Day in the Life | Spring 2017

Nate and Julia are 35 (I'll be 36 in less than two weeks!)
Truman is 7
Cecelia will be 5 next month
Porter is 2.5
Henry dog is 11.5
I'm 28 weeks pregnant with baby #4

Entire Flickr photo album of the day found here. Only 112 photos, a new record low.

Saturday, April 15

7:00 am | Truman and Cecelia wake up like clock work, at seven-on-the-dot. Nate tells Tru to go ahead and go downstairs, so he and Cecelia do just that. I get up shortly there after because we were out to dinner last night, so I barely saw the kids yesterday after work. Without our evening together, I kind of miss them and want to hang! I tell Nate to come down when Porter gets up, I put on a sweatshirt and go down with my bigs. Truman and CC are both getting their own breakfast and opening up all the blinds in our house. Heck yes! I just rearranged all of our kitchen cabinets and drawers in a pregnancy fit of rage, and now we have all of the kid cups/bowls/plates/silverware in a pull-out drawer low to the ground. Why didn't I do this sooner? Independence!

7:15 am | Porter comes downstairs and Nate follows behind. Ports was up only one time last night around 4 am, and we are trying to send Nate in to deal with him. Mommy almost reached an ugly breaking point yesterday morning when P had called out for me four times that night. Four, you guys. I informed him that I CANNOT do this anymore---his sleeping has gotten so, so bad in the past few weeks and I'm so, so tired and pregnant and incredibly busy at work. Not a great combo! So anyway, last night was a lot better, and P gets a sticker for coming downstairs when his clock turned yellow without calling out. We all eat breakfast together--Nate and I make eggs, the kids have cereal, and we listen to music at the island. Porter demands Thomas and Friends music so Alexa provides.

8:00 am | The kids are playing downstairs in the basement while Nate and I are talking about what we're going to do today. We decide to listen to a webinar together at 8:30: the LEO project is something Nate has been working on with a co-worker for awhile now, and it has to do with positive mindset and the power of the brain. Pretty awesome stuff!  Drink our coffees, set the kids up with the show, and and hope for the best. Webinar goes from 8:30-9:30 with varied interruptions from children but we get the concept just the same: lower brain versus upper brain functions, expectations, dopamine and cortisol. Got it.

9:30-10:00 am | I rinse off in the shower, text a few friends about today, the kids get dressed and head outside with Nate. I go up into the attic to find some sandals for CC and Porter because it's downright hot today. We are so thankful, because although this winter hasn't been horrible, it's still been quite long. I get dressed for the day and decide today is the day to do day in the life. This is probably the latest ever in a morning, without any pictures prior to 10 o'clock. It has to happen today or I'm not sure when I'll get it done. We are going to Chicago for a two night getaway later in the week, we sit in front of the board to get our house plans approved on Thursday, and I'm swamped at work. Alas, today is the day! Start a little laundry, pick up the house, and head outside. 

10:05 am | Outside family time!! Sandals are too big for P, perfect for C. Storage issues on my phone when I go to take literally my first picture of the day. Delete a bunch of podcasts and FB, vow to just keep it off my phone for good! 

Highlight of the day: find a slug on our driveway!! The kids are in heaven and willingly take turns holding it. Nate and I decide we should go on a long family bike ride to a park that we hardly ever go to. I'm a little concerned sitting on my hard bike seat for this long with the state of my uterus but I'll handle it. I start packing for the bike ride with water bottles, snacks, Chapstick, sunscreen, etc. Getting out of the house as a family of five is always an ordeal but we are used to the procedure by now. Open the windows to the house, catch Truman outside trying to squirt Porter in the face with water. The bigs bring Porter inside to show me that his face is covered in black from "the tire". Imagine Porter rubbing his face on a tire or falling into it, but in reality I think he just touched a bike tire and then rubbed his face with his hand. I decide to throw some baby wipes in the bag for good measure. "Come on you stupid door," Porter says as he goes back outside. CC is crying because she wants to trap the slug and keep him forever in the house she just built out of sticks. Truman just says, "I wish we could go to the pool." It is pretty hot!!

