30 weeks: A Basketball Fruit (?)

Thirty Weeks: 3.21.1230wD

30wA Photo Thoughts: Well, isn't that a nice basketball fruit up there? Couldn't deal with hunting for an appropriate fruit at the store and I feel like my belly resembles a basketball at this point, so I went for it. Mad props to the high school basketball 'has been' Julia of my past. She'd be so proud. Also, I felt extremely cute in my work clothes on Monday so I set up the tripod and went to town---a first for this pregnancy, but I'm glad I did. Sometimes a full body shot gives you a better idea of my belly size than just a giant close up of my bump. And looking at these pictures, I guess I do sort of look 'small' for 30 weeks, huh? The torso. It has to be the torso. And I'm glad I'm not huge--plenty of time for that.

Size of baby: Um, a 'cabbage' according to BC and a squash or a cucumber according to TB. Have done all of them. And therefore, had to think outside of the box. These last 9 weekly shots might get a little tricky.

Cravings: Not a whole lot this week. I still love to eat but little girl is still giving me a break from constant hunger pains.

What I love: Hitting my 30's! Yep, this is my golden week of pregnancy when my weekly progress matches my age. This pregnancy feels extremely real to me, just so you know.

What I'm looking forward to the most: Cuddling my girl. Nursing her. Dressing her. Watching her with Truman. Mostly all of it.

Worries: Nothing, really. I love weeks like this.

What is different this time around: At 30 weeks with Truman I had experienced a major belly growth spurt, was getting really annoyed with the general public's comments on my bump, and was shocked at how active Truman was in the womb. This baby girl is also pretty darn active this week, I'm still mostly annoyed with the general public, and although my belly is still pretty big I think it's sort of evening out compared to my first pregnancy.

Symptoms: It's getting pretty hard to move in any direction but forward. Meaning, getting up from the ground, sitting up from the couch, bending over all cause me to grunt and moan and feel pretty ridiculous. But otherwise, I'm still feeling awesome and cannot complain.

Sleep: Love it. No issues. Thank you, God.

Movement: Crazy amounts. I have yet to get a decent video of her punching my insides but it's pretty freaky and I wonder if other people can see when she is going nuts. Probably not. They are usually too busy deciding what idiotic comments to make about my bump instead.

The belly: Round, hard, and carried pretty high this time around. Belly button is pretty much out. No stretch marks but still with the itchies. And my linea negra is coming back to life! I feel like it never really left anyway.

Milestones:  For me: my golden week! For baby girl: she is over 15 inches long, almost 3 pounds, and is at the max for her amniotic fluid this week. So weird to think she is really gearing up to be on the outside.

Amusing comments from the general public: The usual suspects, such as but not limited to: 'When are you due? Oh, you are really small. You aren't even showing.' One patient changed it up and asked how many more months I had until baby was born. Putting it like that really made me think, and when I said 'Two-and-a-half more months' I shocked myself with how CLOSE that seems. And of course, she was shocked, too. Whatevs.

Best moment of the week: A few things: first, my OB appointment last week on Thursday. BP is still fabulous, weight gain is fine and still a little less than where I was with Truman, my OB is amazing, and we are now into the bi-weekly appointments! Also, she gave the thumbs up to having a birth photographer in the room and I just can't even think about that without getting incredibly excited. Secondly, I got 16 new maternity tops lent to me from two of my girlfriends. Is there anything better in the world than expanding your wardrobe, for free, right when you are in a slump with everything in your closet? I think not.


  1. I'm kind of in love with that shirt you are wearing. Why couldn't I find such cuteness when I was pregnant?

    And, wow, 30 weeks?! The speed of baby girl's pregnancy just blows my mind. She's gonna be here before you know it! So can't wait to meet her.

  2. Ha! Mmmmm, basketball fruit. My favorite, lol.

    I am getting so excited for you! I can't wait to see what she looks like.

    And you are so lucky that you're sleeping well. Sleeping was absolute hell for me during both my pregnancies!

  3. That shirt is awesome! I love the color and the style and you look great in it :)

    I can't wait to virtually meet this baby girl! And you know you want to plan a road trip over your maternity leave to bring your children to Minneapolis :) I hear 5 hours in a car with 2 kids is really fun!!!!

  4. That shirt is super cute! You do look a lot smaller in a full length shot, but I think more than your torso, it's your height. Something about you being so tall seems to diminish the belly. Funny, because in close ups, your belly looks really big (not in a bad way!). Anyway, enough analysis on that, haha.

    I'm excited you are doing birth photography! I can't WAIT to see the pics. We are doing it this time too. We got super lucky in the hospital, as my doula turned out to be pretty darn great with the camera so we got some great shots. This time, we are getting a pro though, and she's a friend of mine who's totally into home birth, so I'm pumped for that too. Aren't you just dying for that standard "baby on mama's chest" pic?? :)

  5. Ummm...you look amazing. Totally jealous of that long torso. At 30 weeks, I looked like a huge monster. Totally jeals. Can't believe you are already at 30 weeks. You are in the homestretch, mama. I bet it feels SO good!

  6. Two things:

    1). That basketball is definitely bigger than your bellah.

    2). Every time I look at your blog there's a new pregnancy post. Holy.crap. She's coming soon!

  7. You look AMAZING!!! Pregnancy looks so very good on you!

  8. You (and your ARMS) look amazing! And that's awesome that you'll have a birth photographer. I regret not having one. Your comment about crazy movement reminded me of this one time I was probably 7-8 months along with my daughter and was in the OB's waiting room. She was SO active and visibly stretching my stomach so much that it looked like some creature was about to burst out of me. I was a little embarrassed!

  9. Ooh, cute shirt! :) One of my faves.

    Happy 30 weeks lady!!

  10. Ditto W's comment about your arms! Dang girl, all that painting is a heck of a toning exercise? You look fantastic!

  11. Whelp, this is the one time your weekly posted food didn't make me hungry:) Love that you're having a birth photographer- I want to have one as well, just trying to get hubby on board!

  12. That is too funny that you wrote that you wonder if people can see your little girl moving from the outside, I wonder the same thing all the time, especially when she's going nuts! It makes me look really hard at other pregnant bellies to see if I can see their babies moving too! Congrats on your golden week! :)


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