Why blog?


Let me figure out how to work this thing again. Bear with me. Aside from Truman's 10 month post the last time I typed here was 12/14. Dang. It feels even longer than that, actually.

But this time I'm not going to type the usual 'wow, it's been awhile' introduction and then move into Truman updates. This time I am blogging about blogging. Or really, more specifically, I'm writing to discover why I write. Deep, huh?

I never really buy it when bloggers say they blog solely for themselves. If that were the case then why put it out on the public web? Wouldn't a little private word document suffice? I started this blog 3.5 years ago as a way to stay in touch with friends and family back in Missouri. I even have a nice little tab up there for all to read on the topic of why I blog. But the funny thing is that this blog morphed into something much more than that. The friends and family are still there but usually get updates via emails instead. This blog has given me most of my real life Milwaukee friends in one way or another. It's given me some faithful commenters who could absolutely qualify as 'real' friends, too---many of whom I forget if I've actually met them in real life before or not. It's given me an outlet to vent my frustrations, to sing praises of my family and friends, and of course it's given me a way to beam with pride over my precious son. I embrace the title of Mommy Blogger whole-heartedly and do not see that as a negative identity at all. And yet, I constantly toy with throwing in the old blogging towel but I just can't seem to do it.

The reason I'm having such a hard time walking away is that if I don't use this venue to capture my fleeting thoughts on mommy hood, I'm afraid they will slip away. Truman is changing at mind-boggling speeds these days and although I try to write in my paper journal I don't do it often enough. I've caught myself looking back through old posts a lot lately to reminisce about Truman's early days and I'm so thankful I blogged as much as I could because the first few months are a total blur. It's like these posts serve as virtual bookmarks, to slow down the spin of the world a few minutes at a time, so that the ordinary days don't fade away into the past. And now that I've typed those thoughts I see that it's really about control for me. Go figure. If I can blog about a problem or an accomplishment or just a regular day in the life----then I have control over those events since I put words to them. Huh, just another control issue I guess.

Yes, I could just type it all out on a Word document and then transplant that to my yearly digital album (because that has always been a reason for blogging---documenting life not just on the invisible internet but in a tangible album). But I'd be lying to you if I said I don't care about comments. The feedback I receive from complete strangers is incredibly powerful for a new mom who feels absolutely clueless at times. The support, the virtual interactions, the contact with other women living a similar life is truly uplifting. Somewhat addicting, actually. The 'hey, I went through the same thing with my kid and made it out alive' comments, and the 'you are doing a good job, lady, and your son is super cute' comments are like happy little pats on the back. And I admit that I like them.

I remember back in the day when I posted regularly, commented on other blogs religiously, and stalked my own stats frequently---it was incredibly time consuming and yet I felt so connected and....liked. Is that what blogging is all about? A high school popularity contest? I definitely don't fit that bill anymore and I'm trying to decide where I stand in the blogosphere these days.

I could easily throw out the 'I'm too busy, don't have the time' statement but I probably have more free time with this job than I did 6 months ago at my previous one. It's just a question of HOW you spend your free time, what your priorities are, and what you make time for; blogging has not been on my radar for awhile now. Even though I have a long list in my head of potential posts (first birthday party planning, cloth diapering a 10 month old, the saga of breastfeeding late in the game of babyhood, a day in the life now compared to back then, finding time to exercise as a working mom, my body 10 months postpartum, etc) I just can't seem to formulate the posts. And again, I'm not entirely sure why that is.

I'm not saying all of this as a way to beg for comments on why I should stick around. I think I'm typing it because I'm testing the waters a bit. Is this still fulfilling for me? Does anyone still read this blog? Does it make me feel like I'm soaking in the moment a little more, capturing my thoughts, making that instant a little more real? Or just the opposite? I'm still not sure.

I'll ask you, readers, if you also blog: Why? Why do you make that a priority to fill your free time? Do you feel the need to bookmark life with a post so that the moment doesn't drift away? And more selfishly of me: why do you read this blog? Is it because you are also a mommy and like reading about our parallel lives? Or you just think Truman is insanely cute (because he is and I never tire of hearing that one!)? I'm curious and clearly wavering.