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10:50 am | We all head out! We see turtles in a pond, feel a warm breeze, see a ton of happy people enjoying the great outdoors, and soak up some sunshine on our bike ride. Truman is a rock star on his bike, I didn't think he would like riding for this long but he does. He and I pair off together and Nate has the littles in the Burley behind us. My butt is not comfortable on this seat and my arms are going to be total jello later--so out of shape!

Nate is way ahead of us here.
All Photos-60

11:30 am | We have arrived. Sunscreen applied. Play!! So fun, this playground isn't one we've been to in many years and it's been updated. There are swings, neat climbing things, ponds, a brick maze, and some other interesting 'game' areas. We stop to have snacks at some point, and Porter downs about 3 granola bars. The other kids are hungry, too, but I was hoping this wouldn't be actual lunch--just a snack. I'm getting pretty wiped out by 12:15 so we consider going home soon.

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12:45 pm | We pack up and head home. So exhausted and hot but the ride home seems shorter and easier than the ride to the park. Truman and I count dogs along the way, and we see eight. We have a nice paved path to take all the way home but crossing two semi-major roads is always a little nerve wracking. Truman does great, and the little kids are talking away in the Burley. I hear Porter pretending to talk on the phone, 'Ohhhh, I'm just fine, how are you?' 

1:20 pm | We are home, Nate clocked it and it's four miles one way. Hot and tired and starving! Open more windows in the house, make lunch, IG. Nate gives kids sparkly lemonade, which is lemon San Pellegrino. It's a hit with 1/3 of the bunch (Cecelia). Change laundry. Truman requests Easter music, so Nate has Alexa play Margaritaville? Porter is seriously housing hummus and cashews. It's late, so I guess our 'put him down for a nap early' phase has ended! Truman tells us that the Easter bunny and Santa know each other, and that Easter is a lot like Christmas. You know, since they get gifts in the morning for each. I'm starting to feel like holidays are getting out of control around here. I mean, this year St. Patrick's Day was even 'big' and it's never been like that before. Need to reel it in, but kids are just so fun at this age:/

Family lunch, everyone dig in!
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2:00 pm | We have puppy chow for dessert and I ask N to take P upstairs for his nap. Listen to Counting Crows, clean up the kitchen, take out the trash and recycling with Truman's help. 

2:10 pm | Nate comes downstairs and immediately lays on the couch. Porter is calling for me, because of course he is. Big kids get the gum they've been requesting all morning, knowing that it's Saturday and we only oblige on the weekends (because they get so obsessed with asking every day!). Run the dishwasher. Clean kitchen. Round Here is playing and I feel a pang of happiness or gratitude or something. This sometimes happens when I hear songs from college, thinking of how my life has become everything I hoped it would be back then. Sometimes when we have straight up dance parties set to music from the early 2000s (i.e. college bar music), I also feel a little discombobulated----like, wow. Nate and I were dating in college and we had no idea that we would create this life for ourselves. Watching our three offspring dance to the edited version of Lil' John's 'Get Low' is a real tear jerker, you guys. 

2:20 pm | I look at pictures from this morning and try to decide what to do next. Nap? Start this post? Get my nails done with Cecelia? Groceries?? Call the nail place and the first appointment is at 3:15, so I take it. Talk to Nate on the couch about plans, trying to see if groceries will fit into our timeline for the rest of the day. Kids start screen time. Perhaps groceries after nails? Decide to start this post and sit still. 

3:05 pm | Leave with sis for our nails. Remember to unload my hidden Easter goodies from the trunk before we leave, the chocolate could melt in 80 degree heat, right? Protected in the cool garage for a day, nearly forgotten, after my solo Target trip yesterday---hardest part is sneaking them into the house. Cecelia is super excited about our nail date, as am I!

3:15 pm | We arrive and it's packed! We pick out our colors and Cecelia picks her favorite glittery pink Hello Kitty color. I go for the brightest, most neon pink I can find and my daughter totally approves. We sit together and chat, energy level high---she can't wait to go back and informs me that today she wants to stick her feet in the water (she's only done finger nail polish here before, never toes). We don't go back until 3:35 and I hear lots of, "I love you, mommy"s before we start. Girl time at it's finest. I think she'd be happy to literally sit together under a tree for our 1:1 time, but then again---glittery pink nails. Sister sits in my chair with me which is no small feat since I barely have a lap anymore. Stuck her toes in right away, and the girl next to us comments on Cecelia's hair. It definitely seems like CC is the star of the show where ever we go and it doesn't even seem to register for her, thankfully. The lady files Cecelia's toe nails, paints them and even uses a toe spreader thing. Then she picks her up and carries her to another chair, and I let sis have my phone to play 'little writers' while my toes get finished. I notice a minor chip in Cecelia's baby toe before we go, but whatever. Good times with my lady and the foot massage part was worth every single cent.

