Five Months

Oh, Truman.

Where do I even begin with this monthly update? So much going on in our lives right now and every single day you change before our very eyes. Back when you were a newborn I wanted to freeze time and never leave the comfort of my itty-bitty bundle of joy, even though you were basically just a little newbie blob oblivious to the world. But they are right when they say things just keep getting better, because I am in love with this stage of your life right now. So. Much. Fun.


You are in awe of the world around you and have made it your life's mission to soak in every single detail to the best of your ability. Did you know that the trees have leaves and they are moving in the wind?! Do you hear that car go by? Woah, the dog is walking around this place and it's absolutely fascinating, apparently. I thought you were 'alert' before this month but boy oh boy, you are totally tuned into every little stimulus that we take for granted as adults. Four month wakeful period, indeed.


You've just recently found your feet and prefer to air out your fat bootie during all diaper changes by lifting those chunky legs up in the air, and grabbing your yummy little toes with your hands. Seriously, it's difficult to get your diaper fastened correctly because you are so obsessed with holding your feet and airing your butt. Can't say that I blame you on that one...who would want to wear a wet diaper full of pee and poo ?

(it's getting harder and harder to take these distracted that the seahorse had to come out to play)


This month you acquired your voice, mister man, and boy is it entertaining to hear your famous renditions such as 'The High-Pitched Shriek' and 'Half-way Yodel' and 'Cackling Like a Duck'. I love when you sort of scare yourself by your own voice. Tis my fave.


When you are tired you definitely prefer to be in mommy or daddy's arms instead of someone else's. I mean it's flattering and all but I don't want you to start getting actual separation anxiety or anything. You are such a little social butterfly who smiles at anyone who makes eye contact with you, and allows just about anyone to hold and cuddle you without a whimper, that I don't want you to start getting stranger danger. But then again, when you are tired the whole world crumbles beneath us all until you fall asleep. And boy oh boy that's been a fun one...


You see, back when you were about 2 or 3 months you were really getting the hang of that sleeping thing. You even slept through the night on occasion, or at the very least you would make it from 8:30 until about 3 or 4 in the morning. Well then mommy went back to work, that old hag, and I'm not sure your sleeping habits have ever recovered from that adjustment. You went from making it until 3 am, to 2 am, to 1 am, and then this past month you could only sleep until about midnight. And of course, no matter what time you get up for the first time you will always wake about every 2 hours there after until the day starts.


I tried a few things when I realized that your sleep stretches were getting shorter and shorter. For a few nights you allowed me to come into your room when you started to squawk and just give you the pacifier (your arch enemy during the day!) and turn on your seahorse. You would fall back asleep without nursing or being held for a few more hours and it was fabulous. But then that went out the window. So then I tried to nurse you in the actual nursery, instead of taking you straight to our room for the rest of the night to co-sleep. That went over like a ton of bricks because although you would eat and fall asleep in my arms, your eyes would snap open the minute I moved to lay you back in the crib. Not to mention that mommy gets very little sleep anyway on a work night and so sitting up and remaining awake in a chair while nursing is totally awful for me. I'd still like for you to stay in your crib the whole night without coming to our bed but I'm crossing my fingers that you'll just start sleeping through the night instead of me having to place you back into your crib after a nursing session. What? Stop laughing. It's possible, Truman, I swear!


You had a pretty nasty cold this month and it messed with everyone's sleep more than I care to remember. You are now sleeping on your crib mattress that is propped up with a pillow underneath it. It's pretty hilarious to see you on an incline, snoozing away like it's no big deal.

I hope and pray that you don't get any more colds for a really long time (or ever, that would be fab) because mommy almost went insane from no-sleep and a sick baby. Not cool. And I still say teething is partially to blame even if you don't have red/swollen gums yet. It is just my intuition I guess and I hope you pop a tooth soon so this teething stuff doesn't drag on forever (lost cause, huh?)


Your Grandpa Tony had his last Tuesday and Thursday watching you and I know it just killed him to hand you back to me at the end of your last day together. He was obviously pretty sad about having to go back to work but it really is for the best. Your Grandma Lois has stepped up to watch you for three Tuesdays and so it's daycare on Thursdays and Fridays for awhile. But then daddy gets you for three whole weeks and I know you will just have a blast with him. He loves you so much, Truman. Watching your daddy with you is one of the best gifts a mommy could imagine.


Since you are lucky enough to have not one, not two, but THREE Physical Therapists in your life (mommy, daddy, and grandpa!) we are all over your developmental milestones. Grandpa has you sitting and rolling on an exercise ball almost daily. Daddy digs tummy time and prop sitting. And mommy prefers to help you stand up and bear weight through your legs. Still, you aren't a fan of rolling just yet and are perfectly content to move side to side instead. Fine by me. I'm in no hurry to have a mobile baby just yet.