I worry that my decrease in frequency of posts means that I'm forgetting more of the everyday treasures in our lives. And that is just not okay. Because I never ever want to lose these simple moments of happiness in the years to come. I still think this whole first year of being a mommy has been truly magical.

And with that, I feel obliged to show you a bit of that magic. Truman now gives open-mouthed, sloppy, wet kisses on command. And I'm asking for them about 72 times per day, in case you were wondering. :)


  1. I'm a new reader and I'm pregnant with a bay boy too. I like to read what's going on with you, because soon that will be what is going on with me.

  2. My favorite part: In between kisses, he is pointing to a picture of himself on the big computer. haha! :) Ryan just recently started doing this himself -- and it is SOO freakin' cute. I love it!
    I am one of those who ultimately blogged for myself -- sure, there were friends who read and commented -- but it was for me. Therapy. I could have kept it private, but I chose not too. And it's all there for me to remember -- the good, the bad and the completely crazy stuff.

    Once Ryan was born, I was still writing fairly often, but I think that the time between 9 months and 18 months, so many things are changing so fast that you start to lose that ability to write. Or, at least, care about writing. There's crawling, and cruising and walking and talking and changing to table food and so many, many things that it just gets hard -- you don't know where to start sometimes.
    I just got the urge to write back again just in the last month; so, it will come back again. I'm jumping in the deep end of the pool. I'll remember how to swim.

    You will, too. Even if it's just for you. :)

  3. I seriously was just thinking about your blog today and how I realized that you haven't posted in awhile. Then you popped up in my Google Reader...crazy. I can understand the question of why to blog. I was very sporadic with my blogging, but now am getting more into it. It took me awhile to figure out why I want to blog and what I want to blog about, but I think I've finally figured out that I want to document the fun things and even the everyday things of my life. I also like to talk about things that are important to me...like books I'm reading, things I'm cooking, etc. I read other blogs for the same reason...plus I like to get glimpses into other people's lives. There is definitely a connection you can make on the ol' internet. It also gives me inspiration in my own life. For example...I bookmarked many of your running posts because I really want to be a runner. It helped me tremendously to read your posts on the topic. Even though I don't have a kid yet, I do want one someday (hopefully sooner than later!) so I have bookmarked some of your posts on motherhood as well. I think we can all learn from one another! Ok...I am done rambling and hopefully this makes sense. :)

  4. My little guy is just a couple of months younger than yours and I love seeing you're perspective on the next phase. It's encouraging to see that I'm not the only one. I blog for my family and friends who don't live near here... and for myself. I'm not consistent, but I love to look back and see the little moments I did take the time to jot down. Thank you for sharing a little piece of your world!

  5. You know, I could never really articulate why I blog, but you just did it in a much better way than I could ever hope to! It really is to capture those fleeting moments for my own posterity. I have a truly horrible memory and I KNOW that I would not remember the way I was feeling or specific stories that happened if I didn't blog. I don't get a ton of comments, but those that I do get, I love - I've definitely "met" quite a few blog buddies (like you of course!) and those are the comments I like most of all, the ones that help to develop a relationship. Prior to becoming a mom, I would say my main reason for blogging was just for fun - I liked taking photos and sharing them somewhere. Now it really is about maintaining a community with other mothers and to remember the way my life is right now. My blog has gained quite the following among my friends and family too, so I like that it helps people stay updated on my life - saves me the trouble of repeating stories :) It was a little odd when my uncle told me at my sister's wedding that he usually sits my grandma down on Mondays to read my weekly post..... good thing I'm an open book because my grandma now knows that I used cabbage on my boobs to help with engorgement :) Oh well, she breastfed 7 kids so she probably had the same issues back in the day!

    I've been reading your blog since pregnancy - can't remember how I found it - maybe through Leah's blog? Obviously we're going through a lot of the same things and seem to have similar personalities so that's why I keep coming back. And I selfishly hope that you do decide to blog more often - I miss your more regular posts!

