Blizzard time

Moving away from the baby talk for an entire post....I neglected to mention that we got hit with a big fatty blizzard on Tuesday. It snowed non-stop from the morning through the entire night and I'm guessing we got at least 13-14 inches at our house. It's the light, fluffy type of flakes and SO pretty (because I am exempt from snow blowing, I think it's pretty. Otherwise it'd be annoying). We already had a decent chunk of snow covering our entire yard but this definitely blanketed it pretty good. The roads weren't too bad on Tuesday and I can honestly say I'm getting used to driving in blizzard doesn't really phase me anymore.

So anyway, I promised not to complain about the weather all winter unless we got double digits amount of snow in a day. So here it is! Plus, Memaw is begging for snow pictures because I really haven't done Wisconsin winter justice this year and I must agree. Please observe nighttime snow captured with a tripod during gusty winds:

(check this out...I accidentally caught a car's taillights with a long exposure on my tripod. I love those streaks!)

And you can kind of see the giant mounds of snow at each driveway now. We definitely got another 2-3 inches after these shots, by the way.

And because Henry is just TOO cute when it snows, we had to capture it on film. He was in absolute heaven, you guys.

Totally losing his mind...

If I had more energy I would have snapped some great pics of the total amount of snow we got today during the daylight. But I did not because I worked an entire 8 hours today! And then needed a heavy duty nap afterward, so whatever:)

Happy winter!


  1. We got about 20 inches this weekend -- this is one of the best snows ever!!! It's unusual for the middle of the east coast, and I love it. Henry in the snow is adorable -- I love how excited the dogs get in the snow!

  2. Sounds like you know how to handle snow in Wisconsin! I'm a northerner originally so I do but I live in an area that absolutely shuts down when it snows! Cute puppy!

  3. Oh my dear! That is a TON of snow!!!

  4. Holy friggin smokes Julia! That is A LOT of snow. Beautiful. Henry is a trip. I'd love to see how my pooches would react to snow. :)

  5. Ellie loves the snow too. We let her out in the backyard and the next time I see her face it is full of snow... silly dogs!

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  7. Nelson and I have watched the videos three times already! Henry you are the cutest grand-dog ever.
    Grammy Pammy


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