25 weeks: a rutabaga?

Twenty-Five weeks: 2.15.12


Photo thoughts: You like the 'old school' shot in front of our green wall and clock? Yeah. Not feeling the outdoor shot today. And literally only got these two halfway decent pictures, but that is it. This project is fun but exhausting, too, man. Plus, one of the shots Nate took where I'm actually looking at the camera made me have about 4 chins. And so it begins.

Size of baby: A rutabaga according to BC and an eggplant according to TB. Have never even touched a rutabaga before but I was quite surprised to see how waxy and cool this little guy feels. Now to figure out a meal to incorporate this fruit baby...

Cravings: Eh. I'm sort of getting sick of indulging my every food desire. It's like I'm getting to that stage when I sort of gross myself out with eating EVERYTHING I please and I would really like to start monitoring what I shove in my pie hole a bit more now. I have a feeling the next weigh-in will not be pretty.

What I love: Saying that I'm due in May, and realizing that it's not so far away anymore!

What I'm looking forward to the most: Settling into our house. Yes, home projects and moving and money are definitely taking over my mind at this point. Can't wait to start on baby girl's nursery and bring her home to our new house.

Worries: I finally figured out that those super low kicks I was feeling in my cervix and butt are probably hiccups. Duh. I should know this. But then I realized that she is hiccuping almost every night and maybe even a few times per day. Then I started to worry that was too often and might mean she is having some respiratory distress in there. Not sure where I even read that, but of course I saw it somewhere and now I have chosen this to be my worry of the week. I really hate being a worrier, you know.

What is different this time around: Last time at 25 weeks I was really just starting to show, I joined a gym and worked out religiously, and I had gained 18 pounds. This time I've been showing for months, I am not working out at all, and I might be close to that 18 pound mark after being much less than my first pregnancy before this week.

Symptoms: Sometimes it's sort of painful to bend over and then stand back up. Like, my uterus doesn't like that motion and gets a little hard and weird when I dare to bend over. I've noticed myself grunting a little bit when I sit down or put on my shoes---and it seems WAY too early to be uncomfortable!

Sleep: No complaints!

Movement: Lots. Noticing a lot more kicking up high and also down low. She must be all over the place in there right now.

The belly: Pretty substantial, I'd say!

Milestones: She's 13.5 inches long and 1.5 pounds by now, laying down more fat every day. I still think being 'six months pregnant' is a pretty amazing milestone, too.

Amusing comments from the general public: Just the usual, 'You don't even look pregnant' comments that surely mean well but are highly irritating. I mean, really?

Best moment of the week: Closing on our house, successfully flying with a toddler alone...while pregnant...when he had an ear infection, and enjoying a fast but fun weekend in Missouri. Busy times around here and baby girl is along for this wild ride.


  1. You look great! You are going to be so happy that you stuck to these picture posts. I was so determined to do a weekly picture post, but so far all I have are crappy cellphone pictures of myself in bathrooms. Sigh. Congrats on 25 weeks!!

  2. I hate when people told me that I didn't even look pregnant. They told me "but you're so tiny!" and it always made me feel like I was doing something wrong or hurting my baby in some way by not being huge!

    6 months pregnant already? CRAZY!

  3. Exciting times for you guys -love the interior shots of the house.
    My little guy was head down at 6 months and he got hiccups about four times a day, I knew he was headdown because that's where I always felt them -pretty much on my pelvic bone. And he's doing fine now if that makes you feel any better, he was just a hiccup-y baby -he gets them a few times a day now that he's out of the womb, but they are working out of his system.

  4. Well, I totally think you look pregnant! I get that comment as well and I just want to be like, ummmm are you blind?

  5. I had to laugh at the respiratory stress comment. Only you...and maybe me. You look great! Almost there!

  6. Just thought I'd mention that when I was pregnant my baby hiccuped CONSTANTLY. Like it was borderline ridiculous. I brought it up to my OB and they weren't concerned at all. Turns out my kid is just a hiccuper. What's funny is that he STILL hiccups all the time. Now he does it whenever he laughs. Supposedly they just grow out of it. Anyways don't be worried! :)

  7. I love your semi-emo photos this week :)

  8. Well you definitely look pregnant. And you can never win, either people tell you that you are too small or they say you're too big. People just shouldn't comment on a pregnant lady's size in general. Also, my little guy had the hiccups a lot in my tummy and even now he still gets the hiccups at least once a day but the doc says he's perfectly fine so try not to stress.

  9. I have never heard of a rutabaga ;-) I blame it on not being from the States ;-)

    You look great!!! I so enjoy your weekly updates and belly pictures!!!

    I remember with my first pregnancy... I was 21! weeks pregnant and an old lady at the yarn store asked me how much longer I have because I look like I'm about to pop. With this being my first pregnancy she scared me so much that I ended up at the hospital that night thinking that the baby is about to fall out of me ;-) People still ask me alot how far I am and when I tell them 25 weeks they get this weird look like I wouldn't tell them the truth and then comment on how huge I look. My standard answer is that I'm probably showing earlier and so much because it's my 4th pregnancy, but still... People are unbelievable.

    I'm getting kicks on the right and left side at the exact same time and I am SO worried that baby will be breech. I know that there is still SO much time left for baby to turn but being a worrier as well I already see myself having a c-section. I told my OB/GYN my worries and he just smiled.

    I totally understand where you're coming from with your worries!

  10. Gabs hiccuped constantly. To the point where it would keep me up at night for hours. I don't think you have anything to worry about :)

    Oh yeah...May will be here before you know it!

  11. YAY for 25 weeks! Only 15 to go. Crazy.

    So, I have questions. :) Hopefully you've not answered them before and I just missed it.

    What does your pre-e with T mean for this pregnancy? Anything? Are you at higher risk because you've had it before? Do you have to have any extra monitoring? I really know nothing about pre-e, but I seem to remember hearing that first time moms have a higher chance than 2+ time moms, but I didn't know if having it once before made a difference. Please inform me. :)

  12. Ha, Kristal. I don't think I've addressed the pre-E questions yet.

    My OB says I have a 25% chance of getting it again. The risk is always higher for first time pregnancies for some reason, yes. I am hoping and praying I get spared this time.

    I pretend to be a doctor sometimes and have decided that my pre-E last time was due to working full time on my feet all day long in a very physical job (no research proves this matters, but to me it makes sense). So now that I'm working half as much, and on my feet very little I feel like maybe I will be spared. I know stress does affect my BP though, so I'm hoping the whole house situation doesn't make my BP jump at the end. We shall see. My numbers spiked out of nowhere at 34 weeks last time----hoping to cross that thresh hold with great readings this time!

  13. I love following your progress. Such a sweet and fun way to do it! If you need any recipes for rutabagas.. wholeliving.com has some yummy ones!


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