  6. I've been reading for awhile, but now that I'm pregnant I'm going back to some of your old posts and as I've mentioned before, they are SO helpful... and I think we have a lot in common! Personally, I get annoyed with my own blogging when I start to feel like it's something I HAVE to do... when I do it only when I feel like it or when I have something to say, it's really enjoyable. The comments are lovely as well of course ;) Selfishly I hope you keep blogging because I love reading, but I think it's okay if you only do it when you feel like it- and make no apologies for it!

  7. I'm still here!

    I've been a reader for quite a while...probably 3 years? Anyway.

    I blog because it's too easy for me to look back at the end of a week, or a month, or a year and say "Oh, nothing happened"...if I have a written record of what went on, then I have a permanent memento.

    I read your blog because you and Nate are at the same point in your lives as my husband and I (you're actually one step ahead because we don't have a baby yet!)....I don't have a lot of people to talk to about LIFE and stuff, so it's comforting to read your blog and hear that my worries are the same worries that you have, and that the struggles you and Nate are dealing with are the same as the struggles my husband and I have. It lets me know that we're not alone, we're not abnormal, we're not crazy or strange...it makes me feel like we have company and I find that comforting.

  8. Julia, I've been reading your blog for awhile but I have never commented.

    I look forward to your posts and sometimes go back to old posts that you have written to use as a "resource" for certain topics, like running or other things.

    I know that you have to make the choice on whether or not you will continue blogging, but just know that I enjoy reading the things you are going though.

  9. I found your blog from hopping around on some others - just recently - and went back to read a large chunk of your posts. I love the way you blog because you say what you think. So refreshing. I'm not married and I don't have kids, but I really like your candid approach (and you take amazing pictures!) so that's why I read! I know you aren't fishing for people to beg you to stay - but I hope you do!

  10. So cute. And he is so smart too...it looks like he is pointing to himself on your computer screen and trying to tell you to look over there.

  11. Hi Julia. Thanks for your honesty! And yes, Truman is adorable! I found you through EADL and started to follow along when you were pregnant. I'm married and we're in the process of deciding when to start trying to have kids. So I was drawn to your candid, real life "what to expect when you're expecting" posts. And now that you have Truman, I enjoy learning how life changes once you have a baby. And what to do. The cloth diapering and breastfeedings posts are so valuable.

    As for me, I started blogging this year as an outlet and small step towards figuring life out. And it's a way to reach out, connect, and hopefully help someone.

    Best of luck to a fellow Billiken! And thank you so much for sharing your experiences!

  12. No quitting allowed!! I love reading your blog. You keep things hilariously real. I feel better about my mommy skills knowing that other moms have been there before me and have lived through it. That and Truman is freakin adorable.

  13. I read because I have always liked your writing style, and super cute Truman kisses are just a bonus! Really it is because there are so many of us 'in transition' as well; single gal to wife to mother, and your insight is interesting, helpful and entertaining. I would be sad to see you go, but there is always a point when you need to know if this good for you and yours anymore. I hope it is (but that is selfish) Thank You!

  14. Hi:) I was pregnant when you were and had my own little boy a couple of months after you. I have never commented before (kind of nervous, I guess) but I have to say that your blog has been one of the most positive voices I've had in my life as a new mom. You are always one step ahead of me both with your sons age and the fact that you are so darn "on-top" of things! I have learned valuable information, countless tips, and been able to stay positive because of you! I hope that you can find time to keep writing even though I definitely know how hard that can be. I probably wouldn't ever be able to tell you how comforting it has been to look to your blog for advice and opinions. I regret not writing more down and find myself forgetting the early days already! I can only imagine it will get harder to remember everything as the babies grow into kids! I am sorry I have never commented before, but I wanted you to know, albeit late, how much you've done for me. Thanks! Lisa

  15. still reading... a few reasons: I like reading the story of your life -- it's like a book with many installments; I like the pregnancy and baby posts because they're like virtual advice; and I feel as if we kind of know each other through our blogs. I'll be sad if you stop but will certainly understand!

  16. I came across your blog late one night while up w/ my newborn almost a year ago now.

    I too breastfeed and cloth diaper and work in healthcare (nurse).

    I don't think I've ever commented but thought I would take this opportunity to do so.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You're funny and articulate. What a wonderful gift for your son too.

