Videos + 5K + Fathers Day

1. Videos to share of baby boy include: his first time swimming (he's clearly indifferent in these clips), his first road trip (Henry steals the show, really), and his first time in his Jumparoo (I am clearly very excited about this one).

2. Today Nate and I ran in our first organized race together since April of 2009, when we did the STL half marathon. Coincidentally, this just so happened to be my first race since that time and the first one as a mommy runner. I wasn't exactly nervous about finishing this 5K since I'm running 3-4.5 miles at a time nowadays but I did want to push myself to run a little faster than my new norm. You see, pre-Truman I would run a 9 minute mile or so and was training to run a full marathon sub-4 hours (still my goal for 'someday') which to me is like the holy grail. But since my return to running at 6 weeks post birth, I've held a nice and slow but comfortable pace of about a 10 minute mile. No need to kill myself out there, I just enjoy a leisurely jog every now and then and have been gradually trying to increase my speed a hair. So going into this 5K I really only wanted to break 30 minutes and I would've been happy.

Then there's my crazy husband who didn't take a huge running hiatus like I did, nor did he push a living being out of his private parts, so he's pretty much in great shape unlike moi. I informed him that I did not want to do anything stupid during this race, like try to run 8 minute miles or something, and I hoped we could run together. He didn't really answer my underlying question of 'Are you going to be sprinting for this whole race, thus ticking me off because I'll totally want to keep up with you?'

So when the horn sounded at the starting line and I saw Nate literally take off like a bat out of hell, I should have known I was in for it. Oh, and it was approximately 85 degrees at 3pm during this race which is not my favorite temperature to exert myself in these days. I felt like we were sprinting from the start and glanced at the Garmin to see our pace was a freaking 8 minute mile for the first mile. NOT COOL. I slowed us down just a bit after that and then by 2 miles I just told Nate to go on ahead of me. He did, which sort of ticked me off, but I was also secretly happy that I could slow down and remember how to breathe---but my pace was still under a 9 minute mile and thus my legs were pretty unhappy with me.

As per my Garmin I finished in 26:46 which is a 8:41 minute/mile pace and probably just as fast as I would have done pre-Truman. I really did feel like vomiting afterward but within a few minutes I was happy again. I was even happier when we got to have an ice cold brew and fabulous food at a local restaurant with friends after that.


Oh, and I've been meaning to post about my new running shoes that I am completely obsessed with but obviously, posting about running hasn't been my top priority (and now it's all spilling out like old times!). Nate has a new-found love for forefoot running and I totally mocked him for it in the beginning. It just sounded like a lot of effort to re-learn the mechanics of running and I didn't want to deal with it. He got Newtons and was in love and I resisted until recently. I realized that in the time that my husband had purchased FOUR pair of running shoes I myself had the exact same ones from a year and a half ago. That is so not okay and it was time I splurged on myself. I ended up buying Newtons and so far I really do like them a lot although the company is right when they say it takes a few weeks to really get used to the new format of shoe stability. I was trying the forefoot running in my old shoes for awhile but it's a lot easier when the shoe is built to assist that pattern, plus I like the bold colors (go figure!). So anyway, here are my new shoes. The funniest part of this pic is the giant blob of baby puke next to my foot that I didn't notice until I uploaded this pic. Whoops!

Although hard core runners are not supposed to care about colors and outfits and whatnot, don't they look nice with my neon yellow top? And why are my boobs so freaking big all the time, even in a sports bra. It's difficult to dress this new body, I swear.

I'm not totally committing to this yet, but I've been seriously considering signing up for a half marathon this fall. I have absolutely no clue when I'll find the time to train for it as a working mom but maybe just running on my Wednesdays off and both weekend days could possibly be enough. I just hate to commit to something that I can't give 100% toward so I'm dragging my feet but we'll see. Being a running mom is certainly a lot more challenging than I thought. Oh the luxury of running for hours each day without a though to engorged boobs, a crying baby, and sleep deprivation. I'll figure it out soon enough.

3. Tomorrow is Nate's first Fathers Day and Truman made him his first craft at daycare! I found this card in his bag when I picked him up and almost cried right then and there. Nate loved it and promptly hung the card on the fridge (he never does things like that without me cueing him to do so) and then snuggled with T a little bit more than normal that evening. It's seriously adorable. The poem on the front is about being a dad to a baby and how you should hold onto this feeling for life. The inside picture totally cracks me up and I love that T signed it for Nate, too. I think that pic might be from his first day at daycare and I just adore his confused expression. What a talented crafter, right?


