Big Fat Update

Keri just called me!

She got her test results back:
  • PET scan was negative.
  • CT scan was inconclusive. There were two microscopic areas in her lung that might be metastases but her doctor is not going to treat her cancer any differently. He is still giving her the category of Stage 3 and will still treat the cancer in the same manner. After a few rounds of chemotherapy, they will re-scan the lung. If those areas shrink, they are mets. But again, he's still calling this Stage 3 for now.
  • This means she can freeze her eggs!!!!
  • So she starts her fertility drugs today. She is just BARELY hitting this window of opportunity with her cycle, time needed to harvest eggs, and pending chemo. This is a huge blessing, you guys. Thank you to the Big Guy upstairs.
  • Her chemo has to begin much sooner than originally planned, because if she does have metastases, they have to be even more aggressive. She has to begin by April 28 instead of waiting five more weeks.
  • That means she'll be going through chemo when Allison and I visit which is fine by me because we get to be caregivers! You know we love that stuff. And maybe we can help pick out her pimptastic new wigs!
  • Still no results from the genetic tests. However, it will not change her immediate treatment course either way. If she does have the gene, they will still need to remove her ovaries soon. Her frozen eggs would be tested for the defective gene before progressing to the next step. She said they can still fertilize them, and possibly use a surrogate if Keri cannot carry the embryos. But the jury is still out on this one. It's amazing what modern science can do these days.
  • Egg harvesting means $10,000 in costs---at least---not covered by insurance.
  • I'm making something right now, which I will share soon, to inspire everyone to donate towards this deserving cause.
Such good news! Hooray!

As Keri said, "There really isn't a perfect happy solution but right now, I'm pretty excited about the chance at freezing eggs."

Go go, Ker. And now we can breathe a little easier.


  1. Hurray for such great news!!! I've received $350 in donations for the Race for the Cure. It's not much in the grand scheme of things but I'm so thrilled to be working for such a great cause. Hopefully, others will be equally inspired to donate to Keri's fund.

  2. Yay!! That's really great news to hear. I'm so glad she got some good news. ;)

    Oh, and I've been wig shopping before. Seriously, it's tons of fun!

  3. I am so glad that she got some good news, but $10,000!!! That's a TON of moolah!

  4. this is really good news! i am so happy for keri!

    i agree- wig shopping is very fun- it's not as stressful as one may think :0)

    you are such a good friend to her hun!


  5. Oh, that is great news! Hopefully her luck is going to improve and it will be good news from here on out! We will be praying for that!

    And wig shopping sounds GREAT! You will be a great caretaker!

  6. I'm so glad to read something positive - she's been in my thoughts a lot lately.

    You're a great friend - I'm sure she's super appreciative :)

  7. That's such great news! I've been thinking about her, so glad to know that she finally heard something positive.

  8. I've been checking Keri's journal today in hopes of good news. Thank you Julia for the update! I'm so happy for good news. Give her a big hug when you see her!

  9. What great news. The $10,000 price tag is heafty, but having the possibility to have children is priceless! I'm so happy her update was a pisitive one...I've been checking her journal all day for updates :)

  10. Amazing news! I am so glad she got some positive news... she needs it. I will continue to pray for her.

    Technology is incredible... wow.

  11. What wonderful news! I have been thinking about her all day!

  12. I'm so glad to hear this, Julia. And the flyer looks great. I'm going to send it around to people I know, and I'm going to put the info on my blog, too!

  13. I'm so glad she got some good news!


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