    As the mother of three, who has always had great intentions of documenting all the "firsts" and cute little things my kids do...but has failed miserably, I strongly encourage you to keep up w/ posting...even if it's every few months. The time goes by so fast!! (and memories fade)

    I don't blog (because I'm technologically-challenged and not nearly articulate enough). I'm jealous of those who can do it well. You most certainly fall into that category!!

    Take care,
    Jess in Maine

  17. I'm here and still reading because you are a wonderful writer and photographer.

    I blog partly to capture those fleeting changing growing baby moments, to allow for some reflection on my life, and to connect with other moms.

  18. Hi Julia-

    I read your blog as a means of support (as well as entertainment). My daughter is 2 months older than Truman, so I enjoy reading about someone going through similar life transitions: the joys, challenges, etc..

    Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  19. I've been reading your blog for some time (never commenting, sorry for that) and I really love the way you write. Recently, I've started re-reading your early pregnancy posts since I'm pregnant myself and it was so nice to read about someone else experiencing the same worries and excitement!
    Btw if you did manage to write out these posts about cloth diapering and your body changes, I'd really love to hear those

  20. Hi Julia! Your blog is the first blog that I ever read, and one of the best I've come across. I am also pregnant with a baby boy due in May and I simply loved reading your posts on pregnancy and life as a new mother. You helped to inspire me to start a blog of my own recently and I hope that you will continue to write new posts. Oh and Truman is adorable :)

  21. I can't remember when I started reading your blog, because I went back and gradually (over the course of months) read pretty much the entire archive! So now I have no idea when I started in real-time. But one reason I've loved it is because of the parallels in our lives -- I'm a distance runner, I used to live in Missouri, I'm 5 months pregnant (we just found out it's a boy!), and I LOVE the sort of "preview" that your blog hopefully gives me (I hope everything goes as well with my little one as it has with Truman!) of things to come in the next few months.

    I didn't start showing until last week and was a little worried about that, but I looked at your belly pictures grid and felt better about it when you didn't either! I get advice from you about baby gear. For instance, I just registered for the co-sleeper you used, since our apartment is too small for a nursery -- I'm a little jealous about that since I loved your nursery-decorating posts! :) And I'm looking at several blogs (including yours) to get info about different breast pump options. And so on!

    I'm the first person in my group of friends to get pregnant (I'm in vet school, so most of my friends are a few years younger than I am) and I don't have a single real-life mom friend to ask questions of, so I think blogs like yours are an incredible resource for everyday pregnancy and baby information. Plus I just plain enjoy it. I like your blog a lot, regardless of what topic you happen to be posting about that day.

    And, of course, seeing pictures and videos of the ridiculously cute Truman never gets old either. :) I love that he gives you kisses now!

    Oh, and I blog mostly to remember what vet school was really like. How it felt to take 53 credits in one semester, what it was REALLY like studying for all those exams, what my friends and I did together, how my clinical rotations went. Having readers is a fringe benefit (but one I definitely like!). For some reason it's easier to make time/remember to write a blog post than it is to write in a paper journal or just a Word document. I don't think I would really do it if I were using either of those formats. Plus I like that it's recorded in a separate location, so if my computer crashed without being backed up recently, or I lost a journal, I'd still have my blog archive. And having readers puts a small amount of (good) pressure on me to update, which wouldn't exist if it were a private record.

  22. hmm, i go through spruts like this too and the reason I keep going is all for me. I do the same looking back at the crazier days and go, wow, life flew by fast. I look back to days when he was just born and i like being able to to that. I've been working on his book for eons but maybe one day i'll finish. Until then, i have that to look back on.

    I read but don't always have all the time to comment but like you said, priorities are different now. I mostly blog at work or at night when he's in bed so i never feel like it's a time thing in that way.

    I could easily do a word document but it doesn't feel the same? I don't know either, i use it as an outlet! After last years crazy ride of a year, i think it was a bit cathartic to write there and it's one of the reasons i keep going.

