Wallace's Newborn Family Photoshoot

I knew I wanted to do a family photoshoot with baby Wallace, and had hoped to do it within his first ten days of life to really capture him at his sleepiest. But then my eyes almost popped out of my skull while birthing said baby and I looked like a vampire for a solid three weeks, so we postponed it until I looked more human.

Katie Derus Photography is seriously the bomb. We have used Katie twice now and both times I have been super impressed with her skills dealing with our wild children and then the final product is excellent, too. Katie came to our house to capture some casual, family photos on 7.31.17 when Wallace was a day over three weeks old. My mom and Grandma were here so of course we had to grab a four generations shot to start the event!


And then we went right into the 'four kids' shot on the couch.

This is when Porter showed us that he is three and has his own ideas of what to do for a photoshoot. He was pretty naughty throughout but apparently Katie still managed to capture his smile...and I do love the 'real life' shots the best.

But Wallace woke up and stole the show anyway.

He does have two mommies, you know.

Family of six, holy moly!!

I sure do love these people of mine.

I did not have the time, energy, or focus to buy any new clothes for us for this shoot. So I picked the one dress that I feel sort of pretty in right now, then went with 'super bright' colors for everyone else. I love how colorful this shoot turned out to be!

I mean, seriously?? Sweet boy.

Truman, age seven, and the best big brother ever. Also: toothless and handsome.

The original two kids;)

Cecelia, five years old, and sure to hold her own with the three boys. Tough as nails, this one.

On our sidewalk, in front of the house: I really love these images.



Four kids! New challenge will always be to get them all smiling in a picture together. Seems like the ultimate mecca of all photos!

Then I wanted a shot of us from above, laying on each other, all squished together. These don't disappoint although I was sweating profusely here.

Truman looking at Wallace....seriously?! And Porter's (and Cecelia's!) eyes are breathtaking.

Woah, all of us looking happy! Party of six.

I like this one, too. These are near our backyard where the porta potty is sitting currently. Glad we did this shoot right before the big construction began!

My crew.

Nate and I with our fourth child. It strikes me to see this picture, compared to those images with 'just' Truman as a baby...everything and nothing has changed in seven years. Married for ten, together for FIFTEEN. And just look at that little caboose of a baby!

And this guy? He's shaping up to be a great big brother. Porter, age three, is the master of all potty talk and our class clown.

One more try for shots with the four kids....love this one a lot.

Gah, so sweet. Even if Truman is slightly freaking out holding Wallace without the Boppy or pillows.

This isn't even all of the images, but mostly my favorite ones. How will I choose which to make into prints for the house, and which to use for a birth announcement?? What a great problem to have.


  1. Gorgeous! It would be so hard to choose.

  2. No words... they are all amazing! You have such a beautiful family.

  3. Wow, this are truly beautiful Julia! Your family is just gorgeous!

  4. OMG these are fantastic!!!!

  5. These are fantastic, Julia! Love the colors (you look great in that dress) and love the pics of you all together. FOUR KIDS!

  6. Adorable photos! I'm amazed that you got so many great pictures with needing to herd so many kids. :-) You look great!

  7. She did an amazing job! I love them all.

  8. These are seriously so gorgeous! The outfits came together perfectly and I love the color and just pure joy in each of them. Lovely family.

  9. You couldn't guess that you didn't go out and buy matching outfits - absolute perfection! So many amazing ones to choose from!!


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