Colorado 2015 | Day Five

Saturday | August 1

{A day of exploring downtown Windsor and Old Town Fort Collins}

I'll start this post about our day on vacation the exact same way as every other day: Porter waking up in the middle of the night. Sigh. This time he is up at 3 am and gets a bottle. Then he either never goes back to sleep or he wakes up for a second time at 4:30 and I give him another small bottle because WTF? Cecelia comes in to our bedroom at 6:15 but somehow we convince her to go back to bed until her 7:00 Tot Clock time. She goes upstairs with Nate, Truman stops by my bed at 7:20 and  then goes up, too. Porter is awake at 7:35 and so I cannot lounge in bed any longer, we head upstairs together to get this show on the road.

Breakfast is had, and the guys are playing the game 'Rush Hour' which must be one from my childhood. 



Then once everyone is fed and dressed the whole crew drives to downtown Windsor for Nana Bea's for some coffees, ice cream samples, and a sneaky toy treat by my mom for the kids. It was an old fashioned ice cream parlor/gift shop that was adorable and the iced coffees were fantastic.




Once the kids connived my parents to get them a small toy, we headed out of the shop and down towards a playground that was near a sandy beach/big pond (I think they call it a 'lake' in Colorado) ;) The playground had swings so Cecelia was an automatic fan. It was incredibly hot and the sun was intense, no shade available, so we didn't last too long. Still had a good time swinging, sliding, and throwing rocks into the pond (er, lake). 





We got back home around 11:00 and made an early lunch for the children, playing Truman's new 'Tip It' game he selected from Nana Bea's. It was pretty fun actually, I'm getting more excited about family board games and friendly competition with the children (will never let them win though, nope).

After that it was nap time for the two littles, and Nate and I wanted to eat in Old Town this day. We headed out and went to Backcountry 
Delicatessen based on several stellar reviews online and it did not disappoint. I mean, I could eat a sandwich every single meal of my life and never get sick of them (and I do basically eat one every day for lunch). But 'fancy' sandwiches are my FAVE and this was yummy.
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We walked around downtown a bit, bought a few souvenirs for us and for our parents (Old Town Spice Shop for new rubs for the in-laws, then Kilwins for the most amazing fudge and other chocolate treats for my parents). We had to hit up Mary's Mountain Cookies for a gigantic lump of sugary goodness and I'm not sure why we split one, because I could have totally done the deed on my own. Nate wanted to stop by Odell Brewing Company for a beer and we were SHOCKED to see that the back patio was freaking packed. We didn't even remember there being a patio last time we came here (and did the tour) but apparently the nicer weather and a weekend meant that everyone and their mom wanted to be outside day drinking some of the best craft beer;) The line took forever just to order a brew and I was kind of being a party pooper about it but Nate held steady. And it was worth it because the atmosphere outside WAS really fun. I had a Wilson Wit and Nate discovered his new favorite beer, the Nitro Cutthroat Porter. Yes, we love the name especially;)

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We headed back home after stopping to buy a teensy bit of beer for the remainder of our trip (vacation evenings!) and we were excited to see the kiddos when we arrived. Both Porter and Cecelia napped for 2.5 hours and all three were playing in the bathtub when we reunited. We played, Porter crawled and mom started dinner after giving P a bottle next to sleeping dollie.

We set up a 750 piece puzzle, as it's a tradition for us to finish a puzzle when we visit my parents. Somehow we didn't even attempt after set up but oh well.


Then my dad, Cecelia (and a dollie), Porter and I went for a quick walk outside with the stroller. Cecelia goes on and on about how Dollie is both a boy and a girl and one cannot argue with CC. Cuteness overload.




BBQ burgers for dinner at 5:30, outside on the patio. Porter totally gagged on a chip and it put a slight damper on the feel of a relaxing dinner with children (hahahaha) but it was still quite enjoyable to eat outside.

We all cleaned up and then Nate, my dad, and Truman decided to play a quick nine holes before bedtime. This was a very very big deal as it was Truman's first time playing on an actual golf course. The fact that he did this not only with Nate but also with my dad pretty much made their years, it was that awesome for them. Nate was initially worried that T would be bored and too tired to really care but he surprised them and loved it. They had Truman play with them and he surprised the dude by how well he did, especially his short game. I loved seeing how proud they all were of Truman when they came home later. One of those times when I can see how much Nate loves being a dad, specifically being a dad to a kid that loves golf. His dream!

IMG_4360 2

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Also, Nate got a picture of the BEST sunset we saw. Not sure where I was this night, totally missed this one.
IMG_4375 2

While the big guys were playing golf, Mom and I took the two little ones to the playground again. Cecelia was particularly obsessed with the stone dragon there and the fact that wood chips kept getting in his nose. She was cleaning out his nostrils often saying, 'Don't get any more boogers!' when we left. Also, she wanted me to tell every single rabbit we saw that, 'It's okay, don't be afraid of us.'

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We got back home around 7:00 and put Porter to bed immediately. We had some quality time with Cecelia as I cleaned the kitchen and we gave her a small snack, then we did her bedtime. I have noted that she kept asking me, 'How long until I am fifty-one?' Because fifty-one is her go-to number for everything.

The guys got home around 8:45 and filled us in on the milestone of three generations golfing together. Then Truman went to bed and my parents, Nate and I rented the movie Wild. I had seen it in the theatre and thought we'd all enjoy the pretty scenery, forgetting about the many X-rated scenes and foul language. Even at 34 years old it's still awkward to watch R rated movies with my parents! But it's a great movie and we all really liked it, scandalous parts aside. We all retired after the movie around 11:00. 

Another day down on vacation! 


  1. We have Rush Hour and it's a favorite around here. Actually, we love board games in general and that tipping point game looks awesome. Love T's face in that pic. And CeCe! Eish, she's grown! She looks so BIG lately.

  2. Looks like a great day! That sunset is absolutely gorgeous, and I love that Truman got to play golf! How fun!


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