    I'll miss your posts but at the same time, it's understandable. Maybe i've made sense, i'm not sure my kid woke me up at 5 am :)

  23. So funny that in between kisses he is reaching for himself on the computer screen! Adorable!

    I go through spurts of blogging depending on how much I have going on. I get backing away from it though. If it isn't rewarding for you then it can't be considered a good way to spend the free time you have. But, if you decide to walk away for the most part, I will certainly miss checking in on T-man and Henry!

  24. I've been a subscriber for a little over a year, and you posts are ALWAYS the first I read in Google Reader. Even if you only post once a month, I get so excited to see updates. Your posts are always so thoughtful, the photographs are BEAUTIFUL, and it gives me a bit of insight on what's to come in the future. We don't have kids (yet), but I every time I read your blog I feel like I have a little glimpse of the future for my husband and I. Thank you for blogging, and I really hope you continue to do so in the future.

  25. My GR just told me over 1,200 people subscribe to your blog, so I'm guessing we're still out here reading! :) I've been toying with the same issue lately. I think my main hurdle is that I have to blog about our amazing vacation, and posts with that many pictures take forever, and blah blah blah I'm only working on Day 2. Harumph. Also, and this is my own fault, I posted a link or two on FB. And now my FAMILY has found my blog. And I feel like I can't post about everything anymore. It's okay when internet friends read about personal stuff, but not people I know! The horror!

    I started reading your blog via StLWed, and I've continued to read as your life morphed into what it is today. Blogs aren't static, they are allowed (and should!) change with the blogger. Write about whatever makes you happy, Julia. Plenty of us out here will be reading (and benefiting).

  26. I think that I've only ever commented once before this. But I love your blog and check in periodically for updates. And when I've missed a bunch (which hasn't happened recently ;-)) I go back and read them all. I firmly believe in blogging for oneself (typing up word documents is meh, even private blogs are better for me) but I hope that you keep on not blogging for yourself. Not only do I love it, I'm sure that with your attitude it will mean a tremendous amount to you (and your children!) later.

    And once a month is far, far better than not at all.

  27. I feel exactly the same way right now. My blog posts have dropped dramatically. I'd just rather be doing other things, but I'm not ready to quit just yet. I just don't have the blogging desire I once had. But I agree with you, I love looking back and seeing how Nick was back when he was new, seems like an eternity ago. I'm thankful I have those posts to take me back in time.

  28. Still here and I check frequently for a new post! I sure hope you keep at it, even though I understand the "slump!"

    Nothing like this existed when my children were little - my youngest is 26...what I wouldn't give to have these memories in the form you have here for Truman versus the little square on their "Baby's First Year" calendar! If you can find it within yourself, try to keep it going - one day you'll be glad you did. And so will Truman!

    (And I'd love to hear how you're liking home health!)

    Loved the video...I well remember those precious baby kisses!

  29. I write so I don't forget. I blog for the accountability. If I just did the word document...I'd never do it. I also have a new baby and honestly if I didn't write everything would be a blur. I wouldn't remember a thing and all of these moments are just too important to forget. As far as making it a priority...it's hard...but it's a part of my "me time" that I desperately need to be a better mommy every now and then. Hope you continue on!

  30. I have been a reader for a while and have loved reading about your adventures throughout your journey as husband and wife and now as a family.

    I started reading your blog because I love photography and enjoyed reading about your different techniques, challenges and experiments.

    I am now in the stage where my husband and I want to start a family, so its been nice to read about someone who is in a similar stage in their life.

    I also live in the Tosa/West Milwaukee area, so its fun when you talk about places in the area and I know where they are. We love Juniper 61 as well :)


    PS. The pictures of Truman and Henry are adorable to see too!

  31. I will be honest, I miss the days were you posted more often! You are one of the few blogs I keep open in Safari and in my RSS feed. When I saw a one next to your blog on my feeder this morning, I smiled and said SWEET!

    I have been reading your blog for over a year now and I love how honest you are along with being more relaxed! I will get pregnant this year and looking forward to being able to blog the same way you have!

    Keep letting us know how the family is doing... just try to do it more often!

  32. It must be in the bloggie-air, but I just did a similar post: http://jahjong.blogspot.com/2011/01/worth-it.html.

    I too love your blog and would miss it is you stopped. I love your honesty! I try to be real, but I don't get into the details like you do and I appreciate it that you are so open!!

