Nine Weeks

Big news on the home front: Operation 'Move Truman to his Nursery' has been successful! We made the move on Friday night and little man OWNED his crib like it was no big deal to sleep alone without mommy and daddy. I put him down at 9:00 full of nerves: would I fail to hear him wake up from my own bed? Was this too early to put him in his crib? What if he totally freaked and woke up every hour or something horrible like that? Well, I slept pretty awful and woke every hour just to annoy myself I'm sure, wondering if I'd missed his cries. At 3 am, 6 hours after he went to bed, Nate and I both woke up and looked at each other without saying a word. Nate started to get up out of bed and I asked if he was going to check on him, he said 'yep', and I immediately felt better about my own neuroses because if my level-headed husband was curious about T's well-being then I wasn't too crazy after all:) N reported back that Mister T was passed out and then not 2 minutes later he started to stir. I nursed him in the nursery (novel idea, I know!), put him back in his crib, and returned to my bed prepared to hear him protest the nursery placement. But of course, Truman slept for another 3 hours and then I brought him into bed with us to cuddle and praise his extreme maturity. Ah, little man. You always tell me to chill the heck out in your own little ways. Night #2 was more of the same: a six hour stretch, followed by another three, followed by mommy and daddy cuddling time with our little dude. I miss looking over at his co-sleeper and seeing his peaceful face but going into his nursery and peering over the edge of the crib and my baby is pretty freaking awesome, too. I think he likes his new-found independence anyway. Now if only my boobs would adjust to such long sleeping stretches....not into the hardened rocks!


So yeah, that is a pretty big deal in baby-world. He's fallen into his own sleeping routine at night and I swear I didn't do anything to initiate this pattern and we really don't have much of a bedtime ritual yet. I am trying to bathe him every other night, then I give him a little baby massage with this fantastic natural lotion (smells divine!), and rock him for awhile to soothing music. He totally digs his baths and massage now and it's so cute to see the serene look on his face as I rub his buddha belly. Let's get real, I think I love it more than he does:)


Truman has his two month doctor's appointment today complete with his first shots and although I'm sure he'll be a total trooper I'm not looking forward to hearing him cry. We're going to follow the standard vaccination schedule in case you are curious, so he'll get a couple of them at once, but I feel good about this choice after lots of research. I am interested to see how much he weighs these days, too, since he looks like a freaking haas compared to other babies his age. I'm also going to stop by work with T-man before his MD appointment to finalize my return to work and to let my co-workers drool over him once more. Yep, Monday will be a big day for sure.

Other than those big events, T is still a happy contented baby who is smiling more and more. He loves our runs in the parkway with the BOB and usually sleeps his longest during those outings. He recently discovered that his hands taste SO GOOD and will suck/chew on them often now. It's pretty stinking cute. He definitely likes to be entertained but sometimes he's happy to play with himself. He usually needs to be rocked/jostled/sung to sleep but sometimes he'll go down awake and pass out by himself. And his male pattern baldness is no joke now. For reals.



On Wednesday of this week, Memaw and Mom are flying in to visit until the following Tuesday. This means that we all get to spend my first Mother's Day together and I get to spend it with my mom and grandma. How awesome is that? Memaw is about to keel over from excitement at meeting her first great-grandson and of course Mom has been ready to see him again since the moment she left one month ago:) I am so excited to see him interact with two ladies that love him so much!


Nine whole weeks. Wow.


  1. What a pro! He sounds like such a chill baby. And those fat cheeks! Love them.

  2. Isaac has the same male pattern baldness. Cracks me up!

    Good luck today with the advice is to not watch his face when he gets them because the look of shock is very sad. :( Isaac hardly cried, but I hated seeing that look on his face.

    Have fun with your mom and grandma!

  3. What a big boy, sleeping in his own room!

  4. Good job, Truman! SO glad the transition from co-sleeper to crib has been a success so far.

    Good luck with the shots today. I'm sure Truman will surprise you and be a brave boy :)

  5. Love the pics this week! Captain adorable is right!

  6. He is getting sooo big!!! What a cute little man and sounds like a very good one too!

  7. What a good sleeper! He is just SO cute! :)

  8. Ohhhh, that face!! And great job sleeping on your own, Truman!! Don't worry, mom, your boobs will adjust!

    How fun that your mom and gram are coming - enjoy it!!

  9. Truman is such an awesome dude! Nice work on the transition little man! You seriously have the most awesome little outfits for him J!

  10. I've been following your blog for quite some time now and I thought you would be interested in this give-away that I saw today!

  11. Love the Captain Adorable outfit!!!

  12. What a huge accomplishment! Way to go, Truman, for being such a big, independent boy! I've heard a lot of people struggle with this transition, so I'm so happy for you that it has gone well. Enjoy your first Mother's Day with all the moms (and new little man) in your life.

  13. I LOVE the Captain Adorable onesie!!!!!
    Yeah for T-man (and mom and dad) for the big move to the nursery.

    Have a great first Mother's Day!!!!!!!

  14. First of all, happy belated birthday! I'm just catching up on my blog reading after giving birth last weekend ;)

    Truman is getting so big already! I love all the rolls of baby goodness. He is really growing into himself!

    Your love for him just pours out in every post you write!

  15. He is so cute I can't hardly stand to look at him. Sigh. Even Dan, who thinks all babies are weird looking, thinks so. :)


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