(his 'side roll' specialty)

But one thing you have totally mastered is reaching for objects and putting them in your mouth. Dude, you own that skill. Sophie gets worked by your chubby hands and gummy jaws often. Your seahorse is often put into a headlock by you and then you promptly try to suck his face off. Not to mention that in the mornings, when you are in bed with us, you will reach over and grab our noses or daddy's chest hair just to give us a little wake up call. I love when you reach up for me while we nurse and I give you my hand so you can hold on for dear life---it's the best. You can grab all sorts of toys and promptly taste them for assessment, but really your hands are your ultimate chew toy. Watching TV with daddy or surfing the net on the computer are both mesmerizing in Truman-land. And when in doubt, we can always take you outside to check out the scenery if we want to calm you down. A ride in the stroller (sometimes without a carseat now!) or the car always spell N-A-P for you and we would be lost without those tools for parenting.


The biggest thing in your little world is that we decided to try rice cereal with you, right on your five month birthday. I've noticed that you started to grab for our food and you can't take your eyes off anything that mommy and daddy eat, so combine that with your worsening sleep habits and I figure it's worth a shot, right? Well, the first time was pretty funny and a complete mess. I think you got about four bites down your throat and the rest down your bib. The faces you made when you got to taste something other than just breast milk were classic. Each night since then we've tried feeding you some more while you sit up like a big boy at the dinner table. And each night you get a little better, opening your mouth as the spoon comes your way and even getting in actual swallows, too. We won't push it on you and if you aren't ready, we'll just try again in a few more weeks. But I have to admit that for all of the resistance I gave about rice cereal, it's really fun to watch your eyes take in this new experience.

(note how he likes to hold mommy's hand in these:) )




So at five months you are still the happiest little bugger around and you are smiling more often than not these days. Still giggling and looking and soaking up the world, while reaching and holding and gnawing on anything you can find. You'll sit up for a few seconds before toppling over, can stand with help, but you don't like to roll over much just yet. And Truman, you still have our hearts wrapped around your little fingers in case you didn't notice. Daddy and I just love to watch you sleep and there's been more than one time when your dad comes out of your room at night and just says, 'He's so freaking cute. I could just watch him sleep all night long.' Melt my heart right now.


I've had a few of those special moments recently, just like when I had them on maternity leave, when the whole world fades away around us and I am intensely aware that these are the days I will miss as I age. One night after we put you down and then you woke right back up I was pretty tired and cranky and your dad said he'd go soothe you back to sleep. A little bit later I walked in your nursery to find your dad rocking you in the chair, listening to 'Gotta Have You' by The Weepies, and singing the words to his son. You were just staring up at your dad in awe and you looked so happy, so content with life, and your daddy looked like the most caring husband I could have ever been so blessed to find. We had a little moment together as family while he rocked you there, and even brother Henry came in and sat at our feet while we enjoyed that special moment in time. Sheer happiness and contentment washes over me regularly but in that very second of my life, I realized that all is right with the world and we have been incredibly blessed to have you as our baby. Thank you, Truman, for opening our eyes to the special moments in life.


We love you, buddy. Keep on being your awesome little self and we'll do our best to meet your needs along the way.


  1. Such a great post! He is definitely a major cutie! I'm going to make the monthly onsies for my friend who is pregnant.

  2. Awwww this one almost made me cry at my desk. Love it!

  3. This update was so sweet...almost made me cry. Truman is very lucky to have such an awesome mommy and daddy.

  4. So sweet, Julia! I can't believe little T is already five months old... He's a doll!

  5. Uhh what a sweet post. Reading all your updates on Truman gets me so excited to have kids. Truman is very lucky to have parents that adore him so much!

  6. Beautiful...from start to finish.

  7. The ending had me in tears! What a lucky baby to be loved so much!

  8. He's such a sweetie. Sleep will get better. At least, it did for us! Five months is right when Landon got his first tooth so he was all sorts of fussy.

    I love the five months of comparison. Crazy how much they change, huh?

  9. You've got me all teary-eyed here. Being a mom truly is the most incredible, amazing thing in the entire world! And Truman is so lucky to have two such loving parents!

    And I've said it before and I'll say it again, I could just eat T-man right up. He's just getting cuter by the day.

    Happy five months!!

  10. I just have to say - I think he gets cuter every month!! :o)

  11. I'm not positive, but I THINK I saw your friend Hannah (and her hubby & baby) in the Loop in STL last night. So now I officially feel like the creepiest blogger ever :) Then again, maybe it wasn't her...which also makes me creepy for thinking it was. Ha!

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  13. He is such a cutie! I contacted you before regarding cloth diapers,and you were so very helpful. So thanks! I was wondering if maybe you could do a post on what you have learned about cloth diapers now that you have had a lot of experience? Oh, and I've been reading a lot on different cleaning methods, could you share what has worked for you? Thanks a bunch!

  14. Julia, your little man is too cute! These posts are such an amazing way to hold onto all the memories you're making as he grows.

  15. My son is 5 days younger than Truman. We also went through some sleep problems around four months old. I highly recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. John is back to sleeping through the night, or having one feeding. When he does cry for night time or naps and is not hungry it maybe lasts 10 minutes. (Side note: I have enjoyed your blog since I was on bedrest and pre-eclamptic at the same time as you)


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