  33. Hi Julia, I've followed you for a while because I, too, had a little boy (now 8 weeks), I too, cloth diaper and your experience and descriptions were super helpful, and I loved your perspective on working and parenting. I also seriously admire you for your fitness.

    I struggle to find time to blog, but I want to document the milestones and cute moments of my son's life. I haven't yet begun a 'mommy blog' but yours is one that I truly enjoy.

  34. I'm still reading. I don't even know how I found your blog...clicking from one to another one day, a few months before Truman was born. I don't know what made me so interested....the way you write and put it all out there is appealing and of course, Truman is so stinkin' cute! Many of your posts remind me of things I went through with my now 2 year old and reminding me of things to look forward to with my 5 mo. old. I just recently started blogging too. Mostly in an effort to remember the little things. I do write in their baby books every month for the 1st year, then every few months after that, but it's easy to forget the little things.

    Hoping you continue blogging!

  35. Ive followed your blog since about mid-pregnancy (your's and mine!) I actually was quite addicted to it when you talking about the whole baby preparations thing. Later I enjoyed seeing adorable baby pictures and hearing about how you were adapting to motherhood. Like others have said, it was very cool to witness the amazing similarities between myself as working mom, wife, pet owner, health care worker, runner, etc...and you. But, me, blogging? Now? No way, are you kidding? So, let me just say-Ive really enjoyed getting to know you. If you decide to go on a sabatical-Ill miss you but I understand!!!

  36. don't leave us julia! :) post when you feel like it - do it because of all the reasons you've already said - don't feel beholden to a schedule, etc- i'm sure i'm not alone when i say, i'll read whenever you pop up in my google feed... no matter how many days, weeks or months go by in between!

  37. What nice comments you're getting! See, you have to keep it up, even if it's sporadic. ;)

    I'm so glad you blog because otherwise we never would have met and become friends! And even though I now know you in person, I still enjoy reading to keep up on what you're thinking and doing. And of course, I love all the T-man pics.

    I really enjoyed blogging when I did it, for all the reasons you enjoy it - having an outlet, looking back on posts, meeting people, getting comments and feedback, sharing what was going on in life, both with my family and friends and with my readers.

    I just became uncomfortable with having that much of my life out there for the world, but obviously a lot of people have no problem with that - and I think it's a lot different for me because of the line of work I'm in. I'm out there, and anything I write could really affect my working relationships and my job. I do miss it sometimes!

    I still do blog for myself, for almost two years now, so I could document my pregnancy and now Henry's life. I find it hard to keep up with it sometimes, especially when I have only myself to report to - no readers to keep me on my toes! But I'm always so happy to have it when I can look back at old posts and read about Henry's early days. You're right that it all goes by SO fast and it's so easy to forget what life was like from day to day even a few months back!

    Anyway, I'm glad you blog, but I also don't think you should feel bad if you only post once in awhile. There is certainly something to be said for just experiencing life - and Lord knows you'll have millions of photos to help you remember daily life! But whenever there's a new post from you in my Google Reader, I do get pretty excited. ;)

  38. I literally, literally, just had this conversation with my husband about 10 minutes ago. Feeling really discouraged and wondering why the heck I put myself through it. I even said "the popular girls will post a blog about how the sky is blue and get 42 comments while I'm lucky to get 1 or 2 on thoughtful posts."

    Even now, you have 37 comments and if I posted this same exact thing I think I would squeal with joy to get more than 1... ha!

    Honestly, I'm not sure why I blog. But I like you, I like the way you write, I like your baby boy {I'm a little partial to boys - I have 2!}, and I'm a cloth diapering mama partly because of you!

