Thank you.

Dear Body,

Listening to a podcast the other day, I was told that I should write my body a thank you letter, thanking it for growing this child of mine. Just the thought of writing this made me cry a little because I'm super pregnant, but also because I completely agreed with the podcaster: pregnancy is such a gift and women's bodies are freaking phenomenal. So here it goes.

We may not have always been best of friends, dear body. Through the years I've struggled with body image as much as any woman has struggled. Sure, you've let me down at times and I've cursed you and allowed myself many negative thoughts about you. You are not perfect, but you're my only body I'll get in this one life I'm living. And I want to take a moment to say NICE JOB.

Fantastic job growing four human beings so well. I know I've always been pretty hard on you about my miscarriage, as I felt you failed me during that time. Both with Cecelia's pregnancy and with this pregnancy, you gave me quite the scare when you started bleeding at 6 weeks. But somehow those horrible episodes faded away and here we are today, just weeks away from birthing my fourth baby. Freaking amazing. Four times over.

Watching the changes this body has made in the last 38+ weeks has been every bit the trip as it was first time around. It's bigger, softer, curvier, and heavier than it was in October. Sometimes I don't recognize myself in the mirror and I revert back to scrutinizing my thicker thighs and rounder cheeks. And I know that the postpartum phase will be even stranger than the 'adorable pregnant belly' phase I'm living in right now.

But this body is sustaining a human life inside of me, and I marvel that you know how to do this, friend. I mean, you aren't done yet, body! You still have to birth this child into the world, but my brain is doing it's best to trust the process that awaits. We've got this! (fist pound).

As I get older and gain perspective, I've come to appreciate my body more than ever. I promise to respect the imperfections and absorb the privilege that comes with being a woman. We are powerful and beautiful and seriously amazing---not just for our bodies or our minds, but for the whole freaking package.

So I'm wrapping it up here to say 'goodbye' to pregnancy for the final time. It's been magical, and it's been so enjoyed in between the challenging parts. I don't know when it will end but I know that I've soaked in every possible second to the best of my ability. I know I'll have to share him soon, but I'll always cherish these kicks-from-the-inside. Always.

So thank you, body, for doing this pregnancy thing yet again. Let's rock the birth and newborn stage, too!


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  1. Wow, Julia. This is beautiful. "I know I'll have to share him soon, but I'll always cherish these kicks-from-the-inside. Always." This made me cry. You have such a way with words! I love following your life and family! My youngest turned 4 in April and I'm still in awe of what my body could do (at 41 no less!!) and that statement really resonated with me. I would go back in a heartbeat, just to feel a few kicks and the wonderment of who the little person inside my belly was. Had I been younger when I started having kids, I would have had a football team! Best of luck to you for a wonderful birth! I can't wait to read all about it :)

    Lisa from Canada :)


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