33 weeks | Baby #4

I felt a little confused about how far along I am right now, but thankfully a few cross checks on my phone and the blog helped me remember that I'm 33 weeks pregnant.


Excuse the bad nighttime lighting.

I had an OB appointment last week and it went well. Baby boy is measuring right on track again and my OB said to tell people who scream, 'BUT YOU ARE SOOOOO SMALLLLL,' that my doctor says I have a nicely shaped pelvis. Not an awkward response at all, right?

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She confirmed that he is head down, and I've gained almost 25 pounds which is about identical to my pregnancy with Porter. I won't go this Friday, but am scheduled for every.single.Friday after that until he arrives. It seems both impossibly far away and also right around the corner, birthing this child of ours.

I'm still listening to my HypnoBabies tracks and getting kind of amped up for this final birth. Even though it's always super intense and a bit crazy-town, giving birth is also one of the most magical experiences I've ever known. Can't believe I get to do it all again, and this time I just want it to be the most enjoyable/peaceful possible. I don't want fear and anxiety and the negative 'what ifs' to come into play, which is easier said than done, I know. I am nowhere near mentally ready to have this baby but it's getting more real and exciting, just the same!

Today at work I had my first day of feeling truly uncomfortable sitting at my desk for five hours. I peed about three times, and had to stand with my laptop at a make-shift standing desk because I just couldn't get comfortable in my chair. I also had to take a power nap after work, before getting Truman from school, because the past week has been pure insanity and it's catching up to me. Also, Porter woke up at 4am this morning, yelling for me because he puked in his bed. He's not sick, as far as I can tell, but starting the day off with laundry, cleaning my buddy, and cleaning the floor was not the most restful.

So last week? I worked an additional 14 hours on top of my regular 20 because of a variety of reasons that left me feeling mediocre but exhausted. Work was just nuts, there's nothing else I care to even say except I'm glad it's over and it was slightly fun rising to the challenge of extra hours and incredibly focused work time. Memaw came to town for Cecelia's birthday party, which was Saturday and a total blast at Michael's craft store! We are wrapping up from the big fundraiser we put on a week ago, and I'm attempting to tie up loose ends with that. PLUS we just signed the contract to begin construction on our house. So yeah, just a little bit busy and tired but all really good things, so I will try not to complain too much.

One more week until she is five, HOW??
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When your teacher magically shows up for your party...

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I had a burst of energy yesterday, though, and feel extremely accomplished because of my main task: I emptied out every toy bin in our sun room, filled an entire trash bag with crappy/broken/nasty toys, and reorganized each bin like a boss. Cecelia's craft supplies have never looked so nice. Their bedroom even got special treatment by mom, meaning I cleaned out their bookshelves and beds and have a giant bag full of books to be given to free libraries in our area. Nothing makes me happier than to purge, purge, purge kids toys and junk so yesterday was a big day for my mental health;) The kids actually appreciate being able to find their toys and haven't put up too much of a stink about me getting rid of their stuff. I think they know to steer clear of a pregnant mom in a purging mood.

Last night my stomach was hurting, as it usually does in the evenings lately. Being an anatomy nerd I asked Nate if he's ever thought about WHERE my other organs go as my uterus is taking over my abdomen. I mean, seriously? How is there room for an actual human being, a uterus that is 406720 times the size of it's former self, and also my intestines, stomach, bladder, liver, etc? I literally had to google, 'anatomy of abdominal organs in pregnancy' to ease my desire to see the cluster that is my torso right now. Answer? Your intestines are sufficiently squished between the uterus and your spine, but also get pushed up into your diaphragm. My mind is boggled as to how this even works in life, but apparently IT DOES and pregnant women keep on digesting and growing a child at the same time. Strange.

Speaking of my stomach, it feels stretched to capacity but I know it's not. The actual stomach muscles at the top, near my ribs, are constantly aching and sometimes my middle back hurts. I vaguely remember this part of pregnancy from the past. I've noticed a few Braxton Hicks kicking in to make my already compact belly a tightly wound ball, but nothing that has me too nervous about actual labor or anything. My OB commented that he's 'super low' and asked if it feels like I'm sitting on a bowling ball. Honestly, until about 2 pm I feel great and then my belly just feels heavy and a little bit like a bowling ball 'down there', yes. We also had two days of EXTREME heat, by Wisconsin standards, and I sort of wanted to die or cut someone because I was so hot. My feet and ankles definitely swelled and I felt generally 'icky' with temps above 80 degrees. Thankfully, the weather listened to my wrath and dropped back into the 50s for some pregnancy comfort. If June becomes a scorcher I might be doomed, guys. Or you can find me wearing my compression running socks at all times to prevent swelling.

With Porter, I was already counting down the days when I could be finished with work and I was worried about having P too soon. He was, of course, my only overdue baby and I feel like I've learned my lesson with that type of thinking this early! Definitely nowhere near the mental wall yet, thank goodness. Belly size very comparable to now with that little man, too.

With Cecelia, we had just moved into this house which makes me feel a little nostalgic considering we are about to undergo a major transformation here again! I was worried about getting pre-E again and I think my belly was still fairly small compared to the third and fourth rodeos.

With Truman, I had a ridiculous amount of time on my hands, because the nursery was fully decorated and I was deep cleaning like a nesting maniac. My belly was pointy but small, I was working full time on my feet all day, and attending baby classes. Aw, first-time mom....such a sweet spot for that time in our lives!

Mother's Day last weekend: I'm sort of in love with our tiny offspring.
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  1. I have so many thoughts, but I'll try not to ramble on. I always find it so interesting the comments people think are okay. I looked really big with Paige but measured spot on every week so when a guy at church asked me if I was having TRIPLETS...ugh. I had almost an excess of amniotic fluid (I measured 22 at the end and 25 is too much) but still! I love when you tell stories of your mom and grandma visiting. Both of my grandmothers have passed (and would both be 100+ if still alive!), so it warms my heart to see 4 generations. I go back to work in 2 weeks and next week our summer nanny is coming over a few hours each day for Paige to get used to her and I have purging projects on my list, and I'm SO excited. It will feel so good to start summer off with a clean playroom and clean kid closets! I am obsessed with your polka dot top and red pants. And you will totally rock your labor - I SO love L&D so much too but know we are done, so I'll live vicariously through your birth story!

  2. Hey Julia, I've been stalking your blog a lot as a first time preggo as I find you have a wealth of info and you document your pregnancies so well (it's nice to go back week by week to your first pregnancies and compare notes...we have a ton of common b/t are first pregnancies, like little nausea and high BP. Fingers crossed I don't get preeclampsia but now I know to kind of keep it on my radar and I plan to bring up BP at my next appointment). Anyway, I should be posting this on your cloth diaper post, but, alas, I am lazy. Do you find the all-in-one variety works best or the ones with inserts? I assume you are going to still cloth diaper with #4? Thanks a million!

    1. Hi Julia~Actually I sold all of our cloth diapers after using them with Porter for a few months. But I did really like the pocket diapers the best for all three of my kids. The all in ones are really nice but more expensive and take longer to dry, so I liked the pockets/inserts best.


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