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

  39. Being a mom is a lonely enterprise, so I enjoy reading about those shared experiences with other moms. My baby is 7 months old, so I like reading your blog, so I can get a sneak peak at what is up next in terms of development. Also, I wish all us mommmy bloggers could be friends in "real life." I know we would have much to chat about :)

  40. I have been following you for a couple of months and I would personally love to read a blog about the topics you mentioned...so feel motivated to write them, please :).
    I love blogging (I have only been doing it for a.few months now). I find it to be a great outlet and I LOVE the people I have met through blogging, its such an amazing and encouraging community! :) I am on a the very exciting journey of becoming a mom...in 2 weeks! And love reading about other peoples journeys.
    I am also planning to cloth diaper, I think that's how I found your blog, so I really enjoy reading about what others have to say about their experience.

  41. I began reading your blog when I became pregnant last December. It was SOOO helpful to read about all the things you have gone through and all the joy your baby brings you. I felt like I wasn't alone. You inspired me to cloth diaper and breastfeed. The major reason I began reading your blog was because you are a working mama like me. You gave me hope that everything would work out. Thank you.

    I blog to capture memories and share with friends and family and hopefully help someone else like you did me. I often think that I am not really 100% present during the actual making of the memory because I am thinking about the blog posts. I have decided to post once or twice per month and not stress about it. It is awesome to look back at my posts and re-live the moments but I also want to really be present in it.

    Also your boy is oh-so cute!

  42. I read your blog for a few reasons: I like your writing, and you come across as a very genuine, sweet person. I am in my 20s, no marriage or kids yet, so it's interesting for me to read what that's like.

    Also, I used to live in Wisconsin and have a lot of family there, so I like when something pops up about Wisconsin. Oddly enough, it makes me feel more connected to you compared to some other bloggers I read. On that note, GO PACKERS! :-D

  43. Hey, everyone has to question their own motives for doing something once in awhile. It's healthy to do so! And you know, I got frustrated at the end of last year and blurted it all out on my blog. In doing so I was reassured of my reason for continuing to blog.

    I really do love to write! That's the reason I started blogging. At the heart of it I feel like I am a writer. But in my professional career I wasn't getting to use my journalism degree.

    I never ever imagined that strangers would care what I think. For a few years no one even knew I existed. But now, I get some nice comments and it is reassuring to feel like people are "listening" and your voice is being heard.

    Recently, I have been writing more about my struggles with depression and bipolar disorder. And come to find out there are others who appreciate the fact that I am open and honest about it rather than hiding in a corner. I find that it is very therapeutic for me to write about my past. It has been extremely difficult to put it all out there. But the blogging community is amazingly supportive.

    I found your blog when you commented on Kristal's blog. As a mom going through pregnancy for the second time, I gotta say, I really enjoyed reading blogs of first time moms-to-be. I always felt so good reading all the pregnant moms' blogs and thinking to myself, "Don't be nervous. Don't be scared. It's going to be more amazing than you ever thought possible!" I liked giving you reassuring comments. Not like I'm a pro at this parent thing. But I hope people take something away. I always try to be supportive because that's what has helped me grow as a woman, a mom and a blogger.

    It's okay that your blog has changed. It's okay that you only write when you can. During my second pregnancy I sometimes wrote only once a week. I go through creative spurts and then have fall outs too where I'm just too tired to put a sentence together.

    That's why I put blogs I like in my reader. Because when you're ready to tell me something, I'm ready to read :)

  44. I love your blog Julia! Even though your posting is sporadic now, I still smile when you pop up in my google reader. Even though I think we've only met briefly once or twice in real life, I sort of feel like we're "friends" through blogging. Sorry if that sounded creepy. And I love all of the pics and updates of Truman, he's just such a cutie!
    I blog partly to try and have a record of things to look back on, but also to connect with other people who share my interests. I'm probably not the best person to ask though, because my own posting goes in spurts. Anyways, I say keep the updates coming, even if it's just once in a while!

  45. Julia,

    So...without your blog I would not have found you. We have never met, but I feel like a kindred spirit. Not just because we had baby boys within days of each other, but because you inspire me. You and I are going through the same experiences almost daily, but you have a way of putting your life into words that help me try harder, believe more in myself and what I am capable of. In this day and age friendships have morphed into something different. Blogging about your life allows you to meet people you never would have before. (That can be good and bad) You can forge friendships with people you might never have met in this life. Even if you never get the opportunity to meet those that read your blog every day, you are still an unseen friend to me. I want you to keep blogging for yourself simply for the memories, but I also want you to keep blogging for me and everyone else out there that is inspired by the way you LIVE THIS LIFE. You do it well and you should keep sharing it with others! :) There is so much more to come and as we come out of the cave of raising a 1 year old I can't wait to see where you go. <3 Ya!

