because of the mental imagery.

    And oh, the freakin' babies questioning... gimme a break! Let us enjoy being married for like one second, please!

  6. sounds like something my uncle would say.

    Dont judge.

    Im from SE missouri

  7. Wow, that guys was asking some very personal questions! Have not heard that phrase for having children before.

    Also, I literally laughed out loud when I read Nick/Brianne and Landen's comment/story!!!!

  8. I agree, love the Nick/Brianne/Landon story!

    And I actually love the country twang---it's like home to me since lots of my family is in southern MO, too. No judging for that one...the phrase itself caught me a little off guard. The imagery. Wow.

    Glad to know we aren't the only ones subjected to baby/calf comments:)

  9. Good gosh! That is too much. Drop a calf? I might just have to remember that one for when I am pregnant. dang!

  10. I always get the when are you going to drop calves, um oh I mean have kids question. I'm so sick of it. My new favorite response to the when are you going to have kids question:

    No time soon, but we've heard practice makes perfect so we're just so busy practicing ALL THE TIME.

    It's priceless to see the look on the other persons face. Particularly any nosey old lady types :)

  11. Seriously? Who let him out?


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