little round head

My little round head is turning into an oblong head!


Please, someone tell this toddler-esque babe to slow down a little bit. I just can't get over these two pics because his facial expression is exactly the same but his face itself has changed so much! Where are the fatty cheeks? Ugh.

That is all. Carry on.

Other more intelligent posts in the works but I just needed to get this out....


  1. You're right... oh my gosh, so grown up! He is turning from little baby to little boy... still as cute as ever though, Truman!

  2. Ugh, I am a fricking emotional mess tonight, probably due to weaning, and this made me tear up! He really does look so grown up now.

  3. I feel ya on that! I need to do a shot like this to really see it. I swear every time we pick him up out of his crib from nighttime sleep or just nap, we swear he has grown!! It happens way too fast!!!

  4. I know. It's so sad how fast they grow up. I've been havin some serious issues with this since our big haircut. I tear up at least once a day, lol

  5. I love his eyes... so adorable! And yes, so big. sad AND happy face!

  6. He's so adorable, Julia!! Oh, these boys just get cuter, smarter, more loving, more interactive, more AWESOME every day.

    I feel you on the missing the baby stage, though - but that's just why you look forward to the next lil babe. :)

    I think I probably will feel pretty sad when I know it's my last baby who's growing up so fast, though. :( Why must time pass so quickly?

  7. That is how Carter is too! He was my little chubby baby boy and now a skinny, tall toddler!

  8. Such a handome little man!

  9. Your little boy is so precious!

    By the way, just ran across your blog and I'm so glad I did! I'm enjoying reading your posts and getting to know your family. :)


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