Cecelia's One Year Photo Shoot

When Andrea asked me if I would 'let' her take pictures of Cecelia with the pink highchair, I practically squealed. I mean, I had attempted some photos of my girl in her chair in our backyard but my professional photographer friend wanted to shoot it? Duh!

We picked a night to meet near Andrea's house and all day long it was rainy and overcast. I was bummed thinking that we might not get the chance to do this photo shoot but later in the afternoon the clouds parted for us. I packed four outfits for Cecelia but figured we'd never make it through more than one or two. I just didn't have high hopes for my wiggly girl to sit still long enough for the camera. I mean, she basically looks at my camera for 0.2 seconds and then she is off to the next activity. But I was pleasantly surprised with her attention span for Andrea.

I dropped the boys off at Andrea's house so that Nate and Truman could hang with Jim and Eli and Gabby. Then the rest of us girls headed off to the field as the sun was setting. If ever there was a perfect night for photos, this was it. The light in the images is so freaking pretty (and so is my girl, obviously) I can't believe how much we lucked out with the weather!

And then we went to town. I shoveled chocolate chips at Cecelia and wiped away her chocolatey drool frequently. I ran in and out of the frame arranging her and standing her up and then I danced around behind Andrea to assist with the smiles. But mostly it was all Andrea and Cecelia's show.

Could not be happier with these images. I feel another big canvas print coming on.

New purple dress.


May blow this one up to the size of an entire wall:

Then she showed us her longevity in standing:

A fave, since it's such a CC face.

Sweet girl.

And then the tutu she has had since birth, but has never worn. Plus the birthday crown, pink balloons, and the high chair. I die.


Andrea mentioned the symbolism with pink balloons, considering the gender reveal we did back in January of 2012. And then I almost cried.

In her birthday dress for the finale.

I want to reach out and hug her in this one.

Hi, CC!

Clapping, but not happy with the balloon on her wrist;)

Oh, the yummy light was too much. Love these more than words.


  1. Are you freaking kidding me?! These are amazing!! Wow. Love the one of her sitting down in the blue dress, the CC face and that big giant smile in the crown. So many good ones! You must do a canvas! Happy birthday again, little Miss!

  2. Stunning photos!!! I love them all. Also I hope CC was a good sleeper for you last night!

  3. They're beautiful! :) But really, how could they not be beautiful with CC in the pictures AND Andrea taking pics to boot. Wonderful :)

  4. I don't know how you will choose which one to get on a canvas...I'm willing to bet you will have to do more than one! :) So cute!

  5. loved them! turned out great!

  6. Those pictures are amazing. How special! When I read about the pink balloons and their special significance I got goosebumps! I've been trying to find some cute poses for our 1st birthday shoot but after seeing yours I'm convinced that you just need to let their personality shine!

  7. Dying over all of them - but especially the ones with the high chair, they are perfect!!!

    So nice to have a photographer friend. :)

  8. These pictures are just gorgeous! Happy birthday again, CC!

  9. Gorgeous!! I loooove these. Especially the ones with her and the pink high chair.

  10. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. Well done, Andrea!

    I got goosebumps when you referenced the balloons in the gender reveal. Love!!!!!

  11. Oh so amazingly adorable. Thank you for sharing your precious CC with us! I wish I had a photographer friend. Treasure these!


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