Cecelia's Star Student Week

Last week, Cecelia was the 'star student' of her class.

Nate and I had just returned home from Chicago, where we were enjoying a couples getaway with some friends, and I remembered to check inside Cecelia's backpack on Sunday afternoon when we returned. I found the poster we had to fill out by Monday (the very next day), and a sticky note told me that Cecelia could have a 'special reader' come to the class any day from Monday through Wednesday.

We worked on her poster together right away and she was so proud to finish her stick figure family drawing.
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I had assumed I could ask Tony or Lois to be the special reader, but Cecelia immediately said, 'Oh, good, that means my mommy gets to come and read to my class. Mommies always do this for star students.' So that was that. I scrambled to shuffle patients around for Monday morning and we selected two books that I could read, if we had time to do both.

(note the manicure, artistically done by my four year old daughter).
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Monday morning, I sent the poster in with our girl, went to see a patient, then arrived to school for my reading debut. Cecelia was in a different classroom when I got there, but when she entered the room she came right over and started beaming at me with the sweetest grin, giving me a quick hug. The teacher announced that Cecelia had a special reader here today, and sister knew the drill after that.

She came and stood by my side and said, 'Friends, this is my mom.' All of her friends said, 'Hi, Mom!' in unison. Then Cecelia said, 'Mom, these are my friends,' and I told them 'hello' because what else are you going to do with adorable four year olds staring at you from the floor?

I got to sit in an adult-sized chair in front of the class, and Cecelia sat next to me in a tiny chair. I read both books---the girls LOVED the Frozen book, and had many extra stories to add with each page. During Albert's Toothache, an older book that Memaw gave to Cecelia, my girl was chuckling along with the funny parts and all of the kids listened really well. One little boy even told me that his favorite part was when they wrapped his toe, so I know he was sort of paying attention!

The whole time I was reading to the class, I kept glancing at Cecelia and the look on her face is something I won't soon forget. Pure pride, innocence, and love beamed from this little girl. She was so happy to have me in her classroom.
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I remember having my own mom help in my school when I was young. I know these are the types of memories that last---both for the kid and the parent. And I'm incredibly thankful for my flexible job, for my amazing father-in-law who was watching Porter, and for Cecelia. She is simply the best.

We had parent teacher conferences for both kids last week, and both of them got nothing but praises from their teachers. To think that we weren't sure if Cecelia would like school, or excel at school quite like Truman.....what a joke! She was described by her teacher as 'such a sweet girl', a good listener and empathetic. If a friend doesn't have anyone else sitting by them, the teacher will ask if someone would move next to that lonely friend. Cecelia is always the first to hop up and go right over. She isn't afraid to speak up if she needs something, like if one of the tables is missing markers or a part of their projects. She's including others, learning so much, is respectful, and happy.

What else could a mom ask for with this child? I mean, besides less emotional meltdowns at home? ;)

I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts about reading to the class, because I never want to forget how proud she was to have me there. 


  1. Reading your post actually made me quite teary. How special that she was so excited and proud to have you be here special guest reader!

  2. How sweet! Such a special treat to be able to do that. My parents were teachers so I spent 7 years of school with 1 of my parents at my school, so it's interesting to think about it being a treat to have your parent there, ha!

  3. It makes us feel like we are doing a good job too. I love her big smile!


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