I've made progress on my bad attitude. I hit a low today at work when I broke down in front of my boss. All it took was her pulling me into her office and asking if I was okay, because I was so quiet today. Miss "I never cry, not even at my own wedding" freaking balled like a baby and it felt so good! My boss is awesome and cried a little with me because she has a daughter my age and the situation hits everyone pretty hard.

Nate worked with me today and we talked on the ride home a lot. He told me I need to open up to him and actually TALK about my feelings [novel idea, huh?]. So I did, and that helped, too.

I also received a lot of very uplifting comments, emails, and messages today which always makes me smile. So thank you, girls. Much appreciated.

Not only that but I found coverage for my trip! I meant to tell you guys about this therapist in my BOTB post because she is 33 and pregnant with her FIFTH child! Freaking ridiculous but the girl is a saint because she is going to work for me. Whoo hoo!

Also, I decided that half of my funk must be blamed on the weather. I try not to even go there anymore on this blog but I swear this winter will never end. Sure we got a 60 degree day last weekend. Big fricking whoop. Check this out:
Yep, SNOW this weekend. And the rain we are experiencing currently is miserable, ice-cold, and gloomy as you would imagine. Not fun. I pray for warm weather in St. Louis next weekend! And then San Diego in a few weeks. Cannot wait.

Other things that make me a happy person:

1. I took it upon myself to become a vet. Not really, but I DID decide to take charge of Henry's anal gland issues. I won't go into detail but if you know me, you know I love grodie stuff like this. Here are some pictures of my procedure--Nate says my smile is totally creepy. I have no idea why I find these pictures so funny and I'm sorry if they are in bad taste. Blame my loss of sanity this week:)

2. My good friend Allison, who lives in Maryland, has decided to buy tickets to Kansas, too. I wasn't sure if we'd be able to time our "Keri trip" on the same weekend. But this makes me even MORE pumped for May 2-4. Here is a classic picture of Allison and I on my 21st birthday [drinking grape juice of course]:

And here are the three amigas in full force on Keri's 22nd birthday, 2003. This is our classic pose in case you haven't noticed:
Here we go again, 'Julia the Giant' with her little friends, 2002:

Ah, the memories of this night, 2003:

My God we are pale in this picture!

I can't even put into words how happy I am to reunite with my girls in a few weeks. It is going to be a much needed vacation for all of us!

3. Another thing that makes me happy is looking through my old scrapbooks and reminiscing. Hence the pictures you just viewed. I love daydreaming of our college days when our biggest worry was a killer exam or choosing an outfit for a night out. It's also quite amusing to watch us grow up through the years. Check out my hair, for instance: short to long, brown to blonde, curly to straight. Ah, the those were the days----when I could stomach paying for highlights:)

Here is another trio that always spelled trouble: Me, Megan, and Keri. Again, PTs tend to make up for lost party time pretty quickly. The library couldn't hold us down, baby!

New Years Eve 2005, immediately after we graduated with our masters. We were obviously wise beyond our years. Also, please note the camera around tourist Keri's neck:

Then there was that PT graduation trip to Mexico in December 2004. I love this shot of us girls!

4. Keeping with the theme of reminiscing through pictures, look at these jewels I found of me and Keri:

Kissing our big muscles. Yes, we actually posed for this picture. It's totally normal for us:)
Mardi Gras, 2004. We were so proud of our $20 rubber ducky beads. Whose idea was it to buy such overpriced items?!

Here we are in Mexico again. Did I mention that Keri and I participated in a dance competition against each other? Read her [and Allison's] blog spotlight here for details:)
OMG I forgot about this picture! While in Cancun, we decided to get a stranger to take a group picture. Well, said stranger got a little out of control with my little 35mm film camera and seriously snapped like 50 pictures. I was ticked because she wasted my film! Here is the picture that Keri calls the "model shot" because our hair is blowing in the wind. I'm thoroughly ticked and Keri is still grinning away!

Keri's 21st birthday. I did, in fact, make her shot book. It was completely fab from what I remember:)

At Chris and Steph's wedding, June 2005. Was it really that long ago?

Best. Picture. Ever. The year? 2003. The reason to party? The start of another semester. And we broke it down like champs.

Oh my, remember Party Pics? Total rip off but so funny. Here we are, dancing together, and holding it down for The Lou. True gansta style. We were hard core, you guys. Please notice the size difference between my palm and Keri's. I am a total Neanderthal.
What a fun trip down memory lane. I love it.

