Feeling Settled

I know having three kids is getting easier when....

I take all three grocery shopping alone and nobody cried, including me!
Grocery shopping with 3 kids alone

I also feel like life with three kids can be confidence boosting (I got this, life is good, no big deal) or totally humbling (OMG my daughter hates me and hates life and I suck at motherhood OMG)---and those two extremes rest on top of a very delicate balance. Most of time things are ordinary and 'fine.' But the rare really awesome days and the rare really horrible days sure do make a big impact on my perception of being in control. Because obviously I am not able to control all that much as a mom to three little kids!

But anyway, grocery shopping with three kids = one of those events that seemed impossible when Porter was a newborn. Children definitely grow older and more independent and motherhood starts to feel more settled. Who knew?

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  1. I want a 3rd but hubby says we're done with 2, and it the moments when things are horrible (Trent is having a horrendous meltdown and Drew only wants to be held and hubby is gone and there is mess everywhere I look and no food to feed anyone, haha) I think I am crazy to want another. But then in the nice moments when the kids are playing together and the kitchen is clean I think I could do it. I do agree that what seemed impossible with 1 baby becomes manageable with 2 (or 3 or 4 or or or) once you do it. I remember being alone with both kids for the first time when Drew was like 3 months old (post-partum anxiety is a b*tch for killing confidence) yet my sister (who is also a SAHM) had all 3 of hers at the park when her littlest was like a week old, ha! Perspective...


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