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4:20 pm | We leave and talk about the Easter bunny, I'm pushing Cecelia to share her candy with me, and I think I can convince her to hand over some of the stash at some point. Home at 4:30, text my neighbor to come over. She's going to take some girl clothes for her two little ones and we want them to sign a paper, saying they agree to our house addition. They are our only neighbors since we are surrounded by trees aside from them, and they want us to stay and therefore approve of the house renovation chaos. When we get home, Porter is awake and Nate is getting out of the shower. "I had the expectation of buying a 12 pack of beer today, sitting outside and enjoying one. Instead I almost finished our taxes and had Kombucha," says Nate. I was just thinking about how good beer sounded and really don't feel bad for Nate AT ALL. 

Ali comes over with her girls, we sort clothes and my kids want her 2 year old daughter to play with them. She's a little overwhelmed because she really despises Henry, although I put him in his crate specifically because she is frightened of him. Tony and Lois arrive for dinner around 5, Nate accidentally breaks a ceramic bowl of junk, and it shatters all over the floor. YIKES. I help clean up while I continue to chat with Ali, Nate and his parents are making dinner, then Tony takes C and P outside because they are banshees. This is sort of when the wheels fall off of the night, looking back---the timing of dinner and visiting with neighbors and Nate leaving for work was just not great.

5:30 pm | Ali leaves, and then Nate leaves for one of his last hockey games. Hallelujah, happy it's the last. He does enjoy working for the team as their therapist, but it makes for a super long night (either on weeknights or weekends). Tony, Lois and I eat with the children---walnut burgers, beans, grapes, and chips. Kids are so tired, and not eating that well. We talk about house stuff, the plans for tomorrow, and the amazing weather. Kids want dessert but I deny on accounts of them not eating their main dish (walnut burgers). A few of them cry but I can't remember who. They recover quickly and decide to write on our Telestrations game, because I won't let them actually play. I am the worst, I know, but we need to speed this evening up a bit. "Can you pick that up? I'm lazy," says Porter after he drops a marker cap. This kid!

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6:30 pm | Dinner is finished, and we have all cleaned up. Kids are still playing with markers, then go down stairs, then back upstairs to write letters to the Easter bunny. Talking with Papa about logistics of Easter bunny, Tooth Fairy, and Santa. This is big time conversation happening right here, folks.

All Photos-125

All Photos-128

6:50 pm | Tony and Lois leave after getting many sweet goodbye kisses and hugs. I can tell that since both of them started watching the kids during the week, their relationship with each kid has completely blossomed even more than before. We are so lucky to have them, times a million billion. P has a red neck even though I applied sunscreen to his pasty Wisconsin skin today, poor fair-skinned babe. 

Bye, Yaya and Papa!
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Kids are now into going to bed, realizing that the bunny cannot come until they do. I plan to use this fact for all it's worth tonight, you better believe it. Pick out clothes for the kids to wear tomorrow and realize we really have nothing pastel or really that nice for the boys to wear for church. Compromise with Truman because he wants to wear a sleeveless tech tank to church and I'm going to let him wear a tech polo instead. My energy level is it a dangerous low right now and I need to check my attitude before embarking on this solo bedtime after a long day. P is fussy and wants to put on his own butt cream. I'm already threatening 'No bunny if you can't pull it together!' to anyone who will listen. Bigs brush teeth and have changed into jammies. Then all of a sudden the bigs are arguing for the 50th time since 3 pm. It turns out to be a pretty big fight that ends with Cecelia in tears, her feelings hurt over Truman siding with Porter.I clean the sink because that only makes sense to me right now. The kids give me hugs to apologize for being rather challenging this evening, and I know they are just as exhausted as me. Hug it out and agree that we are all just ready for bed, no harm done. But no more fighting kids, you've reached your quota for tonight!

