28 weeks: Cauliflower Girl

Twenty-eight weeks: 3.7.12




Photo thoughts: Thinking that outside pictures will be few and far between now. And how do you like my wife-beater tank? Trying to avoid wearing the same tops in pictures is getting difficult already. Geesh.

Size of baby: Whoops! I think last week was supposed to be a cauliflower and this week was supposed to be the cabbage, according to BC. Look at me making up my own timeline!

Cravings: Well, I finally feel full, you guys. As in, last week I was not famished 24/7 and could actually go without snacks and sweets. Maybe baby girl is giving me a break on her growth spurt or something? But for the first time in months, no true cravings.

What I love: Still in that honeymoon stage with this pregnancy because I just love it all right now. Especially being in my third trimester. It's for real, folks!

What I'm looking forward to the most: Snuggling my newborn. Nursing her. Staring at her face for absurd amounts of time. Maternity leave. Being a mom of two. Seeing Truman as a big brother. Shall I go on?

Worries: It's been a pretty sane week around here! Too busy with house stuff, birthday stuff, and out of town visitors to worry. Even when painting the ceiling of a room in our new house this weekend, I didn't automatically assume that stretching my arms over head for countless hours would hurt baby girl. I just knew it would hurt my neck and she will probably be just fine. And yes, in case you were wondering---I wear a mask and my OB did say painting the house is 100% fine as long as it's ventilated in there. Look at me, not worrying this week!!

What is different this time around: With Truman's pregnancy I was complaining of an itchy belly, running three days per week, had a bad cold for a while, and was interviewing pediatricians for Truman. Oh, and being the ever-annoying over-achiever with nursery decor. It's funny because this week I had my first pregnancy cold and it was AWFUL, just like with Truman. I'm definitely not running or doing nursery related things but our found-pediatrician is still amazing and I'm glad I don't have to hunt for another one. Overall, week 28 with both of these pregnancies seems pretty similar!

Symptoms: This is sort of gross but I must document: flossing my teeth causes my gums to bleed in a scary way. I looked it up and apparently it's not uncommon to have sensitive gums during pregnancy but man--my 6 month check up is approaching in a few weeks and I'm sure my dental hygienist is just going to love me this time. Sick. I also had a cold for about 24 hours this week and thought I might die without taking a decongestant. But somehow I lived to tell the tale.

Sleep: Yes. Lots. Had my first night when my belly felt uncomfortable for a bit when I was trying to get positioned in bed. But really, I have no problems passing out like a rock every night. I might get up at 3 am to pee occasionally but not even that happens every night. I'm lucky so far, I know.

Movement: She is a superstar mover in there. My mom and Memaw even got to feel her jabs when they were visiting this weekend! She is still up high and down low and sometimes all over my torso. I really do hope she settles into the head-down position sooner than later. Isn't she getting a little big to have room to swim around like a fish?

The belly: Round, big, and no joke. I love it. Belly button is sometimes out and sometimes in. No stretchies but the itchy skin is still there.

Milestones:  Baby girl is 2.25 pounds and 14.8 inches long (very random numbers this week, in my opinion). She can blink her eyes and maybe even see some light that shines into my uterus (??). Basically, she is a real baby now and I picture her packing on the pounds from here on out.

Amusing comments from the general public:  Nothing new this week, thank goodness. But the chick from last week is still ringing in my ears. I forgot to mention that after she told me my face is pudgy (but she can tell I'm normally thin----thanks, biyatch) she proceeded to ask me if I'm a runner. What? I do get that question a lot when I'm not pregnant and usually I can answer with a solid 'Yes, I am'. This time I stammered out that I normally run when not pregnant but have been taking it easy for these 9 months out of my life and stick to walking instead (did not mention that this baby was basically a 'pending miscarriage' with a giant bloody episode at 6 weeks that has left me somewhat paralyzed in the exercise department. It's really none of her business anyway, if I'm running or not). Then the psycho lady went on to tell me about how she knew of a woman who ran on the treadmill next to her at the gym until the day she delivered. (Big whoop. Good for her.) And then the lady tells me that said-pregnant chick was back at the gym two weeks after giving birth. Sounds a little overdone to me, but maybe that's just my laziness/defensiveness talking. I was literally trying to walk out the door the entire time my best comment friend was telling me all of this because I wanted that awful conversation to end immediately.

Best moment of the week: Truman's birthday party, seeing my family from Missouri, getting a lot accomplished at the house, and realizing that it's freaking March already. Busy but fun times!


  1. I had INSANELY bloody gums while pregnant, like spitting out blood when I just BRUSHED. But I also have a weird bleeding disorder so that might be it...but I did read that bleeding gums is a pretty prevalent pregnancy symptom. You look great Julia and I can't believe all that you´ve gotten done on your new house so far!

  2. Ughh I would have been tempted to ask that lady what HER exercise regimen is since she's not pregnant and you said she had no room to be talking about weight.

    Apparently I'm a mean little preggo!

  3. Yay third trimester! You look great as always!

  4. Yay, cauliflower. One of my favorites. I think you look amazing, mama!

    p.s. I'm going to hire you to come paint my house. Seriously jealous that you have that much done!

  5. Julia-
    I've been following along with your blog since you were pregnant with Truman and now I'm pregnant with my first little one (a BOY) due right around the time of your little girl (May 28th). Anyway, I'm wondering if you are interested in selling your BOB stroller you used with Truman? We really want one but already have the Chicco travel system and would like to find a used BOB. Would you please email me at mkuhlman32@hotmail.com Thanks!!!

  6. I had bloody gums and bloody noses all the time when I was pregnant! I also had pregnancy induced carpel tunnel syndrome, WTF? Our bodies do strange things when housing babies!

  7. You look adorable! That lady is so jealous of you. Just ignore her rude comments. You are getting so close to meeting your baby girl! Very happy for all of you!

  8. Dude, I blinked and here you are in the third trimester. Why didn't my pregnancies go this fast? ;)

    My dental hygienist said I had insanely healthy gums for being pregnant. They never bleed when I flossed or at my check ups. HOWEVER I just went in last week and found out I have a cavity! wtf? Seriously annoyed and yes, I feel 12.

  9. I definitely also had bloody gums while pregnant.... it was pretty disgusting.

    Love the tank top - great way to show us the belly a bit more!

  10. I love this -- soo much! As someone that isn't pregnant yet or never has been, this is so helpful to read about other mommy experiences.

    And, at least when you go to the dentist you will have a good excuse!!


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