23 weeks | Baby #4

3.13.17 | 23w2d

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Forgoing the form this week because I want to keep it short and sweet. I mean, the week is practically over already and this was the first time I had to double check my dates. I think from now until week 30 is going to fly and perhaps there won't be many remarkable things to note.

And still, I document weekly! (Just barely, but it counts).

Baby boy is growing and so is my belly. I feel pregnant but also forget about the state of my uterus until he starts kicking like crazy. I'm feeling good! Sleeping fair, but mostly because of Porter and his nighttime antics. We removed the side of his crib to see if freedom helps him manage dropped loveys/waking early, but so far it's not much different. Ah, broken sleep, I remember you well.

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I have Porter's wicked cough this week, and it just won't quit. It sounds pretty awful but I don't feel sick, and yet I should probably get it checked out if it doesn't clear soon. We got hit with a foot of snow on Monday, right after 'springing forward' with the clocks, which means Wisconsin winter is still in full effect despite the confusing time change. We were supposed to fly to Mexico, sans children, on Monday for a six day vacation in paradise. Alas, Zika virus made this trip impossible and we are here in the snowy cold instead. We were able to get airline credit for our purchased plane tickets and the deposit on the condo can also be rolled over to a different time. I wonder if we will be able to pull off a trip like that with FOUR kids at home. Will we need six babysitters? Ah well, margaritas, the ocean, and the warmth can wait I suppose. Baby is kicking me right now to solidify that statement. ;)

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We haven't settled on a name for baby boy but I think we've narrowed it down to four possibilities. I had a great OB appointment last week, when we spent the entire time discussing name options and marveling at how hard it is to select a third boy name. My OB has three boys and a girl and is very concerned about us selecting another name that coordinates with our others. Also, I'm up 13 pounds and blood pressure was kind of low, measuring right on track and doppler sounded beautiful. Next time I go in to see her I do the glucose test at 26-27 weeks, then I start going every other week. I'm scheduled through the beginning of June and had a major 'OMG, I'm having a baby soon' moment when booking these next appointments. I mean, July seems forever away but it also seems like forever since I wasn't pregnant. It's going so quickly and I'm more than happy to have plenty of time before baby actually arrives....seems there is so much to do before he comes.

I mean, he needs a name. I need a new car seat, should find a swing to borrow since I sold mine, and I need to figure out what clothes I've kept and how much I've given away. We started organizing and purging in the basement to make room for our attic storage....which is the next big step. The attic is where I keep all kids clothes, baby gear, and basically all of our stored items in this house. The attic needs to be completely cleared out so that it can be refinished into a fifth bedroom. I'll post before pictures someday and you will understand this massive undertaking. We are meeting with the architect again today and want to get this show on the road already, I hope we can break ground in the next 1-2 months!

In case anyone likes floor plans as much as me:
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That's pretty much it right now, onto week 24!


  1. The floor plans look so exciting! How fun to be closing in on the renovation!

    1. Thank you, we wish the process was quicker than it is already;)

  2. Your master suite looks amazing!

  3. The Zika virus has always been "in the news" and we just returned from Mexico ourselves. Your comment that you had to cancel your trip last minute has me wondering if something specific happened in the area you were going to?? Or did you just decide last minute it wasn't worth the risk?

    1. Kristine~
      My OB specifically said that I should not to go any part of Mexico while pregnant. She tends to be conservative, but feels the Zika virus is too risky to mess with. We had to cancel our trip officially in December, had booked everything in August and September before I got pregnant. So it wasn't really 'last minute' but it was still a definitive 'no way' from my OB. She wouldn't feel comfortable with Florida either. I think all OBs are different with how concerned they are about Zika!


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