  46. I still read! I'm also a new mom (6 week old baby girl) and love your blog because it's a little preview of what I have to look forward to - I've been reading since before Truman was born and I was even pregnant. I hope you continue the updates, even if they're few and far in-between :)

  47. I Followed you from Weddingbee and really enjoy reading your blog daily/weekly when you post!

    I too am breastfeeding and had a baby- she is a few months younger than your lil guy though. I love reding your blog because you the experiences you share I can relate to, and sometimes I'll post a question- which you have always so thoughtfully answered.

    I know having a new baby changes your priorities. I hope the blog is something you continue because I (selfishly) love to read it. It helps me pass the time away as I nurse my baby... and because mom's need that commiseration and knowledge that someone else is going through the same thing.

  48. I love this comment from Molly, "That's why I put blogs I like in my reader. Because when you're ready to tell me something, I'm ready to read :)" It's so true! I tend to get a little tired of some of the bloggers that do it for a living - sometimes posts feel forced, there's all kinds of sponsorship and ads and giveaways....I miss reading about LIFE! Real stuff! The kind of things you write about! I understand that it can be a strain, and it's a tough balance to put so much of yourself and your life out there....but I do hope you'll keep blogging when you can.

  49. I'm a long-time reader, but I don't usually comment. I love your blog because you're completely down-to-earth and believable, Truman is ADORABLE, and you make me laugh. Please don't give the blogging. Even if you're not able to post often, I keep checking . . . and I'm always happy when you do. :)

  50. Your blog was one of the first blogs I came across when I fell into this blogosphere. I would be so sad not to read your witty posts, as few and far between as they are. I am not married and I do not have children so I am not trying to compare my life to yours and find the parallels, I just like to read your blog. I am looking to run my first half marathon in a couple of months and I love reading how you stay up with your running and how you have morphed your style into something that is kid and momma friendly. Keep up the great work and of course a little Truman kissing video never hurt anyone either :)

  51. Like one of the other commenters, yours was one of the first blogs I read upon entering the blogosphere and is one of the few I have continued to follow through till now. I loved your pregnancy posts and the useful items posts, and I think you give tons of other similarly situated women great advice and ideas. I, like Erin, selfishly hope you continue to blog because I would love to continue to read, including every single one of your post ideas you mentioned! Best of luck in figuring out what's best for you and your preciously sweet baby boy.

  52. My little boy is just a bit older than yours, so I have enjoyed reading your posts as another mom making her way with a first child. Even if you have the time, I completely agree that it is a matter of priorities and if blogging just isn't it for you these days because you enjoy your free time in other ways, then that is totally OK. As it seems you love taking pictures, my suggestion would just be to make sure there is something that is chronicling your time and these moments, but again, I am sure you are doing that with photos already. Best wishes to you!

  53. As a non-mom reader, I really enjoy your posts for several reasons: A. You're funny...duh. B. Someday I will have babies and I know there are several posts I will want to reference (CD, sleep, the boob, etc) and C. Truman is adorable.

    Personally, I try to keep up with two blogs and find it super hard at times. When I do blog about something personal and I get feedback from others who can relate, it's a great feeling. Knowing you're not alone and that others have gone through what you go through or like similar things, is reassuring. The blog world is a weird one in that tecnically commenters are your internet friends which qualifies you as super lame and at the same time, it's wonderful because you get a really diverse, unique following. I hope you continue to blog...your posts are always a fun read! Keep at it woman!

  54. I'm here - I'll continue to check in even if you no longer post. (although I'll be sad!) I love your pictures and candidness (is that a word). I've been reading for, I think, maybe 4 years? It's been a long time. We're very similiar - high school ballers, runners, first borns. And you've done it all before me - so it's fun to go back and read your posts about whatever I have going on in my life at that time - wedding, dog, etc. I feel like I know you - I've been reading that long!!


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