Six years of marriage, nearly eleven years together.

I can't help but reflect on our fifth anniversary last year: out to dinner and dessert, then labor started hours later and our girl was born at 8:05 am the following day. It's safe to say this year's anniversary won't be quite as eventful or memorable as our fifth. But, allow me to get a little mushy here: I can say that I love Nate even more now than last year. Just seeing him ease into his role as a dad of two kids, while entering the Threenager phase together as a team has made me love my partner even more. And sharing a 'holy crap, what a day' drink together at the end of a tough one is a good way to solidify that we are in this together. Even when the baby is acting a fool and her brother even more so. We are a team and we are in this together. And what a good teammate I have in this parenting game.

Someday our marriage won't revolve around being parents of small kids, and those times when we can actually make eye contact and have adult conversations together will become the norm. Until then, we will cherish our date nights and running together without a stroller and the quiet evening hours after the kids are asleep. Because our marriage is nowhere near perfect but it's still pretty great.

Happy six years to us.

May 27, 2007


First Anni: big trip to San Diego 2008

Second Anni: trip to Chicago 2009
Buckingham fountain

Third Anni: whoops, new baby! No time to take a real picture of the parents, this must have been around Memorial Day-ish. Sorry, Nate ;( 2010

Fourth Anni: back to Chicago in the rain (really dressy here, love my hair!) 2011

Fifth Anni: out to eat for a date night, hours before baby girl is born 2012

Sixth Anni: out to eat last the same place as last year, but no baby to follow the next day. 2013

It's nice not to be hugely pregnant and in labor at the end of this anniversary celebration. And I think I'm more content this year than ever. Ah, reflections of years past. So much fun.

So happy to be married to this guy with these two crazy kiddos.




  1. I was super pregnant for our anniversary last year and really missed my glass of champagne! Cheers!

    Ps: I love your tunic top, where is it from?

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! It's about 5 years old but from H&M ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 3rd on 5/22.

  3. You look so great in your year 6 pics!

  4. Happy 6th!!! Your beautiful family is the perfect testament to your happy marriage. :)

  5. :) :) :)

    Such a cute couple, such a beautiful family. I'm glad to know you guys! Happy six years!

    I totally need to do the pic-from-every-year thing on the blog when seven rolls around in October ... love seeing the changes through the years!

    Glad you guys had a nice date night for your anniversary - cheers to at least 50 more!!

  6. Happy Anniversary! I love reflecting. Love your shoes :) Cute pictures.


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