All Photos-137

7:15 pm | I read a book to all of the children, and Truman is also reading to himself while he listens to our book. I tell the big kids stories, tuck them in, worry that Truman will suffer heat stroke wearing his beloved socks to bed tonight but he swears he is comfortable. Hugs and kisses for me and, "night night, grandma, " from Porter (referring to Cecelia, of course). We all agree it's been a pretty awesome day.

7:20 pm | Porter gets a short book in his room because I'm a pushover. Should've done a bath for these stinks, especially since we are going to church in the morning! "That's a poopy, that's a stupid dummy," means we are done with this book, and Porter is over correctly naming the trucks in the pictures. "I'm so tired," he announces. You and me both, buster!

Note my bump sticking over the book.
All Photos-143

7:25 pm | Say goodnight to Porter, and then Cecelia has to show me a "bruise" on her ankle (microscopic). I tell her it will for sure be better in the morning, and kiss her goodnight again. P calls for me, too. I ask him to show me how he can pull up his own blanket and he does it just fine. The stinker. Head to the basement to get the Easter crap and I hear Porter screaming for me to cover him up. Again. Murderous rage. All of these stairs in this house and none of the energy. 

7:35 pm | I go up there again, and I talk him through the steps of covering himself up. Promise him I will not be up again. He needs to sleep and he agrees with his mama. Please, Lord, let him have a good night tonight. How is he nearly three and giving me such a run for my money with sleep....before a newborn comes and takes the crown on that one?! Ah, my Porter-P, you are such a wild card.

7:40 pm | I recollect downstairs. Silence, I just need some silence. Actually, all I want is a stiff drink and mindless TV. Turn it on and assemble baskets, settling for water and plan to taste test everything I open. Find an Amazon documentary about natural birth and decide to give it a whirl.

All Photos-145

7:50 pm | Yeah, no. Too negative for me, I am not in the mood to hear people complaining about hospital births and all of the interventions that big bad doctors love to push on their patients. I find myself in a unique situation because I love and trust my OB, love the hospital, and have experienced many of the interventions they claim to be so horrible. The only reason I'm interested in a 'natural' birth is because I want this fourth birth to be as calm, peaceful, and quick as possible. I just don't want to have that pivotal moment when I freak out and let all of the negative thoughts take over my mind. Also, the description called this a 'modern' take on natural birth but it was filmed in 2007. How was that ten years ago?? Remember that our tenth wedding anniversary is next month and remind myself to book a hotel somewhere for one night with Nate. Decide on Weeds instead of the natural birth film. Fill eggs and consume candy. 

All Photos-149

All Photos-148

All Photos-147

8:30 pm | Done hiding eggs and manage to keep it equal, color coordinate the eggs as requested. Hide baskets. Pretend to be 'Eric the Easter bunny.' Get more TP and Kleenex from downstairs and treat myself to a coconut La Croix. Belly feels huge so I attempt selfie. My butt bones hurt so much right now, I cannot even explain. I am one giant ball of negativity and exhaustion, but it is what it is! Sit on the couch and watch TV. Work on this post.

All Photos-153

9:35 pm | Nate is home! Catch up with him, the hockey team lost. He's hungry, probably because he had to scarf his dinner in about 2 minutes before leaving earlier. We watch TV and are on our laptops. Quality time!

10:30 pm | I'm done with the text of this post and need to get my cranky butt to bed ASAP. Kiss Nate 'goodnight', brush teeth, get changed, upload more pictures to Flickr for this post. Go into the big kids' room and give them kisses because they are so peaceful when not whining and arguing. They sleep with their door open but Porter does not, and I cannot risk opening his creaky door to give him a kiss. Start my Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations track and fall asleep with my earbuds blasting positive thoughts about pregnancy.

All Photos-154

3:00 am | Startle awake and wonder why some woman is talking to me about pushing a baby out of my uterus, because I forgot I'm pregnant and am generally confused. Realize I've been listening to the entire Hypnobabies playlist since I fell asleep. Take my earbuds out and then hear Porter yelling, 'Hey, MOMMY! Have you seen my "toot toot, chug chug" anywhere?"' I nudge Nate and ask him to check on Porter, vaguely hearing the discussion about the missing train. Fall back to sleep pretty easily for once.

