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So this isn't a giveaway specifically for my lovely readers (but I wish it were, do you hear that Boon?!) but it's something cute and fun that you all may want to give a shot. Side note: I did totally contact Boon to see if they ever work with bloggers for reviews and giveaways because I am becoming obsessed with the idea of getting their Flair Pedestal Highchair. Literally obsessed and I know I could buy it for myself but it never hurts to ask for a freebie, right? Apparently they have a lot of bloggers who want to sell themselves out in return for product, though---since there was an entire form for bloggers on their site. I suppose I will settle for getting emails about public contests for now, whilst dreaming of the highchair.


Boon is having a contest through Facebook right now and you better believe I already entered in my photo in hopes of winning, even though I never win contests. This one is called the 'Fearless Drinker' Facebook giveaway which promotes their new Modster sippy cup at Target.

You have to go here on Facebook and submit one photo of your kid making the best 'Modster' (get it? monster = Modster) face. They will randomly select the winner so I suppose there is no use in trying to pick a perfect image or anything. And if you win you will get $100 worth of Boon feeding products (Modster, Sip, Stout, Catch Plate, Modware, Grass, Stem and Twig). Pretty sweet, huh?

Cecelia does need new sippy cups....I looked at Target today and didn't see the Boon stuff but I am totally digging them from afar.

This giveaway prompted me to attempt a 'scary' photo shoot with Truman. Which is basically the only type of photo shoot he would allow at this point, anyway.

My selected picture? Along with my favorite 'monster' face of Cecelia's (which didn't get submitted since I play by the rules and only picked ONE)?

SCARY kids!

But seriously, Truman really does have some creepster faces.

And if you  have met him in person, no doubt he had done his patented 'eye roll' face for you. It's so disgusting and really does creep me out! How does he get his eyes to roll back THAT much?!?!

Have no idea what he's doing here, but he requested me to take more pictures just like this.

Ah, three year olds. Anything that involves a scary face is a win in his book. Let's hope that winning translates literally this time;)


  1. Seriously adorable. That highchair is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The one thing I tell friends who are having their first is that my biggest regret is getting a highchair with so many cracks and crevices!

  2. Ha! That kid is something. He cracks me up.

    Girl, you best just buy that high chair if you want it because time's a-wastin! It almost won't be worth it anymore since she's already 10 months old!

  3. That's the cutest scary face ever. I'm terrified! And I have that Boon high chair - it's awesome! We absolutely love it. It was definitely a splurge, but it's so easy to clean and move around. It cleans up in 2 seconds flat. The tray is on the small side though - that's the only real issue I have with it. It's definitely worth it.


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