I will definitely call my own dad tomorrow and I think we are making a big dinner for Nate and Tony tomorrow, too. But I should mention that I feel incredibly blessed to see Nate be the amazing dad that I knew he'd be to our son. My own dad isn't too shabby either and I count him as another important blessing in my life.

So that's that...a little bit of randomness and a lot of running talk--oh how I missed it!


  1. OK, not to be weird, but...HOLY CRAP YOUR BOOBS ARE HUGE!! I know you've talked about it before, but I guess you normally wear things a bit looser so I hadn't really noticed. But in the running clothes? Jeez! Mine just haven't changed that much - I'm maybe a cup size bigger - but you obviously didn't have the same experience, LOL. Running with boobs sucks, doesn't it? I always have to double up on the sports bras.

    Oh, and I love the water baby video. T is totally psyched about the water. ;)

  2. You look awesome! Good job on your race!

  3. Awesome job on the 5K. I knew you would rock it! I've gone on 2 very short runs this week and I know what you mean about being totally out of shape. I'm pretty sure I was at a +10 minute mile pace!

    Hope you guys have a great Father's Day :)

  4. LOL! I'm with Kristal...they are huge! Sorry that Nate made you run too fast, but yay for finishing! I wish I had your will power. :)

    I think that Truman is starting to look a bit more like you now. He very much looked like Nate at the beginning, but I'm starting to see Mommy in him now too! And wait until you get that first Christmas ornament from daycare -- SO CUTE!!

  5. I'm telling you guys, they are seriously GINORMOUS. I guess I usually conceal them well in everyday clothes but in a sports bra and tank it's hard to hide the giant tats. Going from a wanna-be A cup (not even, more like an A-) up to a full C or more is insane. Total insanity with the big boobs up in here.

    But the babe likes to eat a lot, I guess, and thus my boobs must produce a lot:)

  6. Great job on the 5K! I also love Truman's hat :)

  7. Congrats on the race, and Happy Dad's Day to Nate!

    And P.S.--I totally agree with Kristal. I know you SAID they were big, but I didn't really notice until these running pics. :)

  8. Hey Julia!

    I loved reading the blog today and finding a post about running! It inspired me to get up and go for a much needed jog.

    I'm also going through a bit of a 'transition' in my life, from leisurely student to full-time employee and in between commuting, dog walking and life in general, I'm finding it hard to squeeze in time for running these days. So thanks for inspiring me today!

    You look fabulous btw

  9. Um...your body is amazing. You are looking awesome! You are skinny and those boobs look great! Do you love them or are they too uncomfortable? I'm with Kristal on the double sports bra thing. I love reading about your running again. You went so fast! I am totally impressed! Great job, mama!

  10. You go, girl!! I'm so impressed. Love the new shoes, too. And yes, your boobs ARE huge! I'm struggling with the huge nursing boobs still, too - I need a new, GOOD sports bra but I feel like every one I try on just doesn't support these babies enough! I'm not used to having giant knockers. Maybe I will have to double up on the sports bras - or just not run again til I'm done nursing. (I've made it 8 months, what's four more? ;)

    Happy Father's Day to Nate!

  11. Kristal, LC, and Erin. Do NOT double up on sports bras anymore because I found the BEST big-girl sports bra ever. I'm seriously in love with it.

    It's by UnderArmour and I didn't realize it was a 'd cup' until Nate pointed that lovely fact out to me on the tag. It's pricey, yes, but I swear to you it's the most amazing thing ever. And for those of you nursing, the zip down front is the bomb. I hated to pull up my sports bra after a run, before I could change, if T needed to eat. It cut off all circulation to my tats. This baby is amazing and I seriously have to wash it all the time so I can wear it again. MAybe I'll do a separate post on this bad boy in case nobody reads my comments to comments. :)

  12. Congrats on the race and your pace!!

    My hubby is a sprinter and I'm a distance - in for the long haul runner so we can NEVER run together. LOL

    I'll have to try that sports bra. I cut back on running when I was nursing because I always felt like I was going to get clogged ducts when I took it off! I'm expecting my 3rd in a few months so that sports bra will come in handy when I start training again!

    BTW - you look great!

  13. Those videos are adorable!!! I love the swimming one, especially when Truman is in the floaty thing. So cute!!

  14. You are looking good lady! I pray my boob situation is like yours post kids. I have a similar build to yours (A-) and cannot wait to have to even consider wearing two sports bras! Great job on the 5k!

  15. I know this is late, but it made sense to leave the comment on this post...I read this and remembered you saying you ran almost as quickly if not quicker after pregnancy


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