I feel like I never blog about 'events' in our life anymore--I didn't do a post specifically about preparing to be away from my kids for 2 nights, I didn't blog about our trip to Colorado. Events just don't tend to make the blog anymore because I usually just post monthly updates and giant complaints. I'm trying to change that. Text first, pictures following. You can skip to the pictures if you wish:)

Cecelia got baptized on Sunday, September 30! This also means that my mom, dad, and Memaw all came up from Missouri from Thursday through Tuesday to help us celebrate. I worked on Friday and Monday but I kept the kids home from Lori's and let the MO crew babysit (because hanging with the kiddos was pretty much the entire point of their trip). And man, every time my family comes to visit I'm always left feeling like it would be SO much easier to have an extra set of hands around at any given time. I mean, duh. But it's always so freaking amazing to have my mom or grandma or dad there just to help do random housework tasks or change a diaper or make a few meals. It definitely makes them leaving a lot harder because they spoil us when they are here, but I'd gladly take the sadness after a visit in the name of spending some quality days with them.

The baptism itself went really well, despite having the potential for being a total disaster. Church services for us last an hour MAX, but this particular Sunday? Two freaking hours. No joke. There were two other major events going on aside from C's baptism that I was not aware of before walking in there (thank goodness---I would have been even more anxious) but it turned out just fine. Truman hung in there despite being really bored halfway through and Cecelia managed to chill and sleep a bit in my arms before her shining moment. Whew. Thank you, God. I was sweating bullets as we lead up to our turn at the front and barely remember what the pastors said but my kids did great.

Cecelia was wide awake by the time we went up to the altar and she was showing off her new found shrieks a few times, but she did not cry. Even when the Pastor soaked her head a few times with a cup of water---she looked confused but didn't get mad. Such relief on my part here! As he showed CC off to the church she just looked around like she was performing for an audience (of course) and I was ever so proud of my girl.

And she wore my own gown, and the 'bed jacket' that Memaw had made for my mom many years ago. I cannot tell you how much I love seeing my daughter wearing things from three other generations of women in her family.

Truman came up to the front with us and was SUCH a big boy the entire time. After the Pastor baptized C he asked Truman if he wanted to walk down the aisle to show Cecelia off to the congregation. I couldn't believe it when Truman nodded his head 'yes' and was floored to see him trotting down the aisle in front of so many people like it was NBD. But then? The Pastor said something about how there were treats out in the main area past the doors and 'don't look at those, it's not time to snack yet.' He meant it in a joking way but I think Truman thought he was getting in trouble for eying the treats. So he fought back tears the entire way back up to the altar and everyone was half laughing at the pathetic face he was making and half crying for him because he was so sad:( He pulled it together though and finished out his time as big brother to the baptized one like a champ.

We had a little brunch celebration at our place after the marathon church service and my mother-in-law was a huge help in coordinating everything. Especially since I had to take a few time-outs to nurse CC upstairs (really unflattering to do this in a dress when you have to peel it down from the top and sit there half nekkid while feeding your child). Some of Nate's dad's family came down from Madison for the brunch and everyone else was there, too---so I think we had about 14 adults here at once. A new record for our new house! And Pepaw sent his handmade, brand new dining room table with my parents and we are seriously so in love with it. I will have to take a few pictures of just the table to show you guys because it's so beautiful and perfect for us. It can seat up to 10 (maybe even 12?) with both leaves and it was awesome to have such a great gathering spot for so many people this weekend. There's something about hosting a celebration like this that makes me feel very 'grown-up' and adult-like---and the big fancy dining room table helps with that, too. :)

My parents and Memaw both left today (Tuesday) and I suppose we will be able to adjust back to our 'normal'. Cecelia had her 4 month well baby check up today and did well with her shots but needed to nurse CONSTANTLY today---and I happily obliged. And Truman is a bit out of sorts and sad about his buddies leaving, too---very whiny and clingy, but I really can't blame him. What a long weekend we had!

Random side note before we get to pictures: I just checked Truman's 'Sprinkled' post and wow. I took 400 pictures that weekend? Makes my 200 from this time seem pretty puny. And again: He was so fat!!

Some of my favorite pictures from the weekend...






(playing dress up with Go Go)





(the fam)

(classic outtake)

(making it through the two hours of church!)




(where he lost it)



IMG_4856 copy


(two great-grandmas in one place!)




(cheese! love.)


(four gens)

(Nate's side)




(iPhone pic from my car window to prove how beautiful it is in Wisconsin right now)

Sigh. What a weekend, indeed.

P.S. Cecelia still isn't sleeping but on the scale of crappiness, I'd say it's a teensy bit better than it was last week. As in, sometimes she even makes it until midnight before waking up! Sometimes not. But regardless, thank you for the kind comments on my last post. I'm currently in an 'I don't even care about how to get her to sleep better' mood. We'll see if that lasts.


  1. I smiled all the way through this post, start to finish. Love the pics, love that she did so well! And oh my gosh, Truman's sprinkle post - what a chunker!!

    Congrats again baby C. ;)

  2. Loved this post - if only you had unlimited time to blog about every event in your life, I'd be so happy for more Julia updates to read ;)

    LOVE the pic of Cece with the book - so adorable!

  3. Long time reader, first time commenter (wink wink).

    Just was thinking that if neither of us have any more girls, at least Char and Cece can be god-sisters!

  4. I second loving that second to last photo with the book - what a great shot! Glad you had such a satisfying weekend!

  5. I'm so glad you had a good trip to Colorado and an even better visit from family for missy's baptism. I just love when all the fam can get together around a big table and share about life.

    CeCe gives me the baby fever.


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