6:30 am | All three kids are awake and talking (practically yelling) in their rooms, excited for Easter. I get up and tell Porter to just go in the big kids' room, since it's obvious he will not tolerate being in his room alone for another 30 min. I get dressed for church and head downstairs before the rest of the crew comes barreling down the stairs at 7:00.

I won't recap the entire day but let's just say that the absolute highlight was when Porter threw up in church. He was telling me his tummy hurt, so I was walking around with him and gave him some water. He just seemed really 'off' so I was heading to the bathroom, in case he barfed, and we totally didn't make it in time. Luckily he puked all over the bathroom floor and not the carpeted church itself? Still, really disgusting and I don't think he's sick....must have just been the candy for breakfast thing. Regardless, Tony and I drove Porter back to their house while the rest of the crew sat through church. Perhaps Porter is a lot smarter than he looks and vomited to get out of church?

All Photos-161

We for sure nailed the Easter family portrait though. I'd say this ranks up there with the finely groomed images on Instagram, fitting the 'perfect family' persona well;) 

All Photos-169

That's a wrap! Not sure I will be doing this next quarter since I will probably be having a baby in the beginning of July. That reminds me, who wants to host 'round up' for a quarter or two? Maybe I'll be emailing you to request help;)


  1. Can I just say that I am so freaking happy to know that Porter says things like stupid and dummy? I know it's unrealistic, but I totally picture your kids as perfect angels. Meanwhile, Titus has taught his entire two year old class the words stupid and penis. So this revelation has greatly comforted me. :)

    Also, about childbirth. Does the epi in particular cause you anxiety? Or just the whole labor shebang? Because if it's not the epi in particular, and you don't really care to have an epi-free birth, I think you can use all the hypnobaby techniques regardless of going natural or not. I mean, not that you haven't thought this through on your own, ha. I just don't think hypnobabies *has* to be no epi specific!

    Fun recap! Always enjoy reading these posts.

    1. Hilarious that you think my kids, especially Porter, are saints!

      And yes, you are totally right---I don't care that much about epidural versus no meds. I only care about not flipping the mental switch to be panicked! And for me, two out of the three epidurals I've had really didn't help much anyway, and sitting still to get them was horrendous. If I could either remain totally calm during that process, or just skip it and focus on birthing the baby without stress, I'd be elated! I do think my epidurals have helped me progress pretty quickly once they are in, despite not giving much pain we will see.

      My OB is also very pro-natural birth (had 4 of her own without an epi) and last time she made me wait much longer than I wanted to get the epic to let the baby move down properly. I'm sure she will be 100% on board with whatever technique I need to let things go on their own for as long as possible. Now if I can just avoid Pitocin---that bugger is freaking awful and nearly impossible to handle without anxiety, no rest between contractions! And much more intense than without Pit (CC was my only without pit).

  2. High five on that 4 mile bike ride!!!

  3. Not sure if this will make you feel better or worse, since July is still far off, but my toddler slept TERRIBLY when I was pregnant with her baby brother. I think she fed off my anxiety about the new baby arriving, and we indulged her more than usual (like rubbing her back for 30 minutes straight until she fell asleep) because we knew her world was about to be rocked. And then baby was born and she was back to an 11 hour stretch!

  4. Why are these things so interesting to me? I guess it's fun to see how other people's live might be the same or different... and it gives me ideas. I've never gone to get my nails done with my daughter. I should put that on our list to go get pampered together.

  5. I love sunny Spring days! You guys also have an awesome park to go to. I'm slightly jealous. I like the gum on weekends only idea as well. My son recently discovered gum and now always wants some.

    I shall hope for a speedy and relaxed birth for you. I imagine the 4th one will go quickly anyway, but completely understand that panicky feeling once it all goes down. That happened with my daughter when she started coming fast and furious and I had wished I had spent more time listening to my hypnobirthing CD instead of opting for late night Netflix and Hulu. Ha!

  6. Busy day! Love your sandals in the after-pedi picture. Where did you get them? :-) I have never heard of a walnut burger. So sorry Porter threw up at church the next day- poor guy (and you!).

    I may be willing to host next quarter....


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