Fireplace Update

One more little house update for you...

We bought 'oiled bronze' spray paint, in case we wanted to spray our back door hardware. When we chose to buy new hardware instead, Nate had the idea of attempting to spray paint our ugly gold fireplace doors. We had planned to buy new doors but they were almost $300 and not found in the stores, only online. So we figured we'd spray the doors we have for now and see if it satisfied our desire for a different set completely.

Goodbye, Gold!


 Untitled Untitled

 Hello, spray paint!
 Untitled Untitled


Ta Da!
IMG_4413 Now we just have to decide if we want to concrete stain the bricks, like we originally thought. I don't want them to be too dark now that the doors are super dark. I still don't love the blonde color of brick but maybe we will just leave them for now. I can tolerate the spray painted doors, even though I still don't LOVE the style. At least they are dark and provide contrast to the brick and the floors, and they seem to sort of disappear instead of standing out too much. I feel like they make the tile pop out more, too.

 And so, Before and After: 2013-10-22_0001 Thoughts?


  1. What about white washing the brick? Our brick fireplace is painted solid white, which I love, but I love the whitewashed look too. I think Young House Love and Bower Power have both done tutorials on painting and whitewashing brick.

    And I'm dying to hear more about the basement being finished! Is that happening soon? I can't wait to love vicariously through you. :)

  2. I think it looks great!! Amazing what a little paint can do!

  3. Looks great! I love the new color. I think painting the brick white would really make a big difference. I'm not a huge fan of painted brick, but I think in small doses, like this it would really make things Pop.

    Also, I thought about spray painting my gold insert as well, but someone told me that you had to use High Heat spray paint. Is that what you used? Or does it really not matter?

  4. How do you think the spray paint will withstand the heat from fires? I ask because we also have the blonde brick and gold doors. I have been toying with spray paint versus new doors for awhile.

  5. Eek, be careful if you use that fireplace! "Warning: Traditional spray paint is unsuitable for fireplace doors, as it cannot withstand high heat."
    High Temperature Paint (what's used on car engines or grills) is suggested.

  6. Nevermind, I just investigated and it doesn't seem to be just might ruin your work. Worth a shot probably!
    "If you buy "regular" paint that is not made to get hot, it may easily bubble-up, crack or chip-off from the heat of the fire."

    1. Katy, Valerie, and Chelsie---I think we will be ok because the gold never got that hot before. I guess we will see! I don't think it's dangerous but I suppose it could bubble. Worth a shot.

  7. This is a great change! I'd hold off on the brick until you are totally certain - I guess I just think that brick staining/painting seems more permanent than most things.


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