5. The last reason I'm in a better mood? The Office returned tonight. And it was hilarious. I love that show [and Jim!] so much it hurts.

So yeah, I'm much more mentally stable at the moment because of the above items. I hope you enjoyed the trip to the past like I did.


  1. I'm glad you're in a better mood! You had every reason to have a little break down. I've been thinking about Keri a lot! It's such a tough situation. You look so happy in those pictures and are so blessed to have such great friends!

    By the way, can you take care of my puppies? I haven't gotten up the nerve to try this procedure on my own... though I know I really need to. Is it as awful as I think it will be?

  2. Ok, wow......there was so much packed into that post, I'm not sure where to start. Glad you're in a better place now, feeling like crap sucks. Henry....uh, I'm just going to leave that one alone. I have 2 pups, and have never, 'Gone where no man has gone before' so to speak. I do however, have a pretty vivid imagination, so kudos are definitely in order. Great pics. You clearly have wonderful friendships on many levels, and
    that alone is reason for thanks.
    Have a safe and fantastic trip(s)!

  3. I went to SLU too! I was a Communications major...graduated in 1996 (gosh I'm old).

    I also have a strand of duckie beads. I LOVE them. I totally would have paid $20 for them had I not found them at a party store.

    All the pictures of you and your girlfriends are adorable. They made me smile.

    The pics of Henry's procedure are hilarious. I like your sense of humor.

  4. I am SO happy that you are feeling better!

    As for Henry, your pictures made me laugh...i would do it for my doggie, and Jesse would probably be grossed out and yelling " EWWWWW Yara, how could you??"

    Hang in there Sweetie!

  5. As for the Henry procedure, I would really consider your options before going this route. I figured it couldn't be THAT bad but let's just say that both Nate and I dry heaved for a few minutes afterwards. Poor Henry:(

  6. Julia: You have officially lost your mind posting pics of yourself digging around in Henry's anal cavities. I'm getting chills and dry heaves just thinking about it. You know how I feel about those kinds of things...

  7. Wow, that post was packed full of stuff! I just love the crazy pictures of you and your girls'... I have been looking at mine a lot lately too! It is so fun to see the hair transitions as well!!

    Hang in their girly... we are all thinking about you and Keri :)

  8. I love those pictures down memory lane. Makes me wanna break all mine out. Doesn't it make you feel old at the same time? I feel like everytime I see pictures of my younger, more carefree self I think....what happened?!?

  9. I love all your pictures! Thanks for taking us down memory lane. :)

    And HOORAY for the return of The Office! The hubby and I were just about bursting with excitement as we watched it last night - and that 30 minutes went way too darn quickly!!

  10. I'm sorry, I missed yesterday's post. I'm sorry to hear that you were having a bad day! :(

    I'm glad that today is better.

    I loved your trip down memory lane. It was fun/funny! :) Thanks for keeping me entertained this morning!

    I'm excited for you, for your trip to see Keri! :)

  11. I'm glad you are in a better mood. Sometimes it feels good to just let it all out. And congrats on booking your trip and finding someone to cover you!
    Those pictures were very cute, I also love looking back at old pictures and remembering the good times.

    PS I also watched the office and loved it! I don't watch the show all the time but when I do watch it I love it.
    PPS I tagged you on our blog.

  12. I'm so glad you are feeling better today. I've been a reader for awhile (and I think I live by your old apartment in WFB- small world), and just wanted to say another i-friend is thinking good thoughts for you, Keri and all your friends.

    Don't be afraid to let it out...a lot, you need to. You seem like you are a great friend and a pillar of strength for everyone in your life. It's ok to take care of you, too.

    I had a friend who had lung cancer at the age of 26..she was a I know a little about what you're going through- especially being angry at the disease! Keep on keeping on with everything you're doing- it makes a huge difference in their treatment and lives. My thoughts are with you!

  13. So glad you are smiling again! Yea for finding someone to cover your shift so you can go hang out with Keri and your GF...You will have a blast!!!!

    Loved all the pics! Oh and by the way...if you bring that cold snowy weather to STL next week I swear I will quit reading your blog!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  14. BLAME THE WEATHER! That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm sick and tired of winter. It's April, and it's going to